Pu Lang: ancient myths and Legends & ldquo; Dragon nine sons & rdquo; One, the dragon shaped animal button on the Hong bell is its portrait

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Pulao, a mythical animal in ancient Chinese mythology, has a good voice and a good roar. The dragon shaped animal button on the Hong bell is its relic. The following is a detailed introduction to the Chinese story network. Let’s look down.

[name]: Pu Lang

[alternative name]: Migration

[category]: Spirit

[Characteristics]: one of the Dragon sons, shaped like a dragon, but small in size. The animal button on the bell is his relic

[ability]: always singing


Pu Lang, one of the “nine sons of the dragon” in Li Dongyang’s version of the Ming Dynasty, is fond of ringing all his life. The animal button on the bell today is his portrait.

“Pulao” can be said to be the “dragon nine sons” worthy of the name, because in addition to Li Dongyang’s version of “dragon nine sons”, Yang Shen of the Ming Dynasty who had in-depth discussions with Li Dongyang also retained “Pulao” in Yang Shen’s version of “dragon nine sons”.

Li Dongyang’s version of the nine sons of the Dragon: Prisoner ox, Jain, mocking wind, Pu Lang, lion dragon, Ba Shang, Pang, Pang, Chi kiss

Yang Shen’s version of the nine sons of the New Dragon: Pang (BA Shang), Pang kiss (chi kiss), Pu Lao, Pang, Taotie, Chong Ba, Chong Xia (centipede Viper), Jain, Jin Long (lion dragon), Jiaotu

As for the origin of “Pulao”, it can be traced back to [the Eastern Han Dynasty] Zhang Heng’s “Xijing Fu · note”: “there is a big fish in the sea called whale, and there is a beast named Pulao on the sea. Pulao is always afraid of whales. When whales hit Pulao, they often make loud noises. Anyone who wants to make the bell sound louder, pretends to be Pulao, so it is a whale.” From this we can see that purao should be bigger than a whale. According to Lu Rong’s miscellaneous notes of Shuyuan · different names of ancient artifacts in the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), “the migration prison is small in shape and like a dragon. It is roaring and has divine power, so it is hung on the clock.” The concept of “it looks like a dragon but is small” seems somewhat ambiguous in comparison.


It is also mentioned in the [Ming] Lu Shen’s Jin Tai Ji Wen that “the tawny owl has three sons. The first one is called Pulao, the second one is called Lingzi, and the third one is called Chong Ba and Chong Xia. It is good to drink.” That is to say, most of the dragon’s sons are half brothers, while “Pu Lang” and “Yan kiss” and “Chong Ba” and “Chong Xia” are brothers of the same father and mother. However, although “Pu Lang” is a brother, he has a slight deficiency in ability, that is, he is not as good as the second brother “Li kiss” (Li kiss) in swallowing fire and defending water, nor is he as good as the third brother in swallowing water and preventing waterlogging. He even has to be bullied by whales all day. After being bullied, he only knows to shout loudly, and some of them are less than his eldest son. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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