Retreat for progress: Deng Sui, the most tolerant and perfect queen of the Eastern Han Dynasty

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In ancient times, women were mostly at the mercy of fate. They were like a duckweed on the river of fate, where they were blown by the wind. They couldn’t predict their future, and they didn’t know how to plan their life. In front of fate, they were as small as a grain of dust. They would do whatever fate told them to do, they would enjoy happiness if fate told them to enjoy it, and they would suffer if fate told them to suffer, One of the words they often say is: I accept my fate, and I am this fate. And the heroine Deng Sui who came out next was a woman who didn’t accept her fate. When others were held by fate, she wanted to hold the throat of fate. To our surprise, she


She did it, this well intentioned woman, her


And career follow her pre-designed steps, step by step, from the maid to


Then the Empress Dowager finally reached the peak of her ideal. She is really a strange woman in the world.

Bear a knife on the prefix

If there is one word to describe Deng Sui’s character, it is “forbearance”. Deng Suibi, all women can endure, and it is through tolerance that she can exchange for the love and life she wants.

In fact, Deng Sui doesn’t need to bear at all. She came from a rich family,


Those women who came from rich families have no patience, such as Gillian, Huo Chengjun, and the supporting actress Yin Xiaohe who is going to play next. They didn’t bear it, only Deng Sui tolerated it, so they all lost to fate, only Deng Sui defeated fate.

Deng Sui was a new savage in Henan Province. Her grandfather Deng Yu once fought with Liu Xiu in the world. Later, she became a founding hero of the Eastern Han Dynasty and was named marquis. Finally, she ended her political career with the country’s highest position – Taifu. Deng Sui’s father, Deng Xun, was a lieutenant protecting Qiang, while Deng Sui’s mother was a niece of Yin Lihua. It can be seen how prominent the Deng family is.

Born in such a family, an ordinary woman would have been proud like a peacock, but Deng Sui did not develop the temperament of Miss Qianjin at all. There is one small thing that can explain that if this small thing is not fabricated by historians, Deng Sui’s patience has to make us admire.

Deng Sui’s grandmother loved her very much. When she was five years old, her 70 year old grandmother had to cut her granddaughter’s hair herself. As a result, her hair was not cut well, but her forehead was stabbed by her grandmother’s scissors. If it were an ordinary girl, she would have cried out in pain, but the smart and sensible little Deng Sui didn’t say a word, and her face showed a happy expression.

After cutting her hair, the servant girl who served her asked Xiao Deng Sui painfully, “aren’t you afraid of pain?”

Little Deng Sui said, “why not be afraid? Grandma cut my hair only because she loves me. How can I hurt her old man’s heart? So I forbade to cry.”

What a great granddaughter! If Deng Sui’s grandmother heard her say this, she would surely hold her in her arms, full of tears.

Moreover, as a child, Deng Sui was also described by historians as a prodigy. Deng Sui at a young age is very interested in Confucian classics. At the age of 12, she has already memorized the four books and five classics thoroughly, and can speak out the morality and morality therein, which can be used in real life. She often held debates with her brothers, and she won every time. Seeing her like this, her mother said with some complaints, “girls, why don’t you study hard and read so many books?”

Deng Sui is an obedient child. Her mother said so. She soon learned to be a female worker. She was intelligent and didn’t learn for a few days. The flowers embroidered were more beautiful than her mother’s. her mother was amazed. But Deng Suiyi still got into the books when she was free, and her mother no longer stopped her. She just shook her head and sighed, saying that she didn’t look like a girl.

In fact, books laid a good foundation for Deng Sui’s later life.

Her father liked Deng Sui’s study very much and thought that she was not an ordinary girl and would surpass her brothers in her future achievements. When Deng Sui was a little older, his father discussed with Deng Sui about any problems he encountered rather than her brothers. His father attached great importance to the suggestions put forward by Deng Sui and adopted them almost 100%.

