Power cut and shutdown in the whole province! Sichuan started to work hard

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Author: villa owner source: Mi LAN investment (ID: mikuangtouzi)



The largest hydropower Province in China, the power supply has been cut off… The whole province!


“The notice shows that from 00:00 on August 15 to 24:00 on August 20, 2022, 19 cities (prefectures) in Sichuan Province (except Panzhihua and Liangshan) will expand the scope of industrial enterprises’ power supply to the people.

All industrial power users (including key guarantee enterprises on the white list) in the orderly power consumption scheme of Sichuan power grid will be shut down (except security load) and have a high-temperature holiday. “

“19 cities in the province”, “let electricity serve the people” and “all production stops”!

To tell the truth, if you don’t understand the overall situation in Sichuan, it’s hard to feel the grim situation and resolute spirit behind these key words at first glance.

This is not a power cut in a city or a district, nor is it an off peak startup like the last southeast power shortage.

Instead, the production of industrial enterprises in the whole province was stopped for 6 days, the cooling of office buildings in Chengdu was stopped, and the electricity was cut off in various places.

We should know that Sichuan is not only a big agricultural province, but also a land of abundance.

It is also the largest photovoltaic industry base in China.

The largest electronic industry production base in the western region.

It is one of the three major power equipment manufacturing centers in China.

Large enterprises such as Tongwei, Ningde times, BOE, Foxconn and Changhong have a large number of industrial production lines in Sichuan.

Sichuan’s power rationing and shutdown will shake the entire supply chain.

With the issuance of this notice, the price that Sichuan has to pay is unimaginable, which is almost desperate!


But then again, is Sichuan short of electricity?

At this moment, Sichuan is not short of electricity!

Sichuan is not only the largest hydroelectric power generation Province in China, but also the largest clean energy supply base in China. Every year, it exports more than 130 billion kwh of electricity to its brother provinces.

Note that it is “output” of 130 billion, not “production”.

In 2021, the hydropower generation capacity of Sichuan alone will reach 353.14 billion kwh, and the hydropower installed capacity and annual power generation capacity have always been the first in China.

Every year, for flood control, the power generation capacity for flood discharge is as high as 10 billion kwh.

At the same time, it is also the starting section of the west to East power transmission, and its high-voltage transmission network spans the whole country.

Such a large power province not only has hydropower, but also a large number of wind turbines and photovoltaic, with a power generation of 432.95 billion in that year.


It can be seen from the above figure that in 2020, Sichuan will generate 418.2 billion kwh of power, but its own power consumption is only 2865 kwh.

So, is Sichuan short of electricity?

To be irresponsible, if we follow the idea of “satisfy ourselves first, and then supply the rest to other places”.

Even if we are facing the extreme situation of maximum power consumption, lowest water level and minimum power generation, Sichuan’s power generation can fully meet its own needs.

But Sichuan did not choose to look after itself first.

Instead, it was cut across the board and everyone was silent

How much courage and determination are needed to order this?

When “self comfort” and “overall responsibility” cannot be achieved simultaneously, Sichuan people once again made that “familiar choice”.

A paper power restriction order not only makes people tremble at the sight, but also has an indescribable solemn and resolute feeling.


“There are many ambitions for sacrifice.” it seems that the “Sichuan army” never disappoints the Chinese people.

While Sichuan was in a “suffocating state”, the production line supporting Shanghai was still in full operation. It can be said that one of every four lamps was lit by Sichuan people.

In other words, Sichuan’s cutting on me reminds me of the floating bridge on the Jingang river. It’s hard and strong.

Although there are still a lot of rumors about the Internet, such as “it’s not for money to transmit electricity to others when you don’t have enough electricity”.

I suggest not to mention these barking dogs for the time being. After all, it is demeaning for people to quarrel with animals.

But after eliminating these barks, it is necessary to raise some reasonable questions!

Even though Sichuan is high spirited and honest, we can’t ignore an objective thing with peace of mind.

Industrial production in Southeast China is production, so is Sichuan!

Factories in other parts of the country need to survive and workers need employment, but business owners and workers in Sichuan also have to eat and live.

Other places are difficult, and Sichuan is not easy either!

Is it too absolute to cut across the board and keep the whole province silent for a week?

Even if there are many ambitions for sacrifice, no one can say in peace of mind: it is time to sacrifice in Sichuan.

is it?

This time, the power cut in Sichuan and the scene of “no food for the tillers” have indeed exposed some problems of China’s energy security!

