Relief of geopolitical pressure!

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Author: yelihua source: seeking truth (id:gh_a2f5eb6a8f0c)

No one can stop us from doing our own business

The Ukrainian defense ministry has been surprised recently.

Before, I probably believed some western media and said that the power of the Russian army was running out of oil and light, thinking that there would be no war. Results in the battle of lisichansk, the Russian army concentrated its superior forces, easily penetrated sviatogorsk, captured ilcevka, and captured Vask below.

Now the soldiers start the back road of cilichansk from the direction of ijum.

Having sacrificed a major general, the offensive was not weakened at all, but intensified.

So the Ukrainian defense ministry was a little surprised, saying that the Russians have a large number of equipment and personnel, as well as an amazing number of reserves and reserves.

It seems that the Russian army believed in the evil of some western media before. I don’t know that the Russian army has been very relaxed. Now it is fighting a round battle on the Eastern European plains. The main purpose is to train troops. 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian army has not fought a ground war with its opponents. It is a good opportunity to train a new generation of commanders and select a new generation of cadres.

The oil shortage is a false propaganda, but it is only to boost morale. Now morale can not be boosted. It is reported that Putin’s bloody rule has ended in February, but that Putin lost the competition to the West in April.

Later, the war of superiority against Putin failed. It would cost us a high price to directly defeat Putin.

Recently, I didn’t even have to boast. I began to say that Putin was winning a shocking victory. If he went on like this, he would surrender. We welcome the patrons of the Orthodox Church to come and guide our work.

The Russian army has played a relaxed and happy game in Eastern Europe, and the Democratic Party in the United States is infighting. Our geopolitical pressure is much less.

Russia has ceded part of its geopolitical interests in Central Asia to us, and our geopolitical pressure has been greatly relieved.

However, our geopolitical pressure cannot be completely relieved. And we just need a period of relief from geopolitical pressure, so that we can try our best to solve our own problems.

Therefore, we must create conditions.

Countries in the South Pacific have concerns about cooperation with us, and we should reduce this concern. Our geographical position can be fought out.

If the battlefield of confrontation is not in our place, our external pressure can be completely relieved.

Recently, Japan, South Korea and Australia are a bit out of peace. Biden came here and thought carefully. We need to start with Australia.

Our fighters run in front of their fighters and scatter some interfering aluminum foil. Their fighters will suck the aluminum foil into their engines.

A prime minister of Australia stepped down. If the new Prime Minister of Australia couldn’t tell who to go with and listen to, we would sprinkle some aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil is cheap, but aeroengines are very expensive. We have a lot of aluminum foil, but their aeroengines are limited. It’s not a big problem that a little damage is scattered and a little scrap is scattered. It’s not our plane anyway.

If Australia has any intention, we will sprinkle a little aluminum foil. If we have any intention and do not repent, we will sprinkle a little more.

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