According to his father’s idea, Deng Sui must enter the palace, because at that time, if a woman wanted to be prosperous and prosperous, entering the palace was the only way. Her father asked Deng Sui what she thought. Deng Sui was happy to accept her father’s advice, so when Deng Sui was 12 years old, she was selected by the beauty pageant and included in the list of entering the palace. In fact, a lady like her doesn’t have to choose. It’s her father’s word to enter the palace.

This time, Yin Xiaohe was also selected into the palace with her. With her eyes closed, you can imagine what kind of family there is behind Yin Xiaohe. The leader of this family is Yin Lihua, and Yin Xiaohe’s great grandfather is Yin Lihua’s brother. In terms of seniority, Yin Xiaohe was the cousin of Liu Zhao, the emperor of Han Dynasty.

If Deng Sui and Yin Xiaohe enter the palace at the same time, with Deng Sui’s talent and appearance, on the premise that there is little difference in family background, Yin Xiaohe is definitely not Deng Sui’s opponent, and the Queen’s throne is Deng Sui.

But at this time, something happened that made Deng Sui very sad. The day before entering the palace, Deng Sui’s father suddenly died.

At this time, Deng Sui began his career of controlling his own destiny.

In fact, she doesn’t have to be filial, because her brother is there, because she is a woman, and she is about to enter the palace.

However, Deng Sui, who was quite opinionated, chose another way, delaying his admission to the palace and observing filial piety for his father for three years.

On the one hand, it comes from her unforgettable love for her father, who also gave her a lot of love when he was alive. On the other hand, it comes from Deng Sui’s character of abiding by Confucian filial piety, which was developed since childhood. The Confucian classics she read have had a great impact on her outlook on life, and filial piety comes first.

Many aspects of Confucian filial piety are inconceivable to modern people.

Let’s look at the Confucian etiquette and law on three years of filial piety:

Eating: you are not allowed to eat anything within three days after your parents die, and you are only allowed to drink a small amount of water; From three days to one hundred days, only some porridge is allowed in the morning and evening; After 100 days to a year, only vegetables are allowed to be added, and vegetables are not allowed to put any seasoning; You can eat fruit after a year; Two years later, the vegetable porridge can be seasoned. You must be absolutely vegetarian within three years.

Living: before the funeral, you must live in a hut that is not as good as a dog’s Kennel. The more dilapidated the hut is, the better. The wind can blow in and the rain can get in. When sleeping, you are only allowed to lay a thin cushion and make pillows with clods. Of course, it’s better if you don’t want pillows; Continue to live in the hut after the funeral, but the sleeping conditions have improved. You can thicken the cushion or use the mat as a pillow; Two years later, you can go back to the house to sleep, but you still can’t sleep in bed; It will take three years before you can resume your previous sleep conditions.

Don’t mention wearing it. You are only allowed to wear white filial piety clothes for three years.

In addition to food, clothing and shelter, a real dutiful son has to cry. There are many ways to cry. You have to cry loudly from time to time before the funeral, and you have to squeeze out tears without tears; After the funeral, cry in the morning and at night; One year later, you can cry in the house; Two years later, cry as you like; When relatives and friends come to mourn, no matter what your mood is, you must cry bitterly and cry tears.

Such harsh conditions, not to mention a girl who has just reached the age of 12 without exposure to the sun and rain, may not be able to bear even a man who has worked all year round and is rough and rough. However, to everyone’s surprise, Deng Sui did it.

The brothers all pretended, but Deng Sui strictly observed filial piety. One was one, and the other was two. Three years later, her face was haggard and haggard. No one would believe that she was the eldest miss of the Deng family, who was famous, and even her mother could not recognize her.

The mother held her daughter and cried bitterly, but Deng Sui didn’t cry at this time. Her tears had long dried up. She said hello to her mother and family in a happy tone, and then asked her anxiously whether they were satisfied with her performance during her filial piety.

Mother nodded like a chicken pecking rice. If such filial piety is not satisfied, who in the world can surpass Deng Sui?

