Ramu Yoko responded to the dispute in Taohuawu. I’m a special person who likes to make things right

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The second season of the 50 kilometer Taohuawu has just started, which has led to a lot of trouble. Among them, the two people who were scolded the most were Song Dandan and Ramu Yoko. After the program was broadcast, Ramu Yoko became the treacherous villain who hugged Song Dandan in everyone’s mouth, and Li Xueqin was a plastic sister. Ramu Yoko responded to the dispute in Taohuawu, saying that he was a special person who loved to make things right since childhood. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Ramu Yoko responds to the dispute in Taohuawu

After the first episode of 50 km Taohuawu 2 was broadcast, in the face of controversy, the program team also gathered all Taohuawu guests to interview the controversy of the first episode. The director of the program group said that they had predicted that Song Dandan would become the center of the storm after the first episode was broadcast, but the program group did not expect that Ramu Yoko would also be scolded so miserably. Song Dandan said that the original program team had long been premeditated. This time, spicy Yoko was injured by mistake.

Aiming at the controversy about her, first of all, before the meeting, she went out to shoot with several guests. She didn’t know what Taohuawu said, so she came back to the meeting directly. In fact, the reason why she said that everyone should participate in the program is very simple, that is, she hopes everyone can have a camera in the second episode.

Ramu Yoko claims to be particularly fond of making ends meet

When Song Dandan and Li Xueqin had contradictions, Ramu Yoko came out to make things better, because her character is that where there are contradictions, she will come out to drown out the contradictions, and she is a person who loves to make things better. She laughed when she saw Li Xueqin uncomfortable, because the previous relationship between them was this kind of relationship, which would make fun of each other’s bad friends. Sitting aside, Li Xueqin also came out to pick up the trouble. It can be seen that their relationship is really good, not because of some things in everyone’s eyes.

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