I would like to make a few comments here.


First: the idea of balancing people’s livelihood and economic energy is still crude

The northeast, Southeast and Sichuan have experienced several rounds of energy crisis in the past two years. We can see an obvious operation idea: in case of power panic, cut off the industrial and commercial power first.

I can not think that the logic of “protecting the people’s livelihood first and then taking care of industry and commerce” is wrong.


In case of power shortage, the first reaction is to cut off the industry and Commerce by switching off the power supply. This idea is indeed problematic!

It’s not that I can’t. I’m sure I can only do this in case of an emergency, but I can’t form a habit.

Once the idea of “cutting down business and protecting the people” is formed into a habitual pattern, will it eventually develop into a rough and lazy government?

People’s livelihood is not only about electricity and air conditioning, but also about the economy.

And power supply is the basic premise to ensure economic operation.

Power is always limited. It will definitely affect the economy!

How can the enterprises affected by power rationing survive in the face of production stoppage and production restriction? How can we guarantee workers’ income?

Don’t think that these power restrictions are all individual cases. Under the background of the increasingly tense energy situation and the annual increase of the per capita power consumption of residents, there will definitely be power restrictions when the power is switched off. Just say whether it will be more frequent!

It is an objective fact on the table that there have been at least three large-scale power rationing and shutdown in the past two years.

The results of the previous two power rationing in the southeast and northeast have actually been given.

The economy sacrificed for the people’s livelihood will eventually be paid by the people in the daily consumption and income links


This is not called “protecting people’s livelihood”. It can only be considered as an emergency. As for the final price, it is just a “installment payment” for the people.

Therefore, I think that power limitation can only solve the urgent problem. Is it a concept of “quick acting heart saving pill” at most, or the one with large side effects.

The key is to tackle the root cause. In addition to more efficient centralized energy supply, more people friendly “decentralized new energy structure” should also be paid attention to.

At present, China has become the world’s largest photovoltaic producer. The cost of photovoltaic and energy storage equipment has not only decreased year by year, but also has begun to take a monopoly position in the world.

Can a part of the financial share be used to promote an independent energy system based on communities and households?

Such as photovoltaic, small-scale wind turbine and energy storage in the community, can it become a key point of promotion and development?

It is absolutely possible to make the community green.

In this way, the residential power consumption and power generation will be decentralized, as a supplement to the main power system.

It can save money at ordinary times and greatly reduce the burden of the mainstream power system at critical moments.


Second, there are indeed problems in China’s energy structure

Extra high voltage transmission still needs to be done!

It can be seen from these power cuts that the eastern and central regions are densely populated and economically more developed, but the energy resources have always been weak.

Last time, the global supply chain was tight, which directly dried up the thermal power generation system in the East.

The severe drought in Sichuan caused the collapse of the hydropower system.

What is energy security?

Or, what is “keep safe”?

The protection is the ability to withstand pressure under unsafe or extreme conditions!

It is necessary to deal with the moths that are unexpected in ordinary times, such as the dry Yangtze River, the broken sea transportation, and the explosion of the crude oil pipeline.

Two years, shut down three times!

It is not called “guarantee” to shut down the machine in case of extreme conditions. It is only “guarantee” that the machine can not shut down the machine in case of extreme conditions!

At the same time, the extreme weather also tells us that we should not place too much security weight on a province or a region.

Just like now, Sichuan is suffering from a severe drought. If you don’t want to let the Southeast Economic Zone lie down, you have to make a heroic move to cut off your wrists.

Although the people in other areas listen to a moving story, it is called an accident if it is put on the people of Sichuan!

We can’t catch Sichuan just because there is electricity in Sichuan. Half of the whole southeast energy is placed on Sichuan, just like an egg in a basket.

It’s natural to have nothing to do at ordinary times. Isn’t this an accident that almost killed a chicken?

Water conservancy in Tibet and wind and solar energy in the northwest are all promising clean energy sources.

Shanxi’s coal mines vigorously develop pit mouth power stations and carbon neutralization equipment, which are also a large-scale power supply source.

The power in these areas is connected through UHV technology to form a network structure, instead of the linear structure like the west to East power transmission and the south to north water transfer.

In this way, not only more power supply lines are added, the weight of a certain area is reduced, but also the energy sources are dispersed.

Only by making the main network of energy supply more stable and more supply channels can we avoid more power cut-off events.

You can’t rely on “sacrifice for me” every time, can you?

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