Putin put down a cruel word, this time directly against the United States!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin

As for the United States’ provision of offensive weapons to Ukraine, Putin put down a cruel word this time: if you do that, we will attack those targets we have not struck.

According to Russian media reports on the 5th, in an exclusive interview with Russian channel 1, Putin said:

Yes, missiles are being needed. If (Ukraine) continues to receive missile supplies, we will draw appropriate conclusions from them. We will use a large number of destructive means we have to attack targets that we have not yet hit.

What are the targets we haven’t hit?

Putin did not explain.

However, it is clear that Russia is highly concerned that the United States is providing Ukraine with offensive weapons that can hit Russia.

Although the Biden administration claimed that the premise of providing Ukraine with advanced rockets was that ZELINSKY explicitly promised not to use these rockets to attack the Russian mainland.

But it’s really red eyed. Is everything reliable?

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev recently issued a clear warning:

If, by God, these weapons are used to attack Russian territory, our armed forces will have no choice but to attack the decision-making center. Of course, it can be understood that, unfortunately, the final decision-making center in this case is not located in Kiev (Ukraine).

what do you mean?

See the interpretation of Western media: if Ukraine attacks Russian territory with American rockets, Russia will attack western cities.

But Putin was dismissive. He said that the only purpose for the west to provide Ukraine with more weapons is to prolong the conflict as long as possible.

But this cannot change the situation. Putin told reporters:

We assume that such supplies from the United States and other countries are intended to make up for the loss of these military equipment, which is nothing new or fundamentally changed. And the use of supplied artillery… To restore what was lost or destroyed in hostilities.

This is also Putin’s first interview with the media since the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Watching the video, Putin was interviewed in the office. He sat face to face with the reporter. It is still the familiar “Putin lying”. Putin in the camera shrugged and smiled from time to time.


In the interview clip released the day before, Putin also put down a sentence: our air defense system smashes them like nuts (US aid Ukrainian weapons). Dozens of weapons have been destroyed.

It can also be said that in the early morning of June 5, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was attacked by multiple missiles. This was also the most violent attack on Kiev after the Russian army withdrew from the surrounding areas of Kiev.

According to the Russian army, the target of the Russian missile was the Arsenal in Kiev. In this high-precision long-range missile attack, the Russian army destroyed T-72 tanks and other armored vehicles provided by Eastern European countries to Ukraine.

Finally, what do you think?

First, Putin is indeed Putin.

People don’t talk much. But the weapons you have given Ukraine will be broken like nuts.

It’s really tough and vivid.

In addition, “cracking down on targets that we have not yet struck” should be a very implicit threat. Combined with Medvedev’s warning, it is indeed worth thinking about in the West.

Second, Putin’s opposition is invalid.

But Putin also knows that no matter how much he opposes, the opposition is invalid.

The United States will still send weapons, even offensive weapons, to Ukraine.

In Russian words, this is a proxy war of the United States. The United States wants to fight Russia until the last Ukrainian.

Of course, Putin also expressed his disdain that the weapons sent by the West could not change the war situation, but were sent to be destroyed by the Russian army.

This should also be a kind of strategic contempt.


Third, the danger is increasing.

If Putin’s warning is not taken as a warning, it will lead to a serious consequence, that is, the miscarriage of justice on both sides, and the danger is rapidly increasing.

Russia will not sit idly by, and similar bombing of Kiev ammunition depots may occur frequently. It may even spread all over Ukraine.

But once you get a red eye, whether it’s Ukraine or Russia, can you really stop it?

Will it be true that Medvedev threatened to attack western cities or transport bases?

There is no doubt that the spread of war is not the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but the scuffle in the whole region.

Undoubtedly, both sides are fighting for wisdom and courage, and both are gambling that the other side dare not take a more dangerous step. But worse things often happen in such misjudgments.

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