Qing Shihuang’s mother’s love husband and Lu Buwei’s political crisis

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1. Chaos

As the saying goes, people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong. When a person becomes famous, he will be paid full attention by the public; When pigs grow fat, they will be sent to the slaughterhouse.

He made contributions, received rewards, became famous, and became power. He suddenly became a new star in the political arena of the state of Qin. At the same time, he also became the focus of contradictions among various political forces. In the days when he was in obscurity in the Empress Dowager’s palace, no one paid attention to him as a lowly figure. However, when he was granted the title of marquis Jianguo, he began to be investigated in many ways and was finally secretly denounced. There is such a detailed story about the fact that he was denounced.

According to the records in Shuoyuan Zhengjian, the final exposure of his life was due to an accidental quarrel. He was favored by the Empress Dowager and indulged in extravagance and dissipation in the palace. It was hard to avoid complacency. One day, he had a quarrel with the courtiers in the palace by drinking and playing games. The drunken man opened his eyes wide and shouted at the other party, “I’m the emperor’s false father. How dare you be so arrogant with me!” The meaning of this sentence is: “who am I? I am the father of King Qin. You poor bastard dare to argue with me!” For a moment, everyone was shocked. The person who was scolded quickly ran away and reported the matter.

The affair between Xi Xi and the Empress Dowager has long been a gossip in the Qin state. The king of Qin was young, and the Empress Dowager had great power. Everyone knew it. They turned a blind eye and didn’t talk about it or poke it through. Now that the king of Qin has grown up, he is so careless that he even exposes the privacy of the Empress Dowager in public. It is outrageous to call himself the king of Qin’s godfather. In terms of the hidden rules of the court of the king of Qin, it is not a problem for the Empress Dowager to raise her face. It is a problem to publicize the privacy of the empress dowager, and it involves the reputation of the king of Qin, which is even more a problem. Therefore, he began to be traced. He also really felt that the danger was approaching. He felt that there were many ways to trace it. He was not only aiming at himself, but also at the Empress Dowager. He began to secretly discuss countermeasures with the Empress Dowager and secretly prepare for the unexpected.

The secret of the first emperor of Qin. Ying Zheng was 22 years old. When the date of Ying Zheng’s taking office was approaching day by day, his sense of crisis was deepening day by day. In April, Ying Zheng went to Yongcheng to hold the coronation ceremony. He had a premonition that great difficulties were coming. The grand Yong City coronation ceremony was attended by all royal ministers. The capital Xianyang became a political empty city, which was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those who were forced to hurry. He jumped over the wall and launched an armed coup in Xianyang.

The historical records of the first emperor of Qin recorded the chaos of Xi as follows:

(9th year of the reign of King Qin) in April, shangsuyong. Jiyou, crown, with sword. Long believed that Hou Xi had made a disturbance, he corrected the royal seal and the Empress Dowager’s seal to send County soldiers and guards, official cavalry, Rong Zhai Jungong, and Sheren, who wanted to attack the Qi Nian palace. Wangzhizhi ordered the prime minister, changpingjun and changwenjun to attack him. Zhanxianyang, beheaded hundreds of people, all worshiped the Lord… He and others were defeated.

According to this record, Ying Zheng came to Yongcheng from the capital Xianyang in the ninth year of the reign of King Qin. Yongcheng, located in the present Baoji City, Shaanxi Province, is about 300 li away from the Qin capital Xianyang. It is the old capital of the Qin state. Many tombs and ancestral temples of the former Duke and king of the Qin state are here, and there are many other palaces built in the past dynasties. Ying Zheng came here to hold the coronation ceremony at the ancestral temple. The coronation ceremony is the rite of adulthood, through which we formally declare that we have grown up. On the day of Jiyou, Ying Zheng officially gave the crown ceremony and put on the crown with his sword. According to the system of the state of Qin, from now on, he will take back the power entrusted to him and officially begin to be in power.

While Ying Zheng was still stranded in Yongcheng, Hou Pei of Changxin was found to have made trouble in Xianyang, the capital. He privately used the seal of the king of Qin and the seal of the Empress Dowager to mobilize the army of Xianyang County, the army of the guard in charge of the court, the cavalry Army of the government, the minority troops near Xianyang and the courtiers and guests of Hou Pei’s house to launch a large-scale armed rebellion and prepare to attack the Qi Nian palace in Yongcheng.

