Quan Zhilong, Jenny, breaks up. Quan Zhilong confesses whether IU is true or false

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When Johnny Kwon’s love affair was made public, his fans were very opposed to it, and they didn’t look up to Jenny at all. But looking at Quan Zhilong’s attitude towards Jenny, I feel that Quan Zhilong should love her very much, and the two should be able to go to the end. Unfortunately, now Quan Zhilong has broken up with Jenny, and then Quan Zhilong is suspected to have confessed to another actress IU. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Quan Zhilong and Jenny broke up

Johnny Kwon has been dating for two years. During this period, Korean media have photographed the two people dating for many times. The place where they first dated was at Kwon Chi lung’s home. Jenny’s parents also spoke out earlier. They also thanked Quan Zhilong for taking care of their daughter and were very satisfied with Quan Zhilong. At first, everyone was not optimistic about this relationship, but after two years, the fans of Kwon Chi lung and Jenny have accepted this fact and began to bless.

But now Quan Zhilong and Jenny broke up, and the two did not officially break up with the outside world. But it can be seen from many things. For example, Quan Zhilong’s public trumpet has closed Jennie, but he still pays attention to the other three teammates of Jennie. And Kwon Chi lung’s own sister directly took Jennie off. Both Kwon Chi lung and Jenny are artists of YG. There will be many occasions to meet after the breakup. I wonder if the parties will be embarrassed.

Quan Zhilong confesses whether IU is true or false

Later, Netizens found that Quan Zhilong used his own account to praise his CP post with IU, which was suspected of confessing to IU. IU is also the top female representative in the Korean entertainment industry. She is a good match for Quan Zhilong man in her career, and the two have also cooperated before. However, IU fans are very disgusted with the praise behavior of Quan Zhilong, and even shout that Quan Zhilong will let IU go and not implicate IU. The reason why IU fans have this attitude is that they are obviously afraid that Quan Zhilong’s fans will attack IU.

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