Ran Yingying responded to the emotional breakdown of the live broadcast, saying that she never let her emotions stay overnight

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Many people who don’t know ran Yingying will have prejudice against her. Maybe her appearance and dress are popular online, but netizens who know ran Yingying think that she is a good mother, a good wife, and an excellent woman who is respected. Ran Yingying responded to the emotional breakdown of the live broadcast, saying that she would never let her emotions stay overnight. What exactly is going on? I’ll introduce it to you today.

Ran Yingying responded to the live broadcast with emotional breakdown

Ran Yingying recently chatted with her fans in the middle of the night on the live broadcast. She broke down and choked. Many netizens were worried about ran Yingying’s situation. Some even questioned whether ran YingYing and her husband Zou Shiming had emotional problems. In the face of the hot discussion from netizens, ran Yingying also sent a long text to respond. Ran Yingying explained in the text that everyone has some emotions. Some people choose to stay in their hearts, and some choose to speak out. They are extroverted and never let their emotions stay overnight.

Ran Yingying said that after chatting with her fans for a while, she cried and everything disappeared. Ran Yingying’s personality is indeed like this. Ran Yingying also took many group photos with her family, which proves that she and Zou Shiming have a very good relationship. No one can always maintain an optimistic and positive state. Everyone will have an emo.

Ran Yingying said that she never let her emotions stay overnight

As a public figure, ran Yingying must bear more pressure in her life than ordinary people. She chose to talk with fans to relieve her inner emotions and find an outlet for her emotions. Ran Yingying’s studio also left a message to support ran YingYing and always be the tree hole that ran Yingying confides. After ran Yingying finished, she also expressed her understanding and support for ran Yingying’s approach. If everyone could think like ran Yingying, there would be no depression.

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