Rainie Yang was besieged by Taiwan netizens and asked to return her health care card

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Because of Pelosi’s flight to Taiwan, the conflicts between the two sides of the Strait have been stirred up again. Many Taiwanese artists have also posted & ldquo; There is only one China & rdquo; Among them, Rainie Yang expressed her position. Rainie Yang was besieged by Taiwanese netizens, and Taiwanese netizens asked Rainie Yang to return Taiwan’s health care card as soon as possible. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Rainie Yang is besieged by Taiwan netizens

After Rainie Yang published the topic of “only one China”, she was immediately attacked by Taiwan netizens. Because many young Taiwanese are now receiving Taiwan independence education, they certainly do not accept Rainie Yang’s statement and think that Rainie Yang is a traitor. Many Taiwanese netizens began to scold Rainie Yang on INS, asking her to take her mother out of Taiwan and ask her to return her health care card.

Many Taiwan netizens are talking about health care cards. What is this health care card? In fact, Taiwan’s national health insurance is a kind of social welfare. This card is similar to some medical insurance functions in the mainland’s social security card. You will know that Taiwan’s health care card is not a big deal. Maybe there is really nothing worth showing off in Taiwan, so it’s the health care card that keeps its mouth shut.

Taiwan netizens ask Rainie Yang to return her health care card

To be honest, with Rainie Yang’s status, she can afford to go to the hospital to see any disease, and she doesn’t need a health care card at all. Moreover, Rainie Yang’s husband is from Anhui Province. If Rainie Yang is Taiwan independence, it is estimated that she and Li Ronghao will not get married. Since Rainie Yang dares to say that there is only one China, it is enough to show that she does not care about the views of Taiwan netizens. Rainie Yang can really take her mother to live in the mainland, which will facilitate her work arrangement in the mainland. More importantly, she will not have to live with her husband Li Ronghao.

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