Respect the rules!

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In the Ming Dynasty, the moon divided the army into four classes:

The fourth is an unorganized and undisciplined mob; The third is a weak division with organization but no morale; The second is an army with a complete command system, well-equipped and high morale.

Normally, such a team is good, but the author thinks that they still lack a quality – Silence:

“The most powerful army is a Silent Army.”

So what is a Silent Army? The book describes:

“Crowded in the same place, listening to the same voice and looking in the same direction, it was silent.”

What does “one place”, “one sound” and “one direction” mean? It shows that the so-called Silent Army does not have no voice, but only one voice; There is not no goal, but only one goal!

What brings this characteristic comes from these soldiers’ awe of the rules.


Today, let’s talk about: respecting the rules.

In the Second World War, the performance of the Italian army was disappointing. Funny stories such as “macaroni cooked in the desert”, “unable to pry open the ammunition box to surrender” and “the air force marshal was shot down by his own warship” have been widely spread, and people have jokingly called the army “specially to drag Germany down”. However, the Italian mafia is well-known. Every day, from the Apennine Peninsula to Europe, and then to the shooting, free America has its reputation.


In fact, not only Italy is like this. The fighting capacity of the Mafia is on the rise, and the fighting capacity of the army is on the rise. The same is true of our neighbors in Korea. If you like watching Korean movies and TV dramas, you will find that gangsters are an unavoidable role in Korean dramas. Since the Japanese occupation period, the Korean mafia has always had a huge power. By contrast, however, South Korea’s troops are doomed.

Further into the Republic of China, with the help of the gangs, the Kuomintang reactionaries’ fighting capacity exploded when they massacred workers and revolutionaries on April 12, and the green and red gangs were also very powerful when they were dominating the Shanghai beach. But once we get to the front battlefield, we can’t do it directly.


Why can’t these fierce individuals, who have strong fighting power and are aggressive, support an army regardless of the country or the times?

In Qijiguang’s military work Ji Xiao’s new book, we can see the reasons behind it:

In selecting soldiers

: select simple and reliable young farmers, and never those with fair complexion, light eyes and quick movements.

On the guard

: established the iron military law, and ensured that the soldiers would live and die together through the “continuous sitting” method.


The mobilization speech to the new recruits, so that they will not forget the purpose of joining the army and who they are defending.


A little friend may ask if some people are careless and disobedient at ordinary times, and really listen to the command in matters? No.

The main suspect Chen Jizhi, who beat up a woman in Tangshan barbecue shop a while ago, can be seen from his bad deeds in the past.

In addition to this public violence, he was suspected of participating in a violent case of “criminal detention at large”, and was listed by the court as a dishonest person to limit high consumption for many times. Chen Jizhi’s “doulaofang” hotpot shop also stole electricity and signed an arrearage of 40000 yuan to the property for stealing electricity. (source: surging News)


Let’s count how much he doesn’t “respect the rules”:

Participate in violent cases (do not respect the public security rules) prisoners at large under criminal detention (do not respect the procuratorial rules) dishonest Executees (do not respect the business rules) steal electricity without paying electricity bills (do not respect the living rules)

By the way, here’s another one: let’s guess whether the “doulaofang” he opened signed the franchise contract and paid the franchise fee?

The answer is, of course, No. because of this, the brand of “doulaofang” was almost “exploded” by the Internet, and tens of thousands of people rushed to the Tiktok to “seek justice”.

(Ps. “doulaofang” is an excellent catering brand incubated in Henan Province. I also like to eat with my relatives and friends. If you go to Zhengzhou from other places, you can also taste it.)


So we should see that when a person does not respect the rules in one aspect, he often does not respect the rules in all aspects.

I once read a sentence that makes sense. When making friends, don’t look at how TA treats you, but how TA treats other friends. Because people’s character is often one and two sides, the flatterer often deceives the lower, and the former is often courteous.

As a manager of an organization, for the long-term and healthy development of the organization, what we often need to do is to find people with “like-minded” and teach everyone to “respect the rules” with Bodhisattva’s heart and Vajra’s means.

Because the “rules” are broken… The loss is always the interests of all people.

On this side of the mountain

The same is true on the other side of the mountain

On this side of the river

The same is true on the other side of the river


International rules can only be formulated by the 193 member states of the United Nations, not by individual countries or groups of countries. International rules should be observed by the 193 member states of the United Nations. There are no exceptions. With regard to the United Nations, all countries in the world should uphold an attitude of respect, cherish and protect this big family, never make use of cooperation or abandon differences, and let the United Nations play a more active role in promoting the noble cause of human peace and development.

——Commemorative meeting on the 50th anniversary of China’s restoration of its lawful seat in the United Nations in 2021

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