Putin’s remark revealed the mystery!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

At the 25th St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin set the tone that the 1920s will be a period for Russia to consolidate its economic sovereignty.

He said: “for Russia, the 1920s will be a period of consolidating economic sovereignty… Forming an independent and efficient financial system.”

During the tense period of the Russian Ukrainian war, Putin stressed the need to “consolidate economic sovereignty”, which in fact revealed the internal reasons for the western countries’ launching some wars with foreign countries, and also revealed the secret of developing countries’ desire to become rich and powerful.

? Putin video screenshot

Nowadays, many countries either do not have economic sovereignty, or they have paid a heavy price and have not succeeded in obtaining economic sovereignty.

Some countries are independent from the colonies. When they negotiate with the suzerain countries, they are required to retain the Western superstructure and system. In order to gain political sovereignty during the negotiation, many countries have ceded their economic sovereignty, and a large number of resources, land and other factors are controlled by transnational corporations. Typical representatives are some African and Latin American countries.

Why are western countries rich? They say that their own systems are good. This is just a trick to deceive the world. In essence, they control more global resources through various means.

On the contrary, some countries that have ceded their economic sovereignty, if they can not break through the shackles of the west, are actually locked in their destiny from the beginning

It is impossible to develop and become prosperous.

Some countries have also tried to fight for economic sovereignty at a relatively high cost.

Chavez of Venezuela directly launched a revolution and nationalized more than 70% of the oil sovereignty, leaving many multinational companies without money. He directly made the West itch, and became a thorn in the eye and flesh that the West must kill.

Iraq linked oil to the euro, and Saddam became the target that the United States must destroy;

Gaddafi was even more ruthless. He didn’t even use the euro. He was directly linked to gold. As a result, the European brothers rushed to Libya and bit Libya without the help of the United States.

The current war between Russia and Ukraine, from a geopolitical point of view, is a potential threat posed by Russia to the United States that must be contained. It is a move by the United States to unite European allies and activate NATO. From a financial point of view, in fact, it is the same as Iraq and Libya. Russia nationalizes oil and gas and other resources to build economic sovereignty, and de dollarizes them, which makes the United States unhappy.

An important thing Putin did after he took office was to strive for national economic sovereignty. Instead of allowing oligarchy to run rampant like Ukraine, he spent ten years fighting with oligarchs and finally won.

In terms of energy, Putin nationalized more than 70% of his oil sovereignty and continued to de dollarize it, which certainly made the United States unhappy. If Russia were not a big country, and if Russia did not have nuclear weapons, the United States might have directly attacked it, just as it did against Iraq and Libya.

Militarily, it is inconvenient to start directly, so the two sides fought a life and death battle in finance. Either the United States kicked Russia out of the global energy supply system, stifled the Russian economy, and made Russian oil available without a market, just as it did with Iran in the past; Or, Russia successfully fired the first shot to kill the US dollar.

Now it seems that Russia is winning more and more. This win is not only the support of Russia, but also the support of the vast third world to Russia. Because the Russo Ukrainian war is not only between Russia and Ukraine, but also between Russia and the United States. It is also a struggle between the third world countries and the old Western forces.

The Russian bear not only wins more and more in the financial confrontation with the United States, but also hopes to reap great benefits in Wudong, thus further laying the foundation for Russia’s re emergence. For example, Russia, which now has no large-scale ship manufacturing capacity, once it includes such heavyweight factories as Nikolayev shipyard, Russia will have the ability to build aircraft carriers.

One issue of concern now is whether Ukraine will implement the “scorched earth strategy”, that is, even if Ukraine loses its eastern Ukraine, it will destroy all its industries and factories. It would rather turn it into scorched earth than leave it to Russia.

As mentioned above, the West has exercised economic and resource control over many countries in the world. If they cannot break through the shackles of the west, they will be locked by fate from the beginning. Russia is constantly building its economic sovereignty. Now Putin further emphasizes the consolidation of Russia’s economic sovereignty and is breaking the shackles of the West!

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