Qian Lulu, a female doctor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, known as the “Daji in the scientific research community”: Stepping on 4 husbands and becoming a tenured professor

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In today’s society, without the blessing of education, every step we take will be very difficult. Some people study all night and finally embark on the road to a master’s degree; A girl’s study journey has been guessed.

In May 2022, a heavy news spread in the academic world that 39-year-old Chinese scholar Qian Lulu was hired as a professor by the Department of Bioengineering of the California Institute of Technology abroad.

Caltech is a well-known school in the world of science and technology. It has trained 33 Nobel Prize winners. The last Chinese who was invited by the professor of the school was Mr. Qian Xuesen who won the “two bombs and one star merit”. .

When the news of her winning such an honor came back, Qian Lulu’s alma mater, Shanghai Jiaotong University, first exploded the pot and cultivated such excellent talents, and the teachers of the school felt extremely proud and proud.

Some people praise it, some people question it. Some people pointed out that Qian Lulu is the “Su Daji” in the scientific research world. Everything she has obtained today was obtained by improper means, including her current position.

Lulu has gone through four marriages, and every step she takes is on the shoulders of her husband. The reason why she can stay as a professor at Caltech is also because of her current husband.

What are the facts?

Has Qian Lulu really experienced four marriages?

Did she really have the talent for scientific research or did she rely on her husbands to get to where she is today?

1. Qian Lulu’s scientific research dream

Qian Lulu is an Anhui girl born in the 1980s. She has a firm goal, and her dream since childhood was to become a researcher.

She has also been fighting for her dream. She is also a person with a talent for scientific research. At a very young age, Qian Lulu showed unusual logical thinking ability.

Mathematics is a daunting subject for many people, but it is not a problem for Qian Lulu, and she even enjoys the feeling of roaming in the world of mathematics.

She has also participated in the Olympiad in mathematics on behalf of primary and secondary schools, and has achieved good results.

From childhood to adulthood, Qian Lulu’s grades have always been among the best. In the high school period when the teenagers were all in love, Qian Lulu with a beautiful face was the goddess in the hearts of many boys, but Qian Lulu did not fall into love, but turned her deaf ears and read only the sage books.

Because of her good grades in high school, she once went to Australia as an exchange student to study.

Everyone thought that Qian Lulu could enter a top university, including Qian Lulu herself. But what no one thought was that Qian Lulu failed the college entrance examination.

In the college entrance examination in 1998, Qian Lulu performed abnormally and entered an ordinary second-level college – Nanjing Railway Medical College.

The college entrance examination did not perform well, and Qian Lulu, who has always had excellent grades, was a little disappointed and melancholy. But she did not admit defeat because of this small failure, she always remembered her scientific research dream. After entering university, Qian Lulu did not give up on herself, and still insisted on studying hard. God has not given up on this beautiful and determined girl.

Not long after entering Nanjing Railway Medical College, due to educational reform, Southeast University announced the merger with Nanjing Railway College.

Southeast University is a key double-first-class university in my country. It is the dream school of many students. Qian Lulu never thought that she would enter Southeast University like this.

This is God’s blessing to her, and it is also the first important turning point on her scientific research path.

Entering a top university not only means having a broader development platform and more excellent resources, but also means having more opportunities to know outstanding talents. Qian Lulu has a beautiful face, and she has a unique temperament, which is very attractive, and the pursuit of male students is indispensable.

Soon, Qian Lulu fell in love with a good boy.

Everyone says that college love is the most wonderful, the most carefree, and the most romantic. Qian Lulu’s love is also so sweet, the two of them accompany each other to study in the university, and spent the most beautiful youth together.

As soon as they graduated, the two held a wedding and started their sweet little world.

Although she has formed a small family of two people, Qian Lulu’s heart is still tied to her original dream – to become a scientific researcher.

She tossed and turned about her future, and finally, she said to her husband: “I want to go to graduate school.” Qian Lulu’s husband was very happy to know that his wife was so motivated and expressed his strong support.

But her husband never thought that this idea of ??his own made him a “great resentment”.

Qian Lulu failed in her first postgraduate entrance examination, but she still did not give up, and her husband supported her tirelessly.

Finally, in the second year, Qian Lulu was admitted to Shanghai Jiaotong University as a graduate student.

