Qi Weifang released the anti-counterfeiting video, but the other brand sent a lawyer’s letter

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Many stars have started the mode of live broadcast with goods, among which Qi Wei is one of the representatives. The sales volume of her live broadcast with goods is also very good, so many brands are willing to cooperate with Qi Wei. Qi Weifang released the anti-counterfeiting video, but unexpectedly, the other brand sent a lawyer’s letter. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Qi Weifang released anti fake video

Qi Wei recently released a video to crack down on a brand. Qi Wei previously released a video introducing a makeup brand, but unexpectedly it was abused by a slimming brand. The brand changed the PS of Qi Wei’s original video, turning the PS of Qi Wei’s cosmetics into the brand’s own slimming product. Even in the video sent by the flagship store account of the brand, Qi Wei became the spokesperson of the brand.

After Qi Wei released the anti-counterfeiting videos, the attitude of brand change was very good at the beginning. He contacted Qi Wei’s team to apologize and said that he would delete the relevant infringing videos. He also said that these infringing videos were made by a third party. The reason was added to Qi Wei. He also hoped that Qi Wei would remove the anti-counterfeiting videos. However, Qi Wei has not taken off the shelf to crack down on fake videos. After all, there are many videos of brand change and infringement of Qi Wei on the Internet. Qi Wei kept this anti fake video to prevent her fans from being cheated.

Qi Wei and Fang Weiwei were sent a lawyer’s letter by the other party

Unexpectedly, the villain who changed the brand complained first, and directly sent a lawyer’s letter to Qi Wei, saying that Qi Wei’s anti-counterfeiting video caused the public to have a great misunderstanding of themselves, resulting in huge economic losses to their brand and serious impact on their brand image. Qi Wei was immediately removed from the fight video, or he would file a lawsuit against Qi Wei. The villain who changed the brand first complained about the coquettish operation behavior, and then aroused public anger together. Netizens also shouted that Qi Wei must go to the end with the other party, and never encourage bad trends.

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