It can be seen how good Deng Sui’s endurance is. She can be elected the first tolerant queen in Chinese history.

Fortunately, as soon as Deng Suigang finished his filial piety, he met Liu Zhao’s second audition maid.

It goes without saying that the living standard of the Deng family. Within a month, Deng Sui returned to his former beauty.

This time, Deng Sui didn’t give up and went to the palace with the expectation of the whole family.

It is said that before entering the palace, Deng Sui had a strange dream, in which she stroked the sky with her hands and sucked the milk of a bell. It’s a good sign for the family to find a way to interpret the dream. The other party said that Emperor Yao of Tang Dynasty once dreamed of climbing on a pole to heaven. Now Deng Sui has such a dream, which shows that Deng Sui, like Emperor Yao of Tang Dynasty, will become a dragon and a Phoenix in people.

In fact, Deng Sui can predict her bright future without dreams.

Because she doesn’t believe that the world can drop pie, all the splendor and wealth must be created by her own hands.

The beauty of Deng Sui

Deng Sui entered the palace at the age of 28. A year ago, when Deng Sui’s filial piety ended, Liu Zhao had canonized Yin Xiaohe as the queen. Obviously, Yin Xiaohe became the queen by virtue of the power of his family. Before Deng Sui entered the palace, Liu Zhao was also satisfied with this little cousin, who was a little wild and willful but lively and lovely. The young couple were fighting and laughing, and their childhood was also very nourishing.

However, after Deng Sui entered the palace, everything changed.

First of all, Deng Sui’s beauty startled the whole palace. Not only the men were amazed at Deng Sui’s beauty, but even the Yin queen, who claimed to be the first beauty in the harem, was ashamed of herself after seeing Deng Sui. Of course, as the head of the harem, Yin Xiao and her mouth would not praise Deng Sui. The literati despised each other and the beauties despised each other, but in my heart, Yin Xiao and jealousy were deadly. If I were as tall as she was.

Deng Sui is really tall. According to historical records, her height is seven feet two inches. In conversion, it is about one meter seven. For women, one meter seven is their dream. Deng Sui’s facial features are like those carved by an artist. They match seamlessly, and the skin on his face is as white as ice and snow, which people can’t help but want to touch. Historians would not easily praise a person’s appearance, but the book of the later Han Dynasty gave Deng Sui the most beautiful words in the world without reservation. It can be seen that Deng Sui deserves to be called the most beautiful woman in the Eastern Han Dynasty and the emperor period.

It is said that when Liu Zhao first saw Deng Sui, he was stunned by her beauty and couldn’t say a word for a long time. He thought Yin Xiaohe should be the best beauty in the world. After seeing Deng Sui, Yin Xiaohe was nothing.

In short, Deng Sui entered the palace, and other palace maids no longer need mirrors, because they know that no matter how they dress up, they can’t compare with Deng Sui.

Soon, Liu Zhao was pleasantly surprised to find that Deng Sui not only had extraordinary external beauty, but also unparalleled internal beauty. She was knowledgeable and elegant with the fragrance of tea. She was dignified, virtuous, courteous and courteous, especially with a tolerant heart that ordinary women cannot have. She made few mistakes herself and would not forgive herself if she made a mistake, but she could forgive others who made mistakes, including serving her maid in waiting.

Therefore, no one in the palace did not praise Deng suixianliang, and Liu Zhao’s love for her was like a tide. Less than a month after she entered the palace, she couldn’t wait to be canonized as the “noble” next to the queen. If there was no queen now, Deng Sui would be a certainty.

Deng Sui was not disappointed that she did not become queen. This does not mean that Deng Sui did not want to be queen. She wanted to be queen. From the first day of entering the palace, her goal was to be queen, and she also had the capital to be queen. Therefore, she is not in a hurry. She has plenty of time. She needs to take her time and realize her plan step by step.

