Practice, summon the power of success

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Do you believe that you are an eagle? Take a look at this inspirational story first. A man caught a young eagle in an eagle’s nest on the top of a mountain. He took the young eagle home and kept it in a chicken cage. The young eagle and the chicken pecked, frolicked and rested together. After a long time, it thought it was a chicken. As the eagle grew up and its wings became plump, the master wanted to train it to be a falcon, but because he was mixed with chickens all day, he had become exactly the same as chickens and had no desire to fly at all. The master tried all kinds of methods, but nothing worked. Finally, I had to take it to the top of the mountain and throw it out. The eagle fell down like a stone. In a panic, it beat its wings desperately. In this way, it finally &mdash& mdash; Fly!

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