Putin rewarded the Russian army for its great victory!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


Putin rewarded the Russian army for its great victory.

The public video pictures have Putin’s characteristics.

On July 4, American Independence Day (please pay attention to this special time point), in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu reported the combat situation to Putin.

This time, instead of a long long long table, they sat face to face. Shoigu was dressed in military uniform, Putin was dressed in a suit and shoes, and kept fiddling with a pen in his hand.

The report of sauigu is roughly as follows.

Comrade Supreme Commander:

Since June 19, under the command of General Alexander Rabin, the central military region cluster has successfully carried out the offensive action of liberating the “Lugansk people’s Republic” in cooperation with the second armed forces of the “Lugansk people’s Republic” and with the support of the southern military region cluster led by general Sergei surovikin.

In two weeks, they surrounded and destroyed enemy forces in many areas, and have controlled 25 areas, the largest of which are northern Donetsk, zolotoye, gorskoye and volchearovka. The action ended yesterday and liberated lisichansk, one of the largest towns in the “Lugansk people’s Republic”. The active offensive controlled 670 square kilometers of territory.

The total loss of Ukrainian armed forces reached 5469, of which 2218 were killed and 3251 injured; The Uzbek army destroyed 196 tanks and other armored vehicles, 12 aircraft, 1 helicopter, 69 unmanned aerial vehicles, 6 long-range surface to air missile systems, 97 multiple rocket launchers, 166 field operations and mortars, and 216 vehicles for various purposes.

When retreating from lisichansk, the enemy abandoned 39 tanks and other armored vehicles, 11 artillery and mortars, 48 javelins and nlaw anti tank missile systems, 18 stinger systems and 3 UAVs.

Today, the demining work in lisichansk and its surrounding areas is in progress. The delivery of humanitarian goods and the provision of medical assistance to civilians are all in progress.

The Russian armed forces are continuing to carry out special military operations.

what do you mean?

The purpose of this TV report is also obvious.

1. The Russian army has won a major victory, taking the last stronghold in the Lugansk region, lisichansk, and Lugansk is all under the control of the Russian army.

2. Listing the casualties of the Ukrainian army in detail is also a proof to the world that although the Ukrainian army tried to resist and was supported by Western weapons, the Russian army still eliminated a large number of Ukrainian forces. Many Western weapons have become trophies of the Russian army.

3. The Russian army will not stop. Next, work hard and continue to move forward.

Pictures released by the Kremlin showed Putin with a dignified expression and his eyes firmly fixed on sauigu.


What does he think of this major victory?

Putin answered this way. He said:

OK. thank you.

As you know, General Alexander Rabin and general Sergei surovikin also reported to me today on the progress of completing the task and put forward suggestions for continuing the attack. Both the Ministry of defense and the general staff are considering the recommendations of field commanders.

In the Lugansk direction, the troops that participated in active combat operations and achieved success and victory should certainly rest and enhance their combat capabilities. Other armies, including the eastern military region cluster and the Western military region cluster, must carry out their tasks according to the pre approved plan and a single plan. I hope everything will happen in their direction, just as it happened in Lugansk in the past.

In a word, Putin issued a new battle order.

Take Lugansk’s army and you can rest.

But other armies, the eastern military region cluster and the Western military region cluster, you should continue to attack, learn from the army that took Lugansk, and achieve the same victory.


Putin then said to Shoigu:

I agree with your proposal to award the title of “Russian hero” to general Rabin, commander of the Central Military Region, and major general abachev, deputy commander of the 8th group army of the southern military region. The corresponding presidential executive order will be signed today.

I also ask you to recommend that all military personnel who have performed outstanding in these operations receive the National Medal. According to your daily bulletin, I know that there are many brave, professional and brave soldiers in the Russian army – they are soldiers, and they should be awarded the corresponding national medals

In a word: Putin rewarded him for his merits.

1. The commanders of the two military regions, general Rabin, the commander of the Central Military Region, and major general abachev, the deputy commander of the 8th group army of the southern military region, won the title of “Russian hero”.

2. That night, the Kremlin announced the commendation order issued by Putin to award the two generals with national honors “based on their bravery and heroism in battle”.

3. Putin also asked the Ministry of defense to submit the roster of brave soldiers and give them corresponding military achievements.

On July 4, Putin was obviously very happy. While turning over the materials in front of him, he kept fiddling with his pen and gave new orders to sauigu in front of the camera.

This is for Russians, Ukrainians and, of course, Americans.

Russia is celebrating the victory, while Ukraine is in an urgent situation.

The Ukrainian army has 100-200 casualties every day. Ukrainian President Zelensky, in his regular video speech, also admitted that the Ukrainian army had withdrawn from lisichansk after the fierce attack of the Russian army, but he “vowed” that the Ukrainian army would return.

He said, “we must rebuild the wall, we will win back the land, and the people must be protected.”.

Of course, the same war situation, different interpretations.

Alestovich, an adviser to the Ukrainian President’s office, claimed that the Ukrainian army’s defensive war on the line of lisichansk northern Donetsk was a successful military operation. The main tasks of the Ukrainian army’s combat operation include attracting and severely damaging the main force of the Russian army, winning time for military assistance from western countries and improving the second line of defense, and creating conditions for Ukrainian army’s attacks in other regions. At present, the Ukrainian army has completed the above tasks.


What will happen next?

Quite simply, the fierce battle will continue.

1. The Russian Central Military Region and the southern military region cluster that took Lugansk will be temporarily rested, but you can see from Putin’s order that these troops after the rest will also enter into new battles.

2. Russia’s eastern military region and Western military region clusters will be ordered to strengthen the attack, just like taking Lugansk, although taking the whole Donetsk.

3. The goal of the Russian army may be more than Donetsk. It is not ruled out that the Russian army will continue to go south and win Odessa. In this way, Ukraine will completely become a landlocked country.

Now, the fiercest battle has shifted from Lugansk to Donetsk.

The next targets of the Russian army are kramatolsk and slavyansk, the important towns of Donetsk. According to Xinhua news agency, the two cities, located in the north of Donetsk, are important industrial centers with developed machinery manufacturing industry. They are also important transportation hubs on the Caucasus Baltic Sea Logistics Corridor, where highways and railways meet.

After the Ukrainian crisis, it became the key defense area of the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian army has established an intensive defensive position with an area of more than 170 square kilometers, storing a large number of weapons, ammunition, fuel, lubricants and food.

Next, the Donetsk war.

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