Knowing this, the king of Qin ordered the prime ministers lvbuwei, changpingjun and changwenjun to send troops to attack Pei. The two armies fought in Xianyang and were defeated.

2 four questions

It is surprising that in this incident, a large number of senior government officials took part in the rebellion on the side of Xi, including more than 20 people, including the guard Wei, the court Security Minister of the state of Qin, NEISHI, the highest military and political officer in the capital region, zhongdaodaling, the officer of the inner court adviser, and Zuoge, the military officer in charge of the archers in the palace. It is conceivable that if the coup is successful, the pattern of the Qin regime will change fundamentally, and Ying Zheng will have a different fate in his life.

He was the face of Ying Zheng’s mother, Empress Dowager Zhaoji. He launched this large-scale coup with the support of the Empress Dowager. After the coup was pacified, Pang and the senior officials involved in the incident were sentenced to death. The Empress Dowager was expelled from Xianyang and moved to Yongcheng under house arrest. Her mother son relationship with Ying Zheng has changed fundamentally since then.

The chaos of Yi was the biggest crisis in the life of Qinshihuang in the past 50 years. It was not only the biggest political crisis, but also the biggest family crisis. This event not only profoundly affected the first emperor of Qin personally, but also profoundly changed the political situation of Qin. It can be said to be a rare event and a shocking case in the history of Qin. However, this shocking case is a mystery in history. For thousands of years, the truth of this case is not clear. It is a mystery and makes people suspicious. After investigation, all kinds of doubts about Huansheng arise from the unknown historical records.

1? Who is the target of the attack? There is no account in the history books. He only said that he “would like to attack the Qinian palace into chaos”. Why would he attack the Qinian palace? How would he do it? There is no account in the history books.

2? When the rebellion broke out, Ying Zheng held a coronation ceremony in Yongcheng, and he sent troops in Xianyang. So, where is the Empress Dowager Zhaoji and what is she doing at this time? What on earth does she have to do with the coup? There is no account in the history books.

3? When the rebellion broke out, the king of Qin “ordered the prime minister, changpingjun and changwenjun to attack it”. This king’s order is called the “order of attack”. The first minister to accept the “order of attack” was LV Buwei, the prime minister. He had a close relationship with the Empress Dowager and was also the matchmaker who introduced him to the Empress Dowager. What position and action did he take in this matter? There is no account in the history books.

4? The other two ministers who accepted the “attack order” together with the prime minister LV Buwei were Changping and Changwen. Changpingjun and changwenjun are titles. What are their official positions, what are their names, and who are they? What is the relationship between them and Yi, and between them and Ying Zheng, the king of Qin? There is no account in the history books.

All of the above problems are directly related to the truth of the chaos, and are not explained in the history books. It can be seen that Sima Qian, in the historical records of the state of Qin, disclosed the incident of the chaos of Xi according to the incomplete records in the historical books of the state of Qin, but he was not clear about the details and background of the incident.

For thousands of years, various questions about this event have been raised continuously. Unfortunately, they have never been fully answered. Today, on the basis of systematically sorting out the life of Qinshihuang, I try to solve this shocking historical case in the life of Qinshihuang by reinterpreting the existing historical materials, combining the newly unearthed materials and using the method of associative reasoning.

Who does he want to attack?

For thousands of years, it has been unclear about the purpose of the rebellion, that is, who he wants to attack. The history books only say that he set up an army in Xianyang and “would like to attack the Qinian palace into chaos”. It does not specify who he wants to attack. The Qinian palace is located in Yongcheng, the former site of which is in the southwest of Fengxiang County, Shaanxi Province. It is a vegetarian Palace used to pray to heaven for a good year. Ying Zheng gives the crown ceremony and will fast here to tell Heaven. Then, if it is naturally associated with this, the target of his attack, the object he wants to destroy, should be Ying Zheng, the king of Qin? However, this take it for granted view is really a misunderstanding. According to the results of reorganizing history, today we can clearly conclude that Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, was not the target of the coup. But why do you say that?

He was the Empress Dowager’s confidant and thug. Everything about him, including wealth, status and power, came from the Empress Dowager’s favor. His major actions represented the Empress Dowager’s wishes. He launched this coup with the support and instruction of the empress dowager, used the seals of the Empress Dowager and the king of Qin to mobilize the army, and received the support of a large number of Ministers who supported the Empress Dowager. Therefore, the Empress Dowager was the real person behind the chaos; The real initiator of the rebellion was the Waiqi group of the Zhao family headed by the Empress Dowager. Ying Zheng is the eldest son of the empress dowager, the legitimate heir to the throne, and the only basis and capital for the Empress Dowager to have a foothold in the state of Qin. The Empress Dowager has absolutely no reason to attack Ying Zheng.

