Qiao Xin wants to terminate his contract with Jia Nailiang, fearing that Jia Nailiang will implicate him

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In recent years, Qiao Xin’s development in the entertainment industry has been mediocre, and the resources she gets are the heroines of low-cost dramas. She usually goes to variety shows, and her business resources are not good, and she doesn’t even have a decent spokesperson. The insider revealed that Qiao Xin wanted to terminate her contract with Jia Nailiang because she was worried about being implicated by Jia Nailiang. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Qiao Xin wants to terminate his contract with Jia Nailiang

Many people don’t know that Jia Nailiang has long been a big man. He also has a brokerage company called Tianjin Tongle culture media company. It was founded by him and his agent Guo Hongbo six years ago. Jia Nailiang is the chairman of the company and Jia Shan, Jia Nailiang’s sister, is the vice president. The company has also signed many artists, such as Li Sheng, Li Jiahang, Zhang Yuxi, Du Haitao, Xing Zhaolin, Fang Yilun and Qiao Xin.

According to the insider, Qiao Xin has now proposed to terminate the contract with the company. After Qiao Xin signed the contract with Jia Nailiang, he didn’t get much good resources. Now that Jia Nailiang has been exposed with so many negative news, he may one day be investigated and closed down. At that time, these artists of Jia Nailiang’s company will definitely be affected, so Qiao Xin naturally worries that she will be involved, so she wants to terminate the contract with Jia Nailiang’s company in advance.

Qiao Xin is worried about being implicated by Jia Nailiang

In fact, Qiao Xin is not very dedicated to her career. She is also a Buddhist. Otherwise, she would not have signed a contract with Jia Nailiang. Qiao Xin’s attitude is also related to her own background. Because Qiao Xin is a rich second generation in Shanghai, she is not short of money at all. Her parents do not look down on Qiao Xin’s money, and even hope that Qiao Xin will leave the circle and get married and have children earlier. It is reported that Qiao Xin now has a boyfriend outside the circle, who was introduced by her family. Their relationship is quite stable.

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