Qi Huan’s retired wife triggered an inexplicable war

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Cai Ji was not Helen, but she started a war. Of course, it was not her fault, because she was young and invincible, crazy and cute, but married a little old man who couldn’t get up.

Cai Ji married an old man, not voluntarily, but determined by national strength. As a princess of the state of CAI, she was treated by her brother, Marquis caimu, as a gift of goodwill from a small country to a large country, and married Duke Huan of Qi. At that time, Caiji was just a teenage girl, while Duke Huan of Qi was an old man who could be her father.

According to the records of the historian, “Duke Huan of Qi was a good wife, with many favourites, such as his wife.” it can be seen that Duke Huan of Qi was a good man. My husband and young wife, Duke Huan of Qi also loved Cai Ji from the beginning. Cai Ji is lively, laughing and noisy, and is not among ladies.

Once, she went boating with Duke Huan of Qi. When she was rowing, she began to play with water. While playing, she threw water at Duke Huan of Qi. Old and dignified, Duke Huan of Qi was not used to this game, but he was not angry and just smiled. Cai Ji became more and more crazy, and suddenly shook the boat, which scared Duke Huan of Qi. He became unhappy. “Stop shaking, stop shaking.” Maybe it was fun that Duke Huan of Qi was frightened. Cai Ji didn’t mean to stop, but continued to wander. As a result, Duke Huan of Qi was so angry that he sent Cai Ji back to the state of Cai the next day.

Who ever wanted to have fun on a whim, and such a big thing happened. After Caiji was sent back to the state of CAI, caimuhou was very angry. He felt that Duke Huan of Qi was too disrespectful to the state of CAI. So he made Caiji marry the king of Chu. King Cheng of Chu did not disagree with him. He married Duke Huan of Qi’s divorced wife. He loved Cai Ji and made her his wife. It was a bad thing that turned into a good thing. The dust settled, but Duke Huan of Qi knew about it.

Duke Huan of Qi was very angry when he heard that Caiji, who had been repatriated by him, married another man. He felt ashamed and decided to attack the state of CAI and the state of Chu to recover his face. The overlord of the spring and Autumn period was really overbearing. He actually did not allow his divorced wife to remarry. For this reason, he hit his newly married husband.

After all, there was a great disparity in national strength, and Cai Guo soon lost the battle. Marquis Cai Mu fled to the state of Chu in a hurry. Duke Huan of Qi was still not good enough to stop ganxiu, and directly targeted Caiji’s new husband, King Cheng of Chu. When the state of Qi was under siege, it was customary for the state of Qi to explain the “name of starting a school” because “starting a school without a name” was often laughed at and seemed morally immoral. The people of the state of Chu were very surprised. They thought that the Qi State’s fight against the state of Chu was simply a matter of “no match between the wind, horses and cattle”: even if the horses and cattle of the state of Qi were in heat, they could not reach the state of Chu. Why did Duke Huan of Qi come all the way here?

In the face of this question, Duke Huan of Qi was certainly embarrassed to say, for nothing else, but that King Cheng of Chu married my ex-wife, so he had to make it clear that it was because “the state of Chu did not pay tribute to the Western Zhou Dynasty”, because “when King Zhao of Zhou patrolled south to the state of Chu, he died inexplicably in the state of Chu” (it was the people of the state of Chu who leaked his boat and drowned him). The people of the state of Chu fought back and said, “King Zhao of Zhou is dead. What are we doing? You should ask the Hanshui River!”

Later, the state of Qi sent Prime Minister Guan Zhong and the state of Chu sent Qu Wan to have a wrangle. Finally, the Qi state was forced to return to the imperial court because of its poor reasoning and insufficient reasons. A bloody battle was spared. It is conceivable that if this war breaks out, the final responsibility will probably fall on Cai Ji. People will judge this innocent woman just like Helen, satirize her “overthrowing the city and the country”, and scold her “beauty is a disaster”.

In fact, it was just a farce of Duke Huan of Qi. When a young woman marries an old man, she not only likes his status and economic strength, but also often because they have been peaceful and tolerant through the vicissitudes of life, know how to cherish the fragrance and jade, and tolerate their immaturity. However, Duke Huan of Qi, an old man, did not have a high Eq. it was a trifle to divorce him for a trifle.

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