It is said that he and the Empress Dowager had two sons. It is said that he and the Empress Dowager once said that after the death of the king of Qin, let our son succeed to the throne. From this point of view, he may have wanted to establish himself and the illegitimate son of the Empress Dowager as king by launching the coup. However, this is absolutely impossible. The two sons born to him and the Empress Dowager did not have the lineage of the king of Qin. They could not inherit the throne. This point, whether it is the Empress Dowager or the emperor, can not be clearer. They can privately say some boudoir words like “the king of Qin will let our son ascend the throne a hundred years later”, but they can never bring such words to the political table. If such words were made public, they would be a treacherous rebellion and a declaration of war against the state of Qin, which has a history of hundreds of years. It is impossible to use such a name.

Therefore, there are other targets for the coup. So where is this goal? We believe that there are two objectives, the first is the Empress Dowager Huayang and the second is LV Buwei. But why do you say that?

As we have already said, the death of Empress Dowager Xia led to chaos and enfeoffment of marquees. These are a series of interrelated events. The background is the political dispute between the Empress Dowager and Mrs. Han. As a result of this series of events, the Zhao family’s foreign relatives, led by the empress dowager, won a victory, and the Han family’s foreign relatives declined completely. As for the struggle between the Empress Dowager and Mrs. Han, the Empress Dowager Huayang, the old ancestor of Chu relatives, sat on the mountain watching the tiger fight and was happy to see its success. However, after the complete collapse of the Han relatives, the excessive expansion of the Empress Dowager’s power naturally caused the vigilance and dissatisfaction of the Chu relatives. The event of exposing the privacy of the Empress Dowager gave the Empress Dowager Huayang an excuse to attack the Empress Dowager. Chu relatives, led by the Empress Dowager Huayang, began to thoroughly investigate this matter. They hoped to take advantage of Ying Zheng’s political affiliation to clear away the evil and deprive the Empress Dowager of his political power. It was under this kind of coercion that Pangu, who was supported by the empress dowager, jumped over the wall and launched a coup in an attempt to destroy the Chu clan’s foreign relatives led by the Empress Dowager Huayang by extraordinary means.

If the main contradiction of the rebellion is the political dispute between the Empress Dowager Huayang and the empress dowager, there is another secondary contradiction, which is the political dispute between the rebellion and LV Buwei. After the uprising, he was granted Marquis Jianguo. His rapid rise in the political arena not only attracted the vigilance of Chu relatives led by the Empress Dowager Huayang, but also caused contradictions with another figure, the prime minister, Lu Buwei. LV Buwei was an old lover of the Empress Dowager. He introduced her to the Empress Dowager. They all came to the state of Qin from the state of Zhao. In general, they all belonged to the Zhao family relatives group headed by the Empress Dowager. However, after he was favored by the empress dowager, LV Buwei was estranged from the Empress Dowager. After he was granted the title of marquis Jianguo, he became LV Buwei’s political opponent, and there was a fierce political dispute between them.

There are clear records in the Warring States policy – Wei policy about the political dispute between Yi and LV Buwei. At that time, when the state of Qin attacked the state of Wei, someone advised the king of Wei:

Qin, from all over the country, enforced the following laws. As for the long-term trailblazers, Bi said, “do you have a relationship with the Yi family? Do you have a relationship with the Lu family?” Although it is just like this under the gate and above the langmiao temple. Today, the king ceded the land to bribe Qin, and thought that he had made great contributions to Qin. He was humble and respected Qin, and because of Qin. The king used the state to praise the Yi surname, so he won by the Yi surname. The king praised the Yi surname with his country. The Empress Dowager’s virtue is deeper than the bone marrow. The king’s turn is the best in the world Today, the Yi family, who is good at Qin, has been handed over to the world. Who in the world does not abandon the Lu family and follow the Yi family? The world will abandon the Lu family and follow the Yi family, and the king’s resentment will be repaid.

