Qin Xiaoxian can’t even write about being scolded for nine leaks. What is Qin Xiaoxian’s education background

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Recently, Hunan Satellite TV’s hello was revised on Saturday. For the first program of the new season, the program team invited Yang Zi and Xu Song, and Qin Xiaoxian renewed his contract with the program team again to continue to participate in the recording of the new season. Qin Xiaoxian can’t even write about being scolded. A few netizens are also particularly curious about Qin Xiaoxian’s educational background? Why don’t you know such a simple word? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Qin Xiaoxian can’t write even when shooting

In the latest issue of Hello, on Saturday, several guests will answer some questions about Yang Zi. One of the questions is whether Yang Zi and he Jiong met through filming or variety shows. Qin Xiaoxian and Li Xueqin, who were sitting aside, both chose to shoot. But what Qin Xiaoxian wrote on his tablet was “ Pai play ”, It’s obvious that Qin Xiaoxian doesn’t know how to write the film. Sitting on one side, Li Xueqin was surprised to see Qin Xiaoxian’s tablet. It’s estimated that she didn’t think Qin Xiaoxian couldn’t even write a beat.

So after the program was broadcast, many netizens complained that Qin Xiaoxian was a nine leak fish. In addition, in recent years, Deyun society has been in trouble. Qin Xiaoxian, a disciple of Deyun society, was also exposed to cheating scandals before, so netizens don’t like him even more. Even many netizens questioned whether Qin Xiaoxian, like many disciples of Deyun society, didn’t even graduate from high school. Even roast hinterland entertainment environment, said what ghosts and monsters can be mixed in.

What educational background does Qin Xiaoxian have

But in fact, Qin Xiaoxian has the highest secondary school experience among Deyun society disciples at present. Qin Xiaoxian graduated from Beijing Vocational College of opera art, which is also a junior college. Qin Xiaoxian was admitted to this school after finishing high school. Qin Xiaoxian’s fans also have something to say about this. They say that now many people often type on their mobile phones, so it’s easy to forget how to write a word when writing.

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