Putin’s loneliness!

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Author: Sheng Tang rushong source wechat official account: the chief shopkeeper’s knife has been reprinted with authorization

Foreword, but you should know that those who stand behind you will not always be your comrades in arms. Russia, Moscow, Kremlin, Putin’s office. “Dilingling…” A burst of phone rings. This is Putin’s long-awaited phone call. Since the beginning of the war, Putin has felt unprecedented loneliness, and the world suddenly seems to have changed into a different shape. Those who used to call themselves brothers are now either enemies or at a distance. Those who used to be respectful to themselves, followed the Americans and began to criticize them severely. What’s more, countries like Lithuania, which used to dare not go out in front of them, now dare to cut off the land passage from Russian mainland to Kaliningrad. In the dead of night, Putin sometimes sat in this huge office, looking at the starry sky outside, silently pondering why he took this step. Now that he has gone out, what will happen in the future. Obviously, judging from the current situation, the international environment is still controlled by the United States and Europe. The donkeys in Europe obviously don’t want to give up the big tree of the United States, let alone the false sense of honor of swaggering behind the United States. Under the illusion that Europe and the United States are aimed at Russia, the overall situation of the world still tends to obey Europe and the United States and alienate Russia. China.. What on earth are you thinking? Putin often asks himself this. This is the reason why Putin is deeply lonely. He doesn’t like those useless flattery and obedience, but in his opinion, whether it’s true or false, the apparent support for Russia actually represents the degree of wind change in the world. If there are more people and countries willing to be close to him, it means that the United States and Europe have less influence on the world. The loneliness of a king is not the loneliness of his heart, but the desire to have the whole world. Today’s Putin is very thirsty. He needs someone to pass him a glass of water. This phone is a cup of sweet spring water from the Amazon rainforest. The caller is Brazilian president bosonaro, Brazil, one of the BRICs countries. Bosonaro visited Russia in February this year, a week before the war between Russia and Ukraine, despite Biden’s chatter, and talked a lot with Putin. At that time, bosonaro did not realize that Putin had made up his mind to go to war. But his visit undoubtedly made Putin feel a little warm, or confident. Today, the BRICs countries, an international organization that was originally not favored by the international community, are the only global platform that Russia can rely on. Both the Ji’an organization and the SCO can only be regarded as regional organizations, and their real role is only on the edge of Asia and Europe. Unlike the BRICs countries, although there are only five countries, they are specifically representative of universal significance. Asia includes China and India; Africa has South Africa; America has Brazil, Europe has Russia… Or it has little influence at present, but it belongs to an international platform in the true sense. Moreover, this platform is a non military security platform with great flexibility. Although it was not optimistic before, it is a very useful tool for the current world change. Although bosonaro is unreliable, he also has unreliable advantages. For example, he dared not to give Biden face and called the Kremlin at this moment. “Hey, brother, how was the war?” Bosonaro is bold and unrestrained. To tell the truth, he was not so bold and unconstrained in front of Putin, but now, Putin has lost the closeness of many people. He approached him so regardless of the face of Americans, and he felt that he was also a hero. Naturally speaking, he had to look like a hero, so his words were bold and unconstrained. “Brother, the war is OK. Step by step, you know me and Russia. You will never give up until you reach your goal. If you fight like this, it will only be the world, not Russia.” Although Putin did not care about bosonaro’s bold and unconstrained, he was also unwilling to put down his mask of strength. “Yes, yes, for example, I’m very sad now.” Bosonaro didn’t care about Putin’s’ strong ‘. He then said, “now there is a gap in fertilizer and diesel in Brazil, and Americans are struggling to maintain Europe, regardless of our production and life in Latin America. That’s why we call today.” Bosonaros made no secret of her intention. “We’ll talk about that later. We should have it later, brother. You must have it. I’m busy fighting these days, and I don’t pay much attention to other things. I heard that the BRICs countries held a semiconductor lighting standards industry conference in Hangzhou, China. Although we Russia also participated. But because of the war, now everyone is not in the mood to ask about these things. Brother, how’s it going?” “Hey, brother, if it’s not because of you fighting this time, we’ll just talk about it for fun. After all, in the industry standards controlled by Europe and the United States, isn’t it poking people’s lungs when we set standards? Now, they can’t breathe now, and they don’t care if we poke their lungs.” Bosonaro asked for help, so naturally he picked up good words for Putin. “I love to hear that. If it weren’t for my hardness, the BRICs countries wouldn’t want to seize any standard heights. If we could win the highland of semiconductor lighting standards this time, it would be a leading opportunity for the future world pattern. Well, brother, how much fertilizer