Deng Sui didn’t panic, but Yin Xiaohe was anxious. Deng Sui only entered the palace for a few days and robbed more than half of Liu Zhao’s love for her. Yin Xiao and Ajiao are the same. She can’t tolerate other women sharing a man with her. She and Liu Zhao have been childhood sweethearts for more than ten years and are cousins. She doesn’t believe she can’t get Deng Sui.

So Yin Xiaohe adopted a follow-up strategy and kept an eye on Liu Zhao. She followed him wherever he went, and almost didn’t follow him to the court. From time to time, he also sneered, saying that there is no good thing in men in the world. They are all big carrots with flowers. When you see one, you love the other, and when you see two, you love a pair.

If Liu Zhao is an ordinary man, it’s understandable for Yin Xiaohe to do so. It also shows that she cares about Liu Zhao and cares about him is to love him. However, Liu Zhao is not an ordinary man. He is an emperor. The emperor is entitled to enjoy the beauty of the world. Yin Xiao and Ajiao made the same mistake, treating the emperor as their private property.

Liu Zhao soon couldn’t stand the entanglement of Yin Xiaohe. Comparing Yin Xiaohe with Deng Sui, he felt that Yin Xiaohe and vulgarity were unbearable, and there was nothing except a little beauty. So, for the first time in his life, he had a quarrel with Yin Xiaohe. He said that if he kept pestering him like this, he would abandon her.

Yin Xiaohe was angry and returned to his mother’s house. Liu zhaoba couldn’t wait to see and be upset. Only then did he have the opportunity to paint with Deng suiru like glue.

On the contrary to Yin Xiaohe, Deng Sui never regarded the emperor as her private property. Since she chose to be the emperor’s concubine, she had to accept the fact that the emperor had many concubines. The closer Yin Xiaohe looked at Liu Zhao, the looser Deng Sui let Liu Zhao go.

It is well-known that Deng Sui spoiled the guanhougong, but she never took Liu Zhao’s favor as a capital to show off. She interacted with those palace ladies who were not spoiled with an equal and friendly attitude, and took the initiative to recommend them to Liu Zhao. Those palace maids were so grateful to Deng Sui that they almost regarded her as their second parents. Yin Xiaohe couldn’t do it. Deng Sui did it, but she came to question Deng Sui. It was the Queen’s duty to recommend palace maids to the emperor. How could it be her turn to do it?

Yin Xiaohe ran to Liu Zhao to complain, saying that Deng Suiyue was upright and should be punished. Liu Zhao felt funny when he heard this. He knew clearly whether Deng Suiyue was more upright. If Deng Suiyue was upright, Yin Xiaohe would be dereliction of duty.

A warning will be given for exceeding the rules, and a dismissal will be given for dereliction of duty. Liu Zhao wanted to say this to Yin Xiaohe, but he resisted, because it was not time yet.

In fact, a cautious woman like Deng Sui can’t be more upright. She is careful every step she takes. There is one small thing that can be explained.

Deng Sui felt cold occasionally and was ill in bed. Liu Zhao specially approved that her family could enter the palace to take care of her until she recovered. This is a great gift for the palace maids. Once they enter the palace, it is as deep as the sea. Some palace maids have never gone out in their lives, let alone let their families come to the palace to meet them.

Facing such a gift, Deng Sui should be happy, but Deng Sui’s response surprised Liu Zhao, She said anxiously, “I’m afraid this will bring bad reputation to your majesty. The palace is not a place to go in and out casually. If the rules are broken because of me, what will those palace ladies and ministers say? They will talk behind their backs and say why I’m the only exception. In this way, they think your majesty is unfair, especially the queen, and she will be very angry.”

Who says that women have long hair and short insight? Deng Sui’s insight is not necessarily shorter than that of Liu Zhaolai.

After hearing Deng Sui’s explanation, Liu Zhao felt more and more that Deng Sui had the demeanor of being a mother to the world.