According to this record, in the Qin state today, from the government to the people, from officials to the people, there are generally two factions, either on the side of Yi or on the side of Lu Buwei. If the state of Wei attached to the side of Yi, ceded land to the state of Qin, and bowed down to honor the state of Qin, all these were achieved through Yi. As a credit to Yi, Yi would be better than LV Buwei. In this way, the Empress Dowager must deeply thank the state of Wei, and the relationship between the state of Wei and the state of Qin will be higher than that of other countries. In this way, the world must abandon LV Buwei and follow him.

This event happened in the eighth year of the reign of King Qin. It was at that time that he granted Marquis Jianguo a very popular title. This dialogue not only clearly reflected the fierce political dispute between Xi and LV Buwei, but also the Empress Dowager had forgotten LV Buwei and completely sided with Xi. Therefore, the event of exposing the privacy of the Empress Dowager gave LV Buwei the pretext to attack him. Lu Buwei’s attitude was clear. He launched a coup, and LV Buwei was certainly the target of his attack.

The aftermath of unrest

The rebellion of Yi ended in the defeat and escape of Yi. After he was captured with a reward, he was tortured by splitting his chariot and horse, and his clan was killed. More than 20 senior officials who took part in the rebellion were all unveiled by the owls. Many of the family ministers who were attached to Li were sentenced, and as many as 4000 were exiled to Sichuan.

She is the face of the Empress Dowager and the intimate agent of her household affairs. The Empress Dowager was the backstage of Pang and the backstage figure of Pang rebellion. After the failure of the rebellion, the Empress Dowager was expelled from Xianyang and moved to the Yiyang Palace (now Fengxiang south, Shaanxi) in Yongcheng to be placed under house arrest. The two sons born to her were executed, that is, the two half brothers of Ying Zheng. Since then, the Zhao clan headed by the Empress Dowager collapsed, and the Empress Dowager basically lost her influence on the Qin regime and the Qin King Ying Zheng.

In a series of investigations afterwards, the old relationship between the prime minister LV Buwei and the empress dowager, and the secrets of his recommendation to the palace, were all implicated, and he became the object of review. In October of the 10th year of the reign of King Qin, LV Buwei was removed from his position as prime minister, expelled from Beijing, and returned to his fief of Henan (now Luoyang, Henan).

The next year, LV Buwei was investigated and punished more severely. Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, wrote to LV Buwei in person, saying: “what did you do in Qin? Qin granted him Henan and ate 100000 households. What did you do in Qin? He was called Zhong Fu. He and his family moved to Shu.”

It seems that after LV Buwei was dismissed, King Ying Zheng of Qin was still angry. He questioned LV Buwei and said, what contribution did you make to Qin? The state of Qin granted you a fief on Henan, enjoying the treatment of 100000 households. What kinship do you have with Qin? You are called Zhong Fu. Now, order your family to move to Shudi to live. After receiving this letter, LV Buwei, fearing that there would be more severe punishment, drank poison and committed suicide at the age of 57 (292-236 BC). Those ministers and guests who followed LV Buwei were also severely punished.

However, in the same year as LV Buwei, the relationship between Ying Zheng and his mother had changed dramatically. After hearing the advice of a Qi man named Mao Jiao, Ying Zheng, who was in a rage, suddenly changed his mind and went to Yong city to see his mother in person. He took her back to Xianyang and lived in Ganquan palace again. The historical records of Qinshihuang recorded this event as follows:

Mao Jiao, a member of the Qi Dynasty, said that the king of Qin said: “the Qin side takes the world as its business, and the king has the name of the Empress Dowager who moved his mother. I’m afraid that the princes will hear about it, so he will be twice as good as Qin.” The king of Qin welcomed the Empress Dowager Yu Yong into Xianyang and returned to Ganquan palace.

This record, read as a literary story, can be understood as a dramatic turn made by the author in the process of plot promotion, which is a ups and downs narrative technique. This record, read as a history, is somewhat inconceivable, which makes people doubt the authenticity and reliability of this chronicle. As a historical detective, we naturally have to ask, who is Mao Jiao from the state of Qi, and why did he appear next to Ying Zheng, the king of Qin, after the chaos? Mao Jiao’s reason for admonishing Ying Zheng was only a simple reason that mother and son should live in harmony. How could it be related to the diplomatic affairs of the vassal states betraying the state of Qin? After hearing these words, how could Ying Zheng lose all his anger, wake up and go to Yong city to meet his mother?

