Qi Jing, a former member of snh48, helped his fans to pay the liquidated damages, but he was abandoned

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Many fans are willing to make selfless contributions to their idols. They are absolutely not soft on spending money on their idols. The fan tore apart Qi Jing, a former member of snh48. The fan complained that he paid the penalty for Qi Jing after learning that Qi Jing had the idea of quitting the group. However, he didn’t expect Qi Jing to cross the river and break the bridge, and later abandoned the fan. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Qi Jing, former member of fan Kai tearing snh48

This fan is a male. Although he is a fan, he is also Qi Jing’s pursuer. When learning that Qi Jing wanted to withdraw from the group, fans took the initiative to help solve the problem. Fans found a company to negotiate with Qi Jing, asking Qi Jing to terminate the contract with the original company, and then sign a contract with the company. Qi Jing’s liquidated damages will be paid by the company. The fan also invested in the company to give himself a voice in the company and ensure Qi Jing’s treatment in the new company.

In addition, most of the liquidated damages paid by Qi Jing and the former company were paid by this fan. Qi Jing’s new company, in addition to arranging various dance and singing performance courses for her, even signed a minimum wage with her. Qi Jing can get at least 12000 per month. If Qi Jing creates income for the company, the two sides will share 50 / 50 of the income.

Fans help Qi Jing pay liquidated damages

However, later this fan discovered that Qi Jing had secretly made a boyfriend, and her boyfriend appeared in Qi Jing’s circle of friends in October last year. Of course, Qi Jing has kept this matter confidential to her fans. Fans naturally feel that they have been cheated and used, so they choose to withdraw from Qi Jing’s support association, unwilling to help Qi Jing deal with more things, and unwilling to continue to spend money for Qi Jing. The fans said that they originally wanted to get together and get together, but unexpectedly, Qi Jing even hacked his wechat and roast with other fans, spreading rumors and slandering him. That’s why the fans are so angry that they come out to write and tear Qi Jing apart.

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