resignation! Understand Wang lost Johnson!

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Original: Gu Ziming authorized to reprint this article to wechat official account: zhengshitang plus2019


A week ago, Prime Minister Johnson, who just shouted “Britain will not give up Hong Kong”, was abandoned by Britain and his conservative party and will announce his resignation to the whole country on the 7th.

As a country with a strong sense of ceremony, the British Prime Minister’s “three requests and three resignations” drama continued for more than a month. Every time a wave of Conservative MPs asked the prime minister to resign, Johnson said that his resignation was “irresponsible”.

First, last month, conservative lawmakers launched a vote of no confidence. Johnson refused to resign and barely saved half of the votes.

Then on the 5th of this month, under the leadership of the Secretary of health and the Secretary of the Treasury, more than 40 British government officials resigned one after another. Facing such great pressure, Johnson told parliament on the 6th that he would still not resign.

Finally, on the night of the 6th, the newly appointed finance minister, the Minister of transport, the Minister of Commerce, the conservative whip and other important ministers came to No. 10 Downing Street and asked Johnson to resign. He still announced a strong statement that “I have the full authorization of the voters”.

With the end of the ceremony of “three requests and three resignations”, Johnson finally announced his resignation under the pressure of his colleagues today in the face of the defection of the party.

The so-called “party door” drinking photos in the media have caused people to betray their relatives. Just look at Lehe Lehe.

As an old-fashioned bourgeois party, everyone on the stage should try their best to perform, and the decisions under the stage should be in line with the interests of the bourgeoisie.

At that time, the conservative leaders pushed Johnson to power, on the one hand, to achieve low-cost brexit with the support of Johnson’s public opinion, on the other hand, because Trump came to power, Johnson, known as the British trump, could promote the specialization of the United States and Britain, so as to obtain huge benefits for the United Kingdom.


Now, the great cause of brexit has been completed, trump has been ousted by the American bourgeoisie, and Britain also needs to replace a representative as soon as possible.

This year, he was not replaced immediately because he needed to stay in the position of prime minister and carry the blame for the interests of the conservative party.

For example, in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine provoked by Britain, the interests were taken away by the interest groups behind the conservative party, and the high inflation and public anger brought about in the process were carried by Johnson alone.

Similarly, Johnson will carry the blame for shooting at Hong Kong, but the new government will pick the peaches in the future.

Now, with the convening of the G7 and NATO summit in June, the overall situation at the global diplomatic level has been decided. Energy and food inflation will peak in a few months, and Johnson will no longer be needed to carry the pot. All the leaders are ready to jump out and pick peaches.

Throughout the history of the British Conservative Party, every time the value of being prime minister was drained, it would be abandoned without hesitation. From Margaret Thatcher to Aunt Teresa may, as long as they felt that it was conducive to obtaining votes, the leaders of the conservative party would immediately draw a line with these meritorious leaders through “party impeachment” to obtain the support of the votes.

Not to mention Johnson, who completed the tool man mission for the great cause of brexit.

Just like the common enemy Putin, who instantly revived the brain dead NATO, the conservative party is willing to establish the useless Johnson as a common enemy to unite the party’s forces and conservative voters.

In parliament, a performance artist is at odds with Johnson and the high inflation he represents.

From the perspective of global game, Johnson’s resignation is also a key match point.


With Abe and Moon Jae-in, one pretended to be ill and retired, while the other pursued Zhugeliang’s ambitions. The resignation of Johnson also means the total annihilation of Trump’s “loyal trio”.

Moreover, in addition to the normal resignation of “Philippines trump” duterte, and the failure of “France trump” and “Colombia trump” to win the election, Trump’s close friends have also suffered a one-sided blow in the past year:

“Czech trump” babish lost the election, “Israeli trump” Netanyahu failed to form a cabinet, “Pakistan trump” Khan was impeached to step down, “Australia trump” Morrison lost the election, “Argentina trump” makri lost the election, “United Arab Emirates trump” Halifa died Even bosonaro, the “Brazilian trump”, is bound to lose the election in October this year.

Next week, the leaders of the Democratic Party will go to the Gulf to meet with Trump’s most important ally, the Shatt Salman family, in an attempt to persuade the Lords of the Middle East to work together to kill Russian oil and strangle Trump’s “gossip friend” Putin.

At this critical juncture, the death of the Secretary General of OPEC and the dismissal of “trump of the United Kingdom” have left us to see whether they will become the last straw to crush the psychological defense line of Salman and his son.

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