Prepare for the Third World War!

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Author: Ye Lihua Source: Seeking Truth (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

Walking alone is a learning, and internal fighting is also a learning.

If a group can make a cake, it will not care about the discord and mountains within the group. If you can’t make a cake, you will soon fall into an internal fight.

The internal fight is not the internal fight, but the internal fight is the self-improvement. It is about who gets up first in the movie theater. If you roll up one volume, you can’t see the movie and listen to the voice. The internal fight is about killing each other. If you don’t get the last prey on the prairie, you will have to starve to death.

The political situation in Ukraine fell into an internal fight. Zarouzeni shelled Zerenski’s command first, and Zerenski sent his close confidant Budanov to the Ukrainian army.

After mixing sand and digging corners, the 37-year-old Budanov rose to the top. He was appointed to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on February 6. As soon as he stood firm, Zerenski began to take charge of the senior generals in the Ukrainian army.

Over the past month, several senior Ukrainian generals and government officials have been dismissed, which lasted until yesterday. The commander of the Ukrainian joint combat force, Edward Moskalev, has been working under the leadership of Zarougine. The force is fighting in the Dunbas area. Moskalev is also directing and deploying in person. Suddenly, a gold medal came down and he was dismissed from his post.

Make cakes together. There is meat on every hill. Generally, they will roll in, but not fight inside. When fighting inside, there must be no increment.

However, there are incremental demands within each group. Such interest demands will not change with the change of environment. It is like a mountain in the company. It always has its own interests. It will not be because the business is not good, the salary of the company’s senior executives will not be paid, the rebate of the company’s leaders will not be taken, and the treatment of the company’s employees will not be given.

Business is not good. The company’s internal hills often start to entrap themselves. The first choice they make must not go out to find the increment, but try to go to the boss to prove that other business lines are useless. The less the increment, the more serious the internal fight. Things are not in the bloody storm of the internal fight. It is often the sesame big thing. The sesame big thing revolves around the internal fight, and it will also become the bloody storm.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party fought against each other, and the environmental protection was claimed. The Ohio train derailed and exploded, and any matters related to environmental protection lost their personal safety in Ohio. Investigating the accident, plane crash, presiding over the investigation, the congressman died suddenly, the internal fight became serious, and the death penalty went to the doctor.

Chris Jordan, 46 years old, served as an Ohio senator. His last job was to organize and participate in the investigation of the Ohio drug train explosion case. He died in a sudden accident.

The first premonition of war is the internal fight to the doctor. The second omen is that the United States has printed money that can’t be measured by the bucket, and sent out a huge amount of water. This year, their Black Friday consumption day, that is, the Double 11 in the United States, is at the end of the cold.

Printing money has lost its function. The economic crisis is like a mast on the horizon, gradually enlarging and approaching. I don’t know who can stop it.

The historical image began to rewind and returned to 1930. In Germany, the struggle between the German Republic and the Nazis was life-and-death. A piece of bread sold for 500000 marks. The omen of war abroad seems familiar.

What heroes see is almost the same. At the age of 97, Mahadi, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, issued the warning of the Third World War to the world. He also called on Malaysia to prepare for the Third World War.

This is very similar to the research and judgment on the risks of the Third World War we did last year.

The possibility of a world war cannot be said to be non-existent. If the whole human race must enter such an internal fight, only the war can stop. The cold war, which is always ready to fight, brings long-term peace, and the peace of Chamberlain’s generation brings the world war.

The instructor said that if we seek unity through struggle, the group will remain. Teachers also do the same. Only when the declaration of early, big and big nuclear war is issued can peace be guaranteed.

If we want to fight, we should be prepared for a big fight. Those who want to take risks do not understand the value of peace, because their homeland has not experienced a large-scale war so far. If you want them to experience it, you need to eat one bite at a time.

When they say who wants to subvert the order, the country had better subvert it.

Even if you can’t, you should have the ability not to go too far. When they say that a country has weapons of mass destruction, it is better for the country to have them.

Let’s start with Japan. If you want to fight hard, press Japan. As for other places, just put some balloons.

It’s no big deal to forget the old and the new.

Tokyo is a sea of fire, and the four islands are ruins.

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