Historical significance of Mao Jiao persuading the king of Qin

After investigation, the record in the book of the first emperor of Qin was rewritten by Sima Qian according to the historical stories handed down during the Warring States period. The prototype of this Warring States period story can be seen from similar stories in Shuoyuan. The story recorded in Shuoyuan is very detailed. We will briefly retell it as follows:

After Ying Zheng expelled his mother, he ordered that anyone who dared to admonish the Empress Dowager should be executed. It is said that there were twenty-seven people who tried their best to persuade, and they were all executed one by one. At this time, the 28th man, who called himself Qi Ke and Mao Jiao, came and asked the king of Qin for an interview. Ying Zheng ordered the bodyguard to ask, “is it for the Empress Dowager?” Mao Jiao replied, “exactly.” Ying Zheng ordered the bodyguard to ask, “have you seen the dead people outside the palace?” Mao Jiao replied, “I saw twenty-seven. I heard that there are twenty-eight stars in the sky, twenty-seven people and twenty-seven stars. Now there is one missing, so I have come to make up the whole number. Please hurry to report to the king of Qin. I am not afraid of dead people.”

Ying Zheng was so angry at the news that he ordered that the cauldron for cooking people be prepared, sat down with the sword, and ordered Mao Jiao to come in.

Mao Jiao went into the hall, took his time, saluted the king of Qin and said, “all the things about the life and death of people and the survival of the country are things that the saints of all dynasties are eager to know. Don’t you know if the king wants to hear?” The king of Qin said, “what do you say?” Mao Jiao replied, “don’t you know your Majesty’s crazy behavior?” The king of Qin replied coldly, “I want to hear from you.” Mao Jiao replied solemnly, “Your Majesty, you are jealous of your false father. You have a name for not being kind when you kill your two younger brothers. You are unfilial when you move your mother to the Fuyang palace in Yong city. You are under the rule of Jie and Zhou when you punish and kill those who advise you. Now the world knows that you have alienated the state of Qin. Your officials are really worried that the state of Qin will decline for this, and your majesty will be in danger for this. My words are over, please put me to death.”

Mao Jiao untied his clothes and was ready to accept the punishment of cooking. At this time, a dramatic scene appeared. Ying Zheng came down the hall, held Mao Jiao up with his left hand, waved away the man who was going to catch Mao Jiao with his right hand and said, “everything is free. Please fasten your clothes, sir. I am willing to listen to your instructions.”

Ying Zheng immediately honored Mao Jiao as “Zhong Fu” and conferred the title of Shangqing. Afterwards, he immediately started his car and rode thousands of horses to meet his mother at the Yiyang palace in Yongcheng to return Xianyang.

The Empress Dowager who was welcomed back to Xianyang set up a banquet in the palace to entertain Mao Jiao. At the banquet, the Empress Dowager said to Mao Jiao with great emotion: “it is your strength, Mao Jun, to straighten the distortion, to revive from the chaos, to stabilize the state of Qin, and to make our mother and son meet again.”

Comparing this story with the records in the records of the first emperor of Qin, we can see how the historical world of the historical records was compiled. Sima Qian did not have much information about the period of the chaos of the Qing Dynasty. Apart from some brief records in the history books of the Qin state, the rest were stories of the Warring States period. Sima Qian identified and selected the Warring States period stories similar to those in Shuoyuan from the standpoint of historians. He abridged the most sensational part of the story, for example, the king of Qin killed 27 people in a row, and Mao Jiao was the 28th, which attracted the most audience, such as Mao Jiao’s tough response to the king of Qin, and how the king of Qin walked down the hall dramatically, and so on. Only the part in Mao Jiao’s words about the king of Qin that migrating mothers would cause countries to deviate, that is, would cause diplomatic problems, was retained. Is Sima Qian’s choice and interpretation appropriate?

Today, we can make a reasonable appraisal from the standpoint of history:

1? Sima Qian keenly noticed that the civil strife in the center of the Qin regime, the civil strife, had an international background. Therefore, he chose the content in the story that the improper handling of the Empress Dowager would cause relevant diplomatic problems. But why does it cause diplomatic problems? Sima Qian didn’t go into depth. From the results of our research today, maybe he didn’t know.

