Putin’s delaying tactics!

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Author: ye Lihua source: qiushichu (ID: gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

The situation in Ukraine is quite special, but it is not so special.

What is special is that the situation in Ukraine is different from that in most countries. What is less special is that Ukraine has certain similarities with individual regions in the world.

Ukraine’s national conditions are like this. The voters who are dissatisfied with Russia want to cooperate with the United States and want to oppose Russia, but they dare not go by themselves. They can only hide behind the election and vote indecently.

Whoever opposes Russia will vote for him, and whoever does not oppose Russia will not vote for him. Cowards have little courage to confront Russia directly, but their courage to hide behind the scenes and encourage others to stand up for them is not small.

As a result, the political arena in Ukraine has become more and more polarized, and the anti Russian sentiment has become more and more intense. As we often see in the forum, statements have become more and more extreme, and the more extreme statements have a market.

Voters like radical things, and place the results of realizing their own ideas on the votes. In the end, public opinion and politics in a country will become more and more polarized. This is an inherent drawback of democracy and is inevitable.

The surging part of Ukrainian voters set off an extreme anti Russian storm. Whoever does not oppose Russia is a traitor. Voters do not care about the economy and production. Voters only want to be happy. Any political figure who dares to say a rational word will return to the streets.

After all, I can’t fight the Russian army, but I can fight you.

As a result, some members of the delegation that negotiated with Russia this spring died. Zelensky realized that if he wanted not to be killed, he would have to be more extreme than anyone. Only by posing like a globe can he avoid being killed.

So Zelensky began to perform everywhere.

Zelensky saved his life, but the killing of the delegation completely lost the authority of the central government of Ukraine. The delegation sent by Ukraine said that it would kill him. Apart from Zelensky, where else has a little authority? Ukraine’s local leaders have also been caught in polarization, trying to be more anti Russian than anyone else.

The Ukrainian government in Kiev has lost its prestige, and local leaders have been framed by weak and tough voters at home. The whole country has changed from a country to a plate of loose sand.

Zelensky can’t control the place at all. All he wants is not to be killed by the radical voters. The local government can’t control the army. All they want is not to be killed by the Neo Nazis in the army.

The general walk of the lower and upper layers began.

There is a famous event in Chinese history. During the Jian’an period at the end of the Han Dynasty, Cao Cao, a warlord in Henan Province, and Yuan Shao, a warlord in Hebei Province, fought a decisive battle over the future and destiny of the Eastern Han Dynasty. The place was Guandu. Guan Yu became famous in the first World War in the war. He killed Yan Liang and killed the literary clowns, which made him famous all over the world.

Yuan Shao, who lost two generals, was burned by Cao’s army, which was led by Xu you’s mutiny. He was completely defeated and lost the decisive battle. Back in Hebei, I died.

However, the Guandu decisive battle did not completely eliminate Yuan Shao’s power. Yuan Shao’s power was divided into four forces. Yuan Shao’s nephew was a senior cadre, and his two sons, Yuan Tan and Yuan Xi, each led a state, a total of three states. Together with his youngest son, Yuan Shang, there were four states.

Yuan Tan claimed to be a riding general and was supported by Yingchuan sect of Xinpi and Guotu. We should strive for hegemony in Hebei.

Yuan Shang, acting as the general temporarily, received the support of Fengji and matchmaking. We should also strive for hegemony in Hebei.

Yuan Xi and Gao Gan remained neutral. I have no idea about power.

Cao Cao thought that it would be better to fight once and unify North China. At this time, a counselor named Guo Jia came forward. Guo Jia proposed to withdraw from the army, saying that you should not hit them. Then he analyzed the contradiction between the two brothers of the yuan family for Cao Cao and said:

Yuan Tan and Yuan shangsu are not convinced by each other, and there are counsellors such as Guo Tu and Feng Ji who are involved in it. They must turn against each other. It’s better to March south first, pretend to beat Liu Biao and wait for it to change.

The four forces, if you force them in a hurry, they must unite as one and face dauntless sacrifices. If you slow down one step, there will be friction within them, and then you will be able to break through them one by one.

Guo Jia suggested that Cao Cao pretend to attack Liu Biao in the south. As expected, as soon as Cao Jun returned to Xuchang, the news of Yuan Jun’s change came. The four forces launched a scuffle, and some people could not resist it and asked Cao Cao for help.

Cao Cao defeated each other and unified the north with no effort.

Why has Russia not been in a hurry to fight Ukraine for a while? Can’t fight?

No, the reason why the Russian army can reach Kiev in a short time is not that it has no ability to destroy the enemy, but that war is not a game, and people die when they die. War is war because it has its own laws.

It is always a matter of attacking the enemy, not of blunting the enemy and attacking the city directly.

The Russian army’s offensive was so fierce that the Ukrainian resistance was great, and the people of all factions united as one and fought against Mariupol.

The Russian army’s offensive slowed down and pretended not to fight for the time being. Ukraine will soon start civil unrest. When the time comes, naturally, some people will surrender.

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