Putin went to Iran in a hurry, and Biden scolded in Washington!

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This article is reproduced by Niu Danqin (id:bullpiano) with authorization. Author: Niu Danqin


Three pairs of Americans’ headache hands were held together in Tehran, making Biden angry in Washington.

The recent dramatic scene of international politics, I have a few observations.

1. Biden left the Middle East with his front foot, and Putin went to Iran with his back foot. Don’t tell me it’s pure coincidence. There are so many coincidences in the world. But such tit for tat is completely in line with Putin’s style.

2. This is Putin’s second overseas visit after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but it is Putin’s first visit to a non Soviet country. Looking at Putin’s step of getting off the plane, he almost jumped down. He was really very excited and walked in the wind.

3. This is also the first international summit hosted by Iranian President Lech since he took office. The United States hanged Iran in an all-round way, blocked it again and again, but it still didn’t block it. Now, Iran is the host, and Putin and Erdogan have come to Tehran.

4. This is also the first meeting between Putin and Erdogan after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Two old friends finally met in Iran. If I’m right, this is also the first time that the leaders of NATO countries met with Putin after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


The three regional powers are not allies and often engage in friction. Turkey is also a NATO country, while NATO regards Russia as an enemy. But this does not prevent the leaders of the three countries from shaking hands and chatting in Tehran this time.

Interestingly, if we must find a common topic, opposing the United States is a common topic.

According to relevant reports, when meeting with Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei, Putin told Khamenei that the assassination of Sulaimani was an example of the evil of the United States.

The assassination of Sulaimani is the most humiliating event in Iran in recent years. On January 3, 2020, the United States suddenly launched a missile attack to clear Sulaimani, the commander of the Iraqi Revolutionary Guard al Quds brigade in Baghdad, which triggered a fierce confrontation between the United States and Iran, and Iran then launched a fierce retaliation.

Naturally, when visiting Iran, it is a piece of cake for Putin to give the United States some eyedrops.


On the Syrian issue, Iran and Turkey have contradictions. When meeting with Erdogan, Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei made it clear that he opposed Turkey’s military action in Syria, because “launching a military attack in northern Syria would be detrimental to Turkey, but beneficial to terrorists”. Iranian President Lech pointed out that the instability in Syria was entirely due to “the American occupying forces”.

Well, that’s how the United States fears the world will not be chaotic and creates turbulence in our neighbors. We must not be fooled.

What is Turkey’s attitude?

You know, as an important member of NATO, Turkey is an ally of the United States, but now, the little brother went to Tehran without saying hello and became the first NATO leader to shake hands with Putin.

Moreover, the two people also thanked each other. Putin thanked Erdogan for his mediation. He said, “with your mediation, we have moved forward. Of course, not all the problems have been solved. But it is already very good.”

Erdogan thanked Russia for its cooperation and praised Russia for its positive attitude towards negotiations. He told Putin: “we continue our diplomacy by telephone, which is a major advantage for us.” The implication is that you will come to Turkey after Russia and Ukraine negotiate.

It doesn’t sound like a leader of NATO countries, but an old friend of Putin.

In fact, before leaving for Iran, Turkey was furious again, accusing Sweden and Finland of not fulfilling their commitments to Turkey before joining NATO. Erdogan also threatened: “I want to remind again that if they do not take the necessary measures to meet our conditions, we will freeze this process.”

Sweden and Finland are scolded, and the United States is actually scolded. If you don’t meet my conditions, I’m sorry, I still want to prevent these two countries from joining NATO.

Well, at this time, it should also be said to Putin: that’s all I can do.

Of course, this is a very interesting scene. As we all know, in international meetings, Putin usually makes others wait, and rarely waits for others. For example, Abe has waited for Putin before he met him. Sometimes he waited for more than an hour before Putin started by car

But this time, Erdogan and Putin met in Tehran. Watching the video, Putin arrived early. It took him a minute to arrive late.

Looking at Putin’s expression, it’s really full of impatience. I don’t know what I’m thinking, but you may understand.

Diplomatic episode, but to some extent, also shows the change of mentality of Putin and Erdogan.


As soon as Biden left the front foot, the three men gathered in Iran. Watching Biden’s Twitter, a stream of resentment came to my face, all kinds of accusations.

For example, he said:

When Putin invaded Ukraine and led to soaring oil prices, oil companies quickly raised the terminal gasoline price. Now, the oil price has fallen, but Americans have not saved much. I hope that the price reduction will benefit consumers, rather than you earn huge profits.

On the previous tweet, he also said:

I release about 1million barrels of oil from the strategic oil reserve every day, and call on our global partners to put 240million barrels of oil on the market. Our action is working and the price is falling.

what do you mean?

Biden’s meaning should also be very clear.

1. The oil price has risen too high recently. Why? It’s not you Putin who invaded Ukraine. Well, I publicly scolded Putin again.

2. The oil price fell, but the people did not benefit. Why? You oil enterprises refuse to give up profits and earn huge profits. Western oil company was scolded by Biden again.

3. Why has the oil price fallen recently? That’s my credit. I release 1million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve every day. Please note that Biden emphasized that “I release”, not “we release”, as if Biden himself twisted the switch to release oil.

4. There is another reason. Biden stressed that “I call on” global partners to jointly release oil. I went to Saudi Arabia a few days ago. I didn’t go for nothing. I was fruitful. This is not only for Americans, but also for Putin. Biden won’t admit defeat.


Finally, what do you think?

The old rule is still superficial.

First, people are scattered, and the team is really hard to lead.

Russia and Iran, the more the United States suppressed, the closer the relationship between the two countries. In addition, Turkey, which is clearly an ally of NATO, is now flirting with Russia and Iran, and is also making a big fuss about Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO. It’s no wonder that Biden criticized others in Washington. People scattered, the team is really hard to lead.

Second, the struggle is wonderful, and Putin did not forget to take eyedrops.

This is also in line with Putin’s personality. Therefore, in front of Khamenei, Putin wanted to mention the Iranian pain of Sulaimani’s assassination; Facing Erdogan, Putin would like to thank turkey for mediating and mediating. It doesn’t matter whether it can be negotiated or not. As for Biden’s obsession with oil prices, you see, if oil prices rise again, Putin has a lot of words waiting for Biden.

Third, geopolitics has changed, and everyone’s mentality is also changing.

This is very subtle. Biden’s mentality is very anxious, needless to say. Putin’s mentality is to disturb the situation in the United States, so the step of getting off the plane is indeed a step of wind. As for Erdogan, now he has a different mindset. He used to go to Moscow to ask for Putin himself. Now in Tehran, he can let Putin wait. Is international politics interesting.

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