Qi’er’s live broadcast statement shirks responsibility and is scolded by netizens

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Weiya was punished for tax evasion, and don’t kill her directly. Just six months after Weiya disappeared, Qi’er, Weiya’s assistant, began to move from Taobao to live broadcast on Tiktok. Many of Weiya’s fans also actively supported Qi’er. Qi’er’s live broadcast statement shirked her responsibility and was wildly scolded by netizens. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Qi’er’s live broadcast statement shirks responsibility

Qi’er opened a live studio on Tiktok, and soon sucked a lot of powder. Qi’er’s selection in the live broadcasting room is also very powerful. According to the insider, Qi’er’s current team is Weiya’s previous work team. Qi’er has been on the list of anchor with goods since she was broadcast live in Tiktok. However, Qi’er’s statement in her latest live broadcast has made her questioned by many fans and scolded by many netizens. Originally, Qi’er posted a statement in her live studio, saying “ The seller of live broadcast goods is the store operator to which the shopping link belongs, not this live broadcast room ”.

Qi’er’s announcement in the live broadcast room feels like it’s about throwing the pot. It is suspected that everyone bought something in Qi’er live broadcasting room, but the person in charge of the thing is the store operator of the link. If there is a problem, go to the store operator. How can such a statement of shirking responsibility not be scolded? After being scolded, this statement did not appear in Qi’er’s live studio.

Qi’er was scolded by netizens

As a carrier anchor, Qi’er should be responsible for what she sells in her live studio. After all, many netizens buy things in her live studio because they trust Qi’er. When people go to the supermarket to sell things, if something goes wrong, they must go to the supermarket to solve it at the first time. Qi’er’s statement that she wants to make money from netizens but is not willing to take risks really makes people speechless. If you see such a statement made by an anchor with goods, do you still dare to buy things in her live studio?

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