Deng Sui is not only friendly to those palace ladies who have not been favored by the emperor, but also like sisters to those concubines who have been favored by the emperor. Although she has not given birth to children for Liu Zhao herself, she treats the children of these concubines as her own. Whenever the children of these concubines fall ill or die prematurely, she will personally visit, comfort and cry. These concubines naturally liked Deng Suixin and thought she was a good person, a thousand times better than the queen. The queen should ask her to be the queen. If the queen can also be elected, they will definitely vote for Deng Sui.

Deng Sui’s cleverness lies in that she was originally a leading bird, but she led the gun to Yin Xiaohe. Take the attitude towards the palace maids for example. Yin Xiaohe dictated to them and was indifferent to their children. It was Deng Sui who had taken all the emperor’s love for the palace maids. Instead, the palace maids wanted to thank her, but hated Yin Xiaohe.

In order to balance the mentality of the palace maids, Deng Sui also made efforts, such as lying that she was ill and could not accompany Liu Zhao. The purpose of her doing so is to let Liu Zhao go to other palace maids, so as to draw the eyes of the palace maids away and avoid becoming the target of public criticism.

In daily life, Deng Sui also shows a different side from Yin Xiao and. Some entertainment activities are often held in the palace. At this time, the palace maids are dressed up and hope to attract the emperor’s attention with their gorgeous appearance. Yin Xiaohe is even more so. Every time she makes up, it costs tens of thousands of money. Her clothes are unique among all palace maids. She never wears the clothes of other concubines. Of course, her luxury is beyond the reach of other palace maids.

But our Deng Sui always wears light makeup and plain clothes. This is not because she doesn’t have gorgeous clothes, but because she deliberately shows it to Liu Zhao. She wants him to see that she is different. Even if she wears plain clothes and is naturally beautiful, she still doesn’t lose her style, and she still stands out from the crowd. More importantly, she also gained a good reputation for hard work and plain living.

When she was with the queen, she let her go everywhere. She didn’t quarrel with her or be on an equal footing with her. Even if Liu Zhao granted her privilege, she declined politely. Yin Xiaohe didn’t have Deng suigao. When she was with her, Deng Suihe tried to bend down and not let Yin Xiaohe’s self-esteem be hurt.

All this is not what ordinary women can do. Deng Sui’s patience has reached an unprecedented level.

All these things, in Liu Zhao’s eyes, have become the performance of mother Yitianxia. He always said to Deng Sui painfully, honey, you don’t have to work so hard.

All this, in the eyes of the palace ladies, has become a virtuous and virtuous performance of self denial and courtesy. They regard Deng Sui as their example and the eldest sister of the harem.

However, in the eyes of Yin Xiaohe, all this became camouflage, ulterior motives, and insidious and cunning. The more she looked at Deng Sui, the more unhappy she became and the more angry she became. Once a person is controlled by anger and jealousy, her fate can be imagined.

Yin Xiaohe stepped down

Liu Zhao doted on Deng Sui more and more, and became colder and colder to the empress Yin Xiaohe. At first, Liu Zhao felt a little ashamed of his childhood cousin and named her father Yin Gang Marquis, but later, Yin Xiaohe and a series of performances made him completely lose interest in this woman, and even his guilt disappeared.

He felt that Yin Xiaohe had come to this step for herself, and she deserved it.

The idea of abandonment has begun to emerge.

Yin Xiaohe couldn’t think of anything except anger, and her opponent Deng Sui was unexpectedly strong.

At this time, a serious illness rushed towards Liu Zhao, and his weak body was soon overwhelmed, so he issued a notice of critical illness.

Yin Xiaohe didn’t worry about her husband, but at this time she gloated. Just at this time, her mother came to see her, so she said forgetfully, “now that the emperor is dead, my son is the emperor, and I’m the queen mother. I’m the queen mother, who dares to oppose me? Then I must kill all the people of the Deng family, especially the fox spirit Deng Sui, and don’t cut her into pieces to understand my hatred!”

Knowing that walls have ears, my mother quickly covered her mouth and repeatedly said “no, no”.

