Recent photo of Golden Toad Ge Ge Ni Ruisi is ruined by roast. Com’s infamous childhood memories

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For many post-80s kids, niruisi should be an actor they are very familiar with. Ni Ruisi was loved by everyone because he wanted to get married. Unfortunately, this play has become the only TV play of Ni Ruisi. The recent photo of the Golden Toad Ge Ge Ni Ruisi was roast’s red face. Many netizens shouted that their childhood memories had been destroyed. What exactly is going on? Xiao Bian will introduce it today.

Ni Ruisi’s recent photo was criticized by roast

Although everyone’s impression of Ni Ruisi is that Ge Ge is going to get married, in fact, Ni Ruisi is a singer. Before playing Ge Ge Ge, he had already released a lot of songs. Ni Ruisi also acted by chance at the recommendation of his friends. Unexpectedly, he left a classic role, Golden Toad gege, for the audience only once. Later, Ni Ruisi stopped acting, which is a pity for many audiences.

In recent years, Ni Ruisi has basically disappeared from the entertainment industry. However, Ni Ruisi is still very active on his social platform, especially in the past year, he often updates his beautiful photos and videos on the platform. Ni Ruisi’s latest photo has also been roast by many netizens. It’s very different from her appearance when she was a Golden Toad. If you don’t say that this photo is Ni Ruisi, it’s estimated that everyone can’t recognize it as a Golden Toad in their childhood.

Childhood memories of Golden Toad will be ruined

When Ni Ruisi played in the play that Ge Ge was going to get married, his face was still round and a little baby fat. But now Ni Ruisi has already become an awl face with a strong sense of online popularity. Many friends said they couldn’t accept Ni Ruisi’s current appearance, but looking at the status on Ni Ruisi’s social platform, she is living a very happy life now. Besides, Ni Ruisi has not completely retired from the circle. He still keeps in touch with many friends in the circle. Fans also call on Ni Ruisi to act again.

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