Qin Shihuang Ying Zheng unified the world. Who was the ancestor of Ying?

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Qin Shihuang Ying Zheng unified the world. Who was the ancestor of Ying? Interested readers can follow the Xiaobian to have a look.

Starting from today, let’s talk about the history of Daqin. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it.

I tentatively set the starting time at more than 2000 BC, which is not easy to determine, because people at that time did not know how long they could live, so please forgive me. OK, let’s get down to business.

Emperor Zhuanxu, the grandson of the Yellow Emperor, had a descendant called nun. One day, the woman was weaving outside the hut. Suddenly, the sound of “chirp” came, and the nun went to seek fame. It turned out that the sound came from the big tree behind the hut. There was a huge bird’s nest in the middle of the branches of the tree. The nun climbed up along the trunk. It turned out that the mother swallow had just laid a bird’s egg. The nun was very happy. She hadn’t eaten meat for many days. She grabbed the bird’s eggs and swallowed them raw.

A few months later, the nun found that her stomach was getting bigger and bigger. After her mother’s diagnosis, she knew that she was pregnant. Unmarried children can’t be put off until now. At that time, it was nothing but a tribe! The common people have not received much education. I don’t need much explanation. Later, the nun gave birth to a boy named Daye.

When Daye grew up, she married a girl named nvhua from the Shaodian tribe. Soon after the marriage, she gave birth to a son and named him Dafei, also known as Bai Yi. This Dafei is the ancestor of Ying, that is, the ancestor of Da Qin.

After Emperor Shun ascended the throne, he intended to award hundreds of officials. At that time, many sages were employed at the time of Emperor Yao, but they had no official positions. There is a big cost. On that day, Emperor Shun and his ministers came to the Wenzu temple to discuss the issue of enfeoffment with Siyue (the princes in charge of the four sides).

Emperor Shun asked, “four mountains, who can help me manage the plants, trees, birds and animals in the mountains and lakes?”

Four Yue replied in unison, “Emperor Shun, Boyi can.”

Emperor Shun said, “Boyi, I appoint you as Yu.” Yu is the official in charge of Shanze.

Bo Yiji first said: “Emperor Shun, Bo Yi’s ability is inferior to that of Zhu Hu and Xiong Bei. Please give way to them.”

Emperor Shun said, “go ahead, you can do it! Since you appreciate Zhu Hu and Xiong Bi, I will appoint them as your assistants!”

Boyi Jishou daonuo.

After the enfeoffment of Emperor Shun, he said: “twenty two of you must abide by your duties and assist me in governing the country. I will assess your achievements every three years. The results of the three assessments will determine your promotion. Work hard!”

All the people said yes.


At that time, the flood was towering, and the hills were flooded. The people lived in deep water. Bo Yi was in charge of the mountains and rivers, while Hou Ji was in charge of agriculture. However, the fields were flooded and the hills were surrounded by floods. The two men were useless. Therefore, Emperor Shun ordered Bo Yi and Hou Ji to help Dayu control the floods. Dayu did a simple division of labor, and the three men led a hundred officials and civilian men to control water and soil.

Dayu was the hardest, ten thousand times harder than Xu Xiake. With simple tools (rope ink, compasses, etc.), he walked through mountains and rivers on two legs, marked mountains and rivers, planned Kyushu, opened up roads, built lakes and dikes, and measured the mountains.

Boyi is responsible for distributing rice seeds and teaching the people to plant in low humidity areas. The flood has not receded, and the fields are still submerged in water. Boyi took advantage of the situation and taught the people to sow rice in the wetland.

Houji was responsible for regulating the food of the common people and coordinating the distribution of food, making the food supply of all places equal. At that time, there was an extreme shortage of materials, so we had to implement a planned economy.

In fact, although Qi was a situ, he also took part in the flood control, but there was no detailed record. He just mentioned it in one stroke. Maybe he was responsible for requisitioning the people to support Dayu.

Speaking of this, I wonder if you have found an interesting thing. Regardless of their generation, these four brothers share weal and woe and jointly manage the flood. How can they know that the world will be their descendants in turn! Dayu was the ancestor of the Xia Dynasty, Qi was the ancestor of the Shang Dynasty, Houji was the ancestor of the Zhou Dynasty, and Boyi was the ancestor of the Qin Dynasty.


In fact, I can also understand it this way. Dayu succeeded in controlling the flood, and the people were no longer displaced. At least they survived. In short, they solved their survival problems. At that time, there was no greater contribution than this, so the people of course supported Dayu’s taking the throne first.

Then, Xia Jie, a descendant of Dayu, was immoral and immoral. The common people were all responsible for the education. Of course, they supported his descendants. So the Shang Dynasty took over the world.

King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty was cruel and inhuman. He cruelly harmed Zhongliang. The people were hungry and complained. At this time, Houji’s descendants built a plot of land in Xiqi to teach the people to grow crops and treat them well. As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for the people. The people will follow whoever solves the problem of food and clothing. Therefore, the Zhou Dynasty took over the world again.

The Zhou Dynasty began to implement enfeoffment. Originally, I thought that brothers could help each other when they were in trouble. But after a long time, the blood relationship became weak. The status of the Zhou royal family as a parent was not guaranteed, and it was difficult to speak. The brothers began to be keen on quarreling with each other, and later escalated into a life and death fight. At this time, the descendants of Boyi, who was good at taming birds and animals, rushed into the Central Plains on a white horse and conquered the world with his bow and crossbow. At this time, the common people can only temporarily obey.

In fact, it can also be seen that society is developing continuously. From the initial survival and education to food and clothing, the needs of the people are gradually rising, and they can also choose their own life. However, in the era of force the final say, they will lose the right to choose for the time being, but when they really can’t live, the people will rise up and regain the right to choose again, so Chen Sheng later rose up.


Returning to the truth, Dayu succeeded in controlling the flood, and Emperor Shun rewarded him with Yu Gui. Dayu said, “I’m not alone. Thanks to Boyi’s help!”

Emperor Shun said, “Boyi, I helped Dayu to control the flood. I give you the black flag Diao and the surname Ying. Your descendants will surely prosper in the future!” Then, Emperor Shun chose a beautiful woman surnamed Yao and gave Boyi as his wife. I’m really a good boss. I promise to do what I say. I hope Boyi will have sun Mantang as soon as possible.

Later, Emperor Shun died and Dayu succeeded him. Dayu also wanted to place Zen in the sage, and began to plan to give way to gaotao. Poor gaotao died earlier than Dayu. Then Boyi became the successor in Dayu’s heart. Unfortunately, after Dayu’s death, Boyi could not get the support of all officials, so Dayu’s son Qi took over the throne and opened the Xia Dynasty, which was a hereditary monarchy. Boyi became the Qing Shi of emperor Qi, ranking second only to Qi. He died six years later at the age of more than 100. The Xia Dynasty also held a grand funeral for him. Disclaimer: the above content is from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author. If your original copyright is infringed, please inform us, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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