2. Qian Lulu’s scientific research and several marriages

Shanghai Jiaotong University is one of the top universities in my country. Its academic level and academic resources are very strong. Being able to be admitted to the graduate school of Shanghai Jiaotong University also proves that Qian Lulu herself has a certain academic strength. Yan Wen often makes people ignore her strength.

When she first entered Shanghai Jiaotong University as a graduate student, Qian Lulu quickly became popular among a group of science and engineering men with her looks and temperament.

Beautiful and excellent people are always the focus of the crowd. Although Qian Lulu is married, there are still many people who pursue her on the grounds that “nothing can stop love”.

Science and engineering majors are always dominated by boys, and Qian Lulu is often surrounded by a group of boys. It didn’t take long for Qian Lulu to meet a “new star in the scientific research world”.

This “new scientific research star” has far-reaching vision and more unique insights than her in academics, and is also more humorous in life. The topics of the two people gradually become more and more, and Qian Lulu gradually has a lot of feelings for this “new scientific research star”. good impression.

After Qian Lulu entered the school, she and her husband were separated from each other. Time and space took away the sweetness of the two people in the past, and also took away the common topics that they used to talk about. Qian Lulu chose to gallop in academia, while her husband chose to devote himself to social separation work. As Qian Lulu became more open-minded in the academic field, their ideological realms gradually became unequal.

Although she knew that her husband had given her a lot of support during her postgraduate entrance examination, Qian Lulu still couldn’t insist on staying with him.

After confirming that she has fallen in love with the “new star of scientific research”, Qian Lulu decisively broke up with her husband and chose to be with the “new star of scientific research”.

The two had a deep affection for each other, and they often went out in pairs on campus, and their relationship heated up rapidly, and they soon got married.

After the two got married, the second husband, like the previous husband, did his best to take care of Qian Lulu’s life and support Qian Lulu’s studies. He gave full play to his academic talents and gave Qian Lulu a lot of academic guidance, including research directions, experimental research, and thesis revisions.

With the support of her second husband, Qian Lulu has grown rapidly, her learning ability has been continuously improved, and new breakthroughs have been made in her research.

When graduating with a master’s degree, Qian Lulu chose to continue her studies. The husband also expressed great support and gave a lot of advice and help in the publication of Qian Lulu’s thesis. With the help of this husband, Qian Lulu produced excellent academic papers, which is exactly the For these papers, Qian Lulu obtained the doctoral qualification of Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Just when everyone thought that Qian Lulu was a perfect match for her husband, the golden boy and girl, Qian Lulu broke up again.

During her Ph.D., Qian Lulu met a more academically influential senior brother.

This senior has published many excellent academic papers and won many awards.

Like this husband, Qian Lulu and this senior doctor also met and fell in love. Qian Lulu broke up with her second husband decisively, and turned around and married this senior doctor.

During her Ph.D., this third husband also took care of and supported Qian Lulu in various ways. He often took Qian Lulu to various academic seminars, and also gave Qian Lulu a lot of guidance on her research path. With the help of this husband, Qian Lulu has published many high-quality papers. As we all know, it is easy to get in and get a doctorate, and it is difficult to graduate.

And it was with the help of her husband that Qian Lulu went smoothly during her Ph.D. study. It took others several years to obtain a diploma, but she successfully graduated in just one year.

This is Qian Lulu’s third marriage. Everyone thought that Qian Lulu would never break up again, right? No, she broke up again.

3. “Research Daji” Qian Lulu

Qian Lulu often attends various academic activities with her third husband and gets to know various academic leaders. It can be seen that this husband dotes on her very much, and will take her with him if there is any benefit.

In the summer of 2007, Professor Eric Winfrey from Caltech went to Shanghai Jiao Tong University for academic exchange.

Professor Eric Winfrey is a very powerful leader in scientific research. He is a leading researcher in DNA computing and DNA nanotechnology. He has excellent academic research results. He became Caltech at the age of 38. He is also a strong contender for the Nobel Prize. He has such a great achievement at such a young age that everyone admires him.

When she heard the news of Professor Winfrey’s upcoming visit, Qian Lulu was very excited. This is a real academic master!

This is a good opportunity to support the academic bigwigs up close! Who wouldn’t want to meet such a big guy?

Therefore, during Winfrey’s academic exchange at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Qian Lulu and her husband accompanied Winfrey all the way.

