Red boy was taken away by Guanyin. Why did the ox demon king and Sunwukong become irreconcilable?

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Today, the editor of has prepared for you: why is the ox demon king unhappy about the red boy’s conversion to Buddhism? Interested friends, come and have a look!

Despite his young age, honger is not a young man. How many people are he at this age in the whole journey to the west? There are few monsters with no background and strength like the spirit of the white bone, and the red boy dares to bully the mountain god land. It’s right to have a powerful father and mother, but it’s also inseparable from his own strength. When the monkey king meets a monster, he rarely loses money, but he just loses money here in the red boy! I almost couldn’t get it back.

Later, the monkey king borrowed a fan, and the parent ox demon king and Princess Iron Fan hated the monkey king so much that they itched. Is it really because Princess Iron Fan said to separate the family? I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

The status of monsters in the three realms is not so high. Unless they have the same strength as the ox demon king, many people think that red boy can practice with master Guanyin at a young age. How many people are jealous of this opportunity. The ox demon king and his wife not only don’t appreciate Sunwukong, but also beat him and hate him for not thinking about the past? Too disrespectful? No, there are deeper concerns behind the Bull Demon King.

Princess Iron Fan, as her biological mother, gave the reason why she hated Sunwukong – although my child survived, when did the mother and son meet? Generally, women have rich emotions. Red baby is the meat that fell from her body. It is understandable that her mother has such strong emotions. What about the ox demon king? What is he worried about.


Red boy followed Guanyin, who is the representative of the West sky. Doesn’t this mean that recovering red boy also means the Buddha? What is the attitude of the west towards monsters? If you have the ability, take it for your own use, so the Tathagata specially gave Guanyin three hoops to let her find an apprentice for monk Tang; If you are incompetent, you won’t be bothered. Well, it’s very realistic; If it’s bad for Xitian, you can reason if you can, and you can only fight if you can’t.

The ox demon king has always been the object that Tianting and Xitian want to attract, and they are also the object that they should be on guard against. Now their son has become the person of Xitian, and the balance has tilted to the side of Xitian. It is estimated that there will be no mercy in doing things after the court that day. The ox demon king has a huge force in the demon world family, but it also needs to be controlled by others. Life will be sad after the window paper is pierced.

Second, although the ox demon king has a concubine, they have no children. The ox family is rich and will become a red boy in the future. Now the children are forced to Sakyamuni Buddhism. Who will inherit the family property?


The last thing that makes the ox demon king worry about is the safety of red boy. The child is released from below and will certainly suffer a lot in Guanyin. Although father and son usually don’t communicate much, blood is thicker than water. If a child has such a thing, how can a father not worry.

Later stories we all know that the Jade Emperor of the Tathagata sent many generals to deal with the ox demon king. The ox demon king was besieged on all sides and was very desperate. He was forcibly cut off several heads by Nezha, and his life would be lost if he was cut off several times! This matter also made the ox demon king understand that he could only accept his fate. The reason why Tian and Xi beat him on the surface was that he blocked monk Tang from learning lessons. In the final analysis, he was still on guard against himself. What else can he do? Surrender quickly. If he resisted again, not only his own life, but also the life of his son and wife.

In this way, the ox demon king thought deeply. The Tathagata was eager to expand his power. It was sooner or later that he would be punished. His arms could not wring his thighs. What about the demon king? It also depends on the face of the Jade Emperor Tathagata. He has a hundred ways to resist, and others have a thousand ways to kill himself. Disclaimer: the above content originates from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. Please inform us if your original copyright is infringed, and we will delete the relevant content as soon as possible.

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