Princess Zhen ? did Cao Zhi, a talented man, really love his sister-in-law? Decipher the beautiful and ethereal figure of China living in the “Ode to the Lord of Luo”

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There are countless secrets hidden in her: is the father of her son Cao Rui really Cao Pi? Why was she killed by her husband? Is it true that Cao Zhi, the first talented person of the Three Kingdoms, is talking about her in his masterpiece “Ode to the Lord of Luo”? Is there really a tragic feeling between her and Cao Zhi in Qijun’s orange is red that “my sister-in-law looks back at my uncle, and my uncle falls in love with my sister-in-law”?

Don’t worry, just listen to us. The story of this legendary princess should begin with the marriage that made the Zhen family fly to Gaozhi


Since then, the Zhen family has been brilliant in the annals of history. However, this is a heavy honor woven by the daughter Zhen with countless frustrations and blood and tears. Since ancient times, many beauties have lost their lives. I am afraid that the experience of Princess Zhen was not only a loss of life, but also a merciless trick by riding the “God of great wrath of fate”. Her life was destroyed by her husband at the highest and most beautiful place, leaving future generations with infinite amazement and questions.



Empress Zhen

From “Mrs. Living Widow” to “Mrs. Cao Pi”

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, in Caili, a small county town in the southeast of Luoyang, the county magistrate Zhen Yi was happy to think about the days when he would become prosperous in the future – because he successfully climbed up to Yuan Shao, a big warlord who was already the hegemony of the north, and married his beautiful daughter Zhen to Yuan Xi, Yuan Shao’s second son.

“If you are not a hero, don’t read the Three Kingdoms”. The Three Kingdoms and the Three Kingdoms, in a country where only heroes gallop, a woman is involved in the torrent of the times. Is her story still as magnificent as “cooking wine on heroes”? To be Mrs. Yuanxi is like the story of Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao; Unfortunately, Zhen is not Xiao Qiao, and Yuanxi is not Zhou Yu. The fate of Zhen is much more tortuous.

At the beginning of Jian’an 4, Yuan Shao annihilated Gongsun Zan, who was guarding Youzhou, and immediately appointed his second son Yuanxi as the governor of Youzhou alone.

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