Read these stories and you will have no complaints in life

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Read these stories and you will have no complaints in life

Wen / Caicai shuimujun


See a story. A teacher raised a pot of orchids. He cared for the elegant orchids. Under his careful care, the orchid also grew very healthy and beautiful.

On one occasion, when the master wanted to go out to meet friends, he entrusted the potted flower to the little disciple and asked him to take care of it. The little apprentice is very responsible and takes good care of the orchid like a teacher. The orchid is growing vigorously.

I don’t want to have a sudden rainstorm one day. The strong wind blew the orchids over and smashed them. The little apprentice was very sad to see the broken branches and leaves on the ground. He was also afraid that the teacher would blame him.

A few days later, the old master came back. The little disciple told him about the orchid and was ready to accept his blame. But the teacher didn’t say anything. The little apprentice was surprised because it was the teacher’s favorite orchid. The teacher smiled faintly and said: “ I don’t raise orchids to get angry& rdquo;

Although the story is simple, it is moving when you think about it carefully. Many people are depressed at work and feel sorry for themselves in marriage, but we never work for anger, and we never love for resentment.

If you complain, you can complain everywhere; If you grow, everything can grow.


There is another story. An old man selling porcelain bowls was walking along the road with a shoulder pole. Suddenly, a porcelain bowl fell to the ground and broke. The old man didn’t turn back and went on. When passers-by saw that it was strange, they asked: “ Why didn’t you look at your bowl when it broke& rdquo; The old man replied: “ No matter how I look back, the bowl is broken& rdquo;

Along the way, who didn’t stumble forward, we constantly experienced happiness, anger, sadness and joy, and felt sweet or lost.

Learn to accept and let go of what you have lost. Those who dwell too much on the past cannot live well in the present, while those who only stare at regrets cannot see a better future.

If you are in full bloom, the breeze comes from you; If you are wonderful, the day will arrange for you. Be a strong person in your heart, and laugh it off; In the future, we will be safe and sound.


Destiny always likes to joke with us. Sometimes, the more you cling to someone or something, the less you can get it. Just like the sand in your hand, the tighter you hold it, the faster it will fall, and eventually nothing will be left.

Those who abandon me cannot stay in yesterday’s day. Those who disturb my heart will be worried about today’s day. When I was young, I always felt that the future was long, but as I grew older, I learned that life came and went, and the future was not long.

Time is silent, in silence took away a lot of people, changed a lot of things. But we can only grasp the present time when we have a little understanding, treat the worthy people seriously, and live our own life seriously.

So from today on, be a simple person, put aside your sadness, put down your troubles, give up all the unhappiness of the past, and only move forward wholeheartedly towards the good.

May you be bright and open-minded, sincere and open-minded, with gains and losses, persistence, tears, laughter and joy.

May you strive to be loved all your life, have everything you want, and let go of everything you can’t get.

Source: Shuimu abstract (id:mweishijie)

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