do you want? You know, our fertilizer is in short supply now. Although the Americans punish us everywhere, they dare not sanction our fertilizer sales To the United States. But since you want it, brother, it’s no problem. ” Putin is confident that bosonaro, a South American politician who looks rough but is actually a thief, can still handle it. “Not only fertilizer, but also diesel. I want to show the world that we in Brazil don’t care about the attitude of the United States, don’t follow the United States, and have Brazil’s own attitude. This is the charm of my bosonaro personality. I can not only ignore what others say and call trump brothers, but also not afraid of American power and ignore Biden. Although the United States doesn’t want us to import energy from Russia, he doesn’t have the courage to stop it Russian energy enters the seaport of Brasilia. ” Bosonaro began to boast, which is the unified model of South American politicians. After playing for a while, he suddenly thought that he could do something bigger, so he asked Putin into the microphone. “Brother, are you going to fight this war like this? Don’t you think about when it will end? Do you want me to act as a mediator? I’m not afraid of the Yankees, and the Europeans have to give me three points of face. As for Ukraine, as long as you tell me your conditions, I’ll help you convince zelianski. This kind of Maotou boy, it is estimated that he is also afraid of fighting. Now there is a lack of a step, brother, I’ll act as this step, let me” He bowed his head and admitted his mistake. ” With that, bosonaro sighed again, Then he said, “brother, you don’t know that the world is in chaos now. A few days ago, I lowered the flag for Shinzo Abe at half mast. The OPEC secretary general, Mohammed, died without knowing it. In this world, people with a clear eye know that something will happen at a glance. If you can’t make a step here and hurry up to end the war, it’s hard to say that the third world war will not break out.” “Brother, you don’t have to worry about this. Your South America has always been far away from the center of war. If a global war like World War II really breaks out, it is the time for your South America to absorb global wealth again. What’s more, the war actually broke out two years ago. Do you think the novel coronavirus that is raging around the world is really spread by bats? Americans are just achieving their strategic goals with a new means ? Relatively speaking, brother, my means of war is only a more traditional performance. The American method is advanced and secretive. ” “But isn’t it your hope to end the war as soon as possible?” Bosonaro felt that he must get something from Putin. Otherwise, as the largest country in South America, Brazil has no international participation at all, which is somewhat flawed. “My condition for ending the war is very simple, that is to let Zelensky surrender and accept the conditions put forward by our Russia. Of course, I will not kill all of them, and I will certainly leave a little room for moderation for Zelensky and the mediator. For example, brother, if you can persuade Zelensky to surrender, then I will certainly give you certain authority to put forward some conditions to our Russia, and I will meet them.” Putin means that if Zelensky is willing to accept the current status quo, Russia will return some places occupied by Russian troops, but not too many, which can only be regarded as a symbol of compromise between the two sides. “Well, with the words of brother, I’ll contact Zelensky right away.” In fact, bosonaro doesn’t care whether the war needs to stop. As Putin said, if a global war really breaks out, South America is undoubtedly the best haven. At that time, it is the time for South American countries to make money. How can he care about the outbreak of such a war? However, since he resisted the pressure of the United States to talk to Putin this time, and bought a large amount of materials from Russia, and clearly supported Russia, he must explain to the world and prove that he is not only for materials, but also for world peace. As for whether the world can really usher in peace, does it have half a cent to do with yourself? “Ukraine is up to you, but I need you to help me do an important thing, brother.” Putin suddenly said to bosonaro very seriously, “you say, as long as I can do it.” Although bosonaro is a little rough, he is also the president of Brazil for several years. Know that Putin is going to get rid of himself. It’s a great honor to get a favor from Putin. “As you know, North Korea has recently recognized the national status of the two republics of Wudong. Brother, don’t worry about this. I don’t expect you to do the same as North Korea. After North Korea stands in line this time, it will be suppressed by Europe and the United States to the greatest extent. I hope my dear Comrade Xiao Jin won’t be too lonely.” A few days ago, North Korea announced its recognition of the independence of the Republic of Lugansk and the Republic of Donetsk in the Donbas region. This is the second country in the world with full status in the United Nations after Syria, which has recognized the independent countries of the two republics of Donbas. Although Syria and North Korea have little international influence, as long as such two countries are willing to recognize, the sovereignty status of the natumbas region is an international problem, not a domestic problem of Ukraine. Moreover, now the Iranian nuclear talks between Iran and the United States have also reached the threshold of collapse. If the talks really collapse, Iran may also join this camp, so Russia has more confidence. Just,

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