Putin’s move is not just cruel enough!

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This article is reproduced from bullpiano (ID: bullpiano) by Niu tanqin

It is burning during the day and at night. The sky is more gorgeous than the sunset glow, and the satellites are all startling.

According to the western media, Putin’s move is really cruel, setting off the world’s largest fire. He would rather burn all the expensive natural gas than supply natural gas to Europe, which is facing a large gap.

Is this really the case?

But I always feel that things are not that simple.

On the surface, Putin is really tough and strong enough.

According to the Western saying, at the border between Russia and Finland, at the location of the Russian poltovaya compressor station at the starting point of the Beixi No. 1 natural gas pipeline, a huge orange torch stretching to the sky has been burning.

What is the burning scale?

According to the analysis of rystad energy, the natural gas burned every day is about 4.34 million cubic meters, which is equivalent to more than 10 million US dollars per day.

Moreover, this is not burning for two days, but has been burning since June.

Dr. Jessica McCarty, a satellite data expert at the University of Miami, Ohio, sighed: I have never seen such a large-scale incineration of natural gas plants.

If it is not an exaggeration, this must be the largest man-made burning event in the world.

Is Russia playing the game of burning money?

no, it isn’t.

The western view is that Putin is actually exerting extreme pressure and using natural gas as an energy weapon. Since you want to sanction Russian natural gas, I’m sorry. We would rather burn these natural gas for nothing than supply them to you.

I want you Europeans to have a good look. Russians would rather be broken than broken.

As you know, Beixi No. 1 is the most important pipeline for Russia to supply European natural gas. However, after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, because of the sanctions, the Russian gas supply has been greatly reduced.

June this year was an important turning point. Russia reduced the scale of gas supply to 40% of the original level; In July, because of Canada’s seizure of a turbine sent by Russia for repair, Putin ordered that the gas supply be reduced to 20% of the original.

Where did that extra gas go?

So it burned.

On the other side, European natural gas prices have skyrocketed, and people are worried about gas prices; A large amount of precious natural gas was burned down in this side room.

Is that tough enough?

It’s really tough and tough.

I have seen some western media even say that the flames over portovaya are becoming a new symbol of the energy war between Russia and Europe.

But I always have another feeling that Russia is helpless and solemn.

It is very simple. Whether it is sanctions or games, the fact is that a large amount of Russian natural gas can not be sold. Moreover, it has been sent to Beixi No. 1 compressor station, and it cannot be transferred to other places immediately. There is no other suitable buyer.

What about the Russians?

If so much gas is accumulated there and exceeds the limit, it will explode.

The simplest and most effective way is to burn it quickly.

From this perspective, the West also analyzed that Russia may indeed have technical problems. ESA vakkilainen, a professor of energy engineering at LUT University in Finland, thinks that the continuous combustion means that Russia lacks some key equipment. “Maybe some valves are broken and they cannot be replaced.”.

The reason why it cannot be replaced is the Western sanctions.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable for Russia to complain that it has to compress its natural gas supply because of Canada’s seizure of turbines for repair.

This also shows from another aspect that Russia has gas, but the key core equipment is still in the hands of the West.

From the perspective of Russia, this is helpless and tragic.

Moreover, Russia should still be angry.

Because Westerners have found another angle to criticize Russia for damaging the environment.

According to western analysis, Russia burns 4.34 million cubic meters of natural gas every day, which is equivalent to releasing about 9000 tons of carbon dioxide. This is a serious disaster for the Arctic region and the global climate.

The reason is also very simple. Such a large amount of natural gas should not be completely burned. It will release a large amount of other substances, such as micro dust, soot and residual methane. These black substances will accelerate the melting of ice and snow in the Arctic region, “and the harm to the climate is even more than carbon dioxide”.

Bottom line: Russia, you are a serious destroyer of the earth’s environment.

After the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, due to the energy crisis, western countries have turned to coal and other fossil energy. As for the emission reduction targets that were loudly shouted, they have gradually become silent in the face of reality.

But some things, Westerners do; Russia, if you do this, it’s too eye-catching. That’s treacherous.

This creates a very strange situation:

Russia has set the world’s largest fire. I would rather burn my own natural gas than send it to the West; The west is getting more and more angry. We are suffering from the soaring natural gas price, but we are watching the natural gas burn up in Russia.

The key is that every country still thinks that it is not my fault at all. I was completely forced by the other side. The EU will say: Russia, you forced us to impose sanctions on you. Russia will say: Europeans, I’m driven by you.

As a result, the fire is still burning, and it is getting hotter and hotter.

It is estimated that the earth is also helpless. What are you doing? In the end, I am the most unlucky.

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