2? Maojiao, a native of Qi, calls himself “Qi Ke”. He is a man with the background of Qi state. At this time, he suddenly appeared in the capital of Qin state. It can be seen that he is not an ordinary person if he can directly request to see the king of Qin. A reasonable explanation is that he should be an emissary from the state of Qi to the state of Qin. He met the king of Qin as a foreign emissary and analyzed the impact of expelling the Empress Dowager from Beijing on the diplomacy of the state of Qin from the standpoint of the state of Qin. With this understanding, Mao Jiao’s words are easy to understand.

3? As we all know, the chaos of Yi was involved in the rise and fall of three groups of relatives, including Han relatives headed by Empress Xia, Zhao relatives headed by Empress Dowager emperor, and Chu relatives headed by Empress Huayang. They were all inextricably linked with their respective countries of birth. After the end of the rebellion, the Han clan relatives were eliminated, the Zhao clan relatives were also disintegrated, leaving only the Chu clan. This kind of situation in which the Chu clan was dominated by its relatives would not only cause anxiety in the Han and Zhao dynasties, but also in the state of Qi. This internal and external intertwined interest should be the background of Mao Jiao’s saying that “fear of being heard by the princes, thus doubling the Qin Dynasty”.

4? At the end of the story, the Empress Dowager thanked Mao Jiao for his words: “straighten the distortion, revive from the chaos, and stabilize the state of Qin”. This sentence means that Ying Zheng welcomed his mother back, corrected the distorted things and recovered the chaotic things. The regime of the state of Qin was thus stabilized. This sentence is aimed at the impact of the incident on the internal affairs of the state of Qin. Unfortunately, Sima Qian did not use this sentence. This is Sima Qian’s omission. He failed to understand the significance of this event for Ying Zheng, king of Qin, to stabilize the internal affairs of Qin. But why do you say that?

After the end of the rebellion, the Chu clan was dominated by its relatives, which was not in line with the interests of Ying Zheng, king of Qin. Ying Zheng, the son of the empress dowager, came to Qin from the state of Zhao. As far as his mother’s family is concerned, he is closest to relatives of the Zhao family. The adoptive grandmother, the Empress Dowager Huayang, was very powerful, and the relatives of the Chu family were powerful. For him, it should be a matter of great concern. His mother and grandmother were at odds. Relatives of the Zhao family and those of the Chu family fought for power. Ying Zheng was caught in a dilemma. Now the Chu clan has become a dominant family. If the mother is severely punished, it is not only an improper handling of kinship, but also a political taboo. If she is too dependent on one side, she will lose her independence. Based on this concern, under the guidance of Mao Jiao, Ying Zheng finally restrained his emotional impulse, calmed down, took rational political action, welcomed his mother, the empress dowager, balanced his relationship with her adoptive grandmother, the Empress Dowager Huayang, and restrained the powerful Chu relatives.

It was for this reason that Ying Zheng soon gave lenient treatment to the family ministers who had been exiled to Sichuan. According to the records of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, in September of the 11th year, “those who moved to Sichuan after returning to the ancient land” were exempted from taxes and corvee.

The truth of the chaos of the Qing Dynasty has become a mystery for thousands of years because of the loss of historical records and the misunderstanding of the world. The life of Qinshihuang is more complicated and confusing. One of the mysteries is the fate of the three ministers appointed to preside over the suppression of the chaos.

When the rebellion broke out, three ministers, the prime minister lvbuwei, changpingjun and changwenjun, accepted the order of Ying Zheng, king of Qin, to deal with the rebellion. After the uprising was settled, LV Buwei was implicated in the incident and was demoted from Beijing by the prime minister. Later, he committed suicide. It is easy for us to understand the ending of LV Buwei, because he has an ambiguous relationship with the Empress Dowager and is the planner of sending him to the palace.

However, one thing that is hard to understand after the chaos of Maoxi was settled is that two other ministers, changpingjun and changwenjun, who accepted the king’s order to lead the rebellion together with LV Buwei, almost disappeared from history after the event, and no relevant records of the event were left in historical books.

As we have already said, the truth and essence of the rebellion in Fuxi is a struggle between the Chu clan’s foreign relatives group headed by the Empress Dowager Huayang and the Zhao clan’s foreign relatives group headed by the Empress Dowager emperor. Both changpingjun and changwenjun are trusted by the Empress Dowager Huayang. According to common sense, after the rebellion was pacified and the Chu clan’s foreign relatives won, they are all people who should be praised and promoted, and should play a greater role in the political arena of the Qin State afterwards, There are more records in history books. Strangely, contrary to common sense, they disappeared from the historical records, which is another historical mystery.

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