Qian Lulu’s research direction during her Ph.D. was the same as Winfrey’s research direction. During Winfrey’s participation in activities at Shanghai Jiaotong University, Qian Lulu, who accompanied him, was often able to get in touch with him. There is a lot in common between the two of them.

Winfrey’s every move revealed the atmosphere of a scholar, attracting Qian Lulu’s attention, and Winfrey was also attracted by the outstanding, intelligent and gentle oriental beauty beside him.

When Winfrey returned abroad, the image of the girl who accompanied him in China often came to his mind.

He couldn’t wait to invite Qian Lulu to Caltech for an academic visit, and Qian Lulu did not have to bear the whole cost.

With such a great opportunity, Qian Lulu naturally would not let it go.

During the academic visit abroad, Winfrey took Qian Lulu to many places and visited many people, including Ryan Adelman.

Ryan Adelman, known internationally as the father of DNA computing, is one of the leading figures in the technology world.

It is worth mentioning that the leader of the science and technology industry also met with Qian Lulu and recognized her academic achievements.

During this time abroad, Qian Lulu divorced her third husband and married Winfrey, starting her life abroad.

After getting married, Qian Lulu entered the California Institute of Technology as a teaching assistant. But she was not satisfied with just being a teaching assistant. It didn’t take long for her to apply to the school, and she wanted to stay at Caltech as a professor.

At first, Caltech ignored Qian Lulu’s application, but no one thought that Professor Winfrey would actually apply for resignation, saying that if the school did not accept Qian Lulu’s application, he would go with her. .

Professor Winfrey, who made this decision, made other professors in the school say “Jesus!” They couldn’t believe it. Many professors in the school, including many students, believed that Winfrey’s behavior was smearing the school’s reputation.

Some netizens went to check the papers Qian Lulu had done before she became a professor, and they found that every article published by Qian Lulu carried the name of one of her husbands.

And according to people familiar with the matter, when Qian Lulu was a teaching assistant at Caltech, she also stole data from her group of students.

In the year when Caltech did not reply, Winfrey took Qian Lulu to many universities, expressing that he would accept a pair, and whoever accepted Qian Lulu would join him.

During this time, Winfrey also took Qian Lulu to Harvard University to study for a year, plated with gold.

Since Winfrey is a rare talent, losing such a talent would be a very big loss for the school, and Caltech finally compromised.

To keep Winfrey, they had to hire Qian Lulu as a professor. In this way, Qian Lulu has realized her dream for many years.

When Qian Lulu first became a professor, doubts arose.

Someone found Qian Lulu’s personal introduction on the school’s official website, and found that Qian Lulu’s personal achievements were not enough. She even wrote the experience of participating in the primary and secondary mathematics Olympiad and going to Australia as an exchange student in the professor’s introduction column. Created a wave of ridicule.

But I have to say that Qian Lulu is a real cow.

Even if he climbed to today’s position by virtue of his beauty, people still fascinated the academic giants. Professor Winfrey also publicly stated that Qian Lulu was the love of his life when Qian Lulu was ridiculed by netizens.

4. Summary

Looking at Qian Lulu’s experiences, what do you think?

The first reaction of most people is that this woman’s marriage is the same as job-hopping. These behaviors are disgusting.

But Qian Lulu also has a quality that college students should learn.

Qian Lulu has been moving towards her goal, unswervingly.

Although Qian Lulu’s method of climbing to this position is a bit contemptible, there is still a bright spot in her. She knows what she wants and has been moving towards her goal.

There are many college students who let themselves go in college after the hard work of the third year of high school.

Especially in this age of temptation, many people are easily defeated by difficulties on the road of chasing their dreams. And Qian Lulu did not give up when faced with difficulties. The quality of insisting on pursuing her dream is still worth learning.

Qian Lulu knows how to integrate the resources in her hands and maximize her own advantages.

Qian Lulu is a very smart woman. She understands that her appearance is still very popular in the academic world, and she knows how to integrate the resources in her hands to maximize her own interests.

Of course, it is disdainful to seek honorary status in academia by this means.

But Qian Lulu knew what cards she had in her hand, and she played every card in her hand in the most suitable position, which was very admirable.

Qian Lulu’s correct understanding of herself and the environment around her is the key to her success in the end.

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