But it’s too late. As soon as the words are spoken, disaster will come.

Yin Xiao and this elm head can’t imagine that her closest servant girl is Deng Sui’s confidant.

We don’t know what benefits Deng Sui gave the servant girl. Anyway, the servant girl felt that the opportunity to show herself had come, so she used the time to go to the bathroom to tell Deng Sui the news.

Deng Sui, who has always been calm and secretive, was shocked when she heard the Queen’s malicious words. She never thought about poisoning anyone. She was just trying to pursue her ideal of becoming a queen. It’s not too much. Everyone has an ideal, and no one stipulates that the queen is not an ideal, not to mention Deng Sui’s legitimate means. If she wants to be cruel, can she live to this day?

But Deng Sui has a very alert mind. She didn’t rush in front of the crisis, but turned the crisis into an opportunity to express herself.

She began to pretend to cry bitterly. At this time, she couldn’t care about hypocrisy, She cried and said: “I used all my heart to serve the queen, but I still couldn’t get her favor. I don’t know what crime I committed and why she said to kill my family. Even if I made a mistake, what’s the matter with my family? Now the emperor hasn’t died, the queen dares to say so. What should I do if the emperor has something wrong? I’d better die! I’m willing to follow the example of Ji Dan and Yue Ji in ancient times, and die for the emperor to express me At the same time, my loyalty to the emperor also saved my family from harm and prevented the queen from causing another human tragedy. “

With that, Deng Sui was about to pour poison into his mouth.

What kind of characters are Ji Dan and Yue Ji? Ji Dan was the younger brother of Ji Fa, King Wu of Zhou Dynasty. His brother suffered a serious illness after the establishment of the Zhou Dynasty. Ji Dan prayed to heaven and said that he was willing to die for his brother, because his brother was a king and had a heavy responsibility, so he could not die. As a result, Ji Fa did not die.

Yue Ji, the daughter of Gou Jian, the king of Yue, married King Zhao of Chu. King Zhao of Chu had an incurable disease and was about to die. Yue Ji begged the Buddha to let her die instead of King Zhao of Chu. As a result, she hanged, but king Zhao of Chu did not survive.

Now, Deng Sui says she wants to be Ji Dan and Yue Ji. Is that really the case?

Of course not!

Of course, Deng Sui is not stupid enough to really pour poison into her mouth. If she really wants to commit suicide, why should she cry in front of so many palace maids? If you really want to commit suicide, how good it is to drink heding red secretly by yourself.

Obviously, Deng Sui is acting.

She wants to show everyone in the palace, but also to show Liu Zhao how innocent she is and how vicious the queen is. She wants to win the support of public opinion through this play.

Sure enough, when Deng Sui pretended to deliver the poison to his mouth, the poison was snatched by the quick eyed maid.

At this time, a palace maid named Zhao Yu (I don’t know if she has colluded with Deng SUI) said excitedly, “madam, the emperor’s disease has recovered!”

In fact, Zhao Yu didn’t know how the emperor’s condition was. She just said so that Deng Sui wouldn’t want to die again. Deng Sui died, and it is estimated that these palace maids will be buried with her.

Hearing this, Deng Sui immediately stopped crying.

Fortunately, the emperor really didn’t die, and the next day, Zhao Yu’s mouth was more spiritual than the Buddha.

Next, Deng Sui waited for a good play.

The scene that Deng Sui performed in his bedroom was passed down by the palace maid by word of mouth, which has been spread all over the harem, and of course to Liu Zhao, who escaped.

It’s conceivable how angry Liu Zhao was about Yin Xiaohe’s performance. Well, before I die, you’ll learn from LV pheasant. You vicious woman, I’m blind and let you be the queen!

As for Deng Sui, Liu Zhao did his best to comfort him: honey, don’t be afraid, I’m not dead. I won’t let the queen bully you!

Yin Xiaohe didn’t expect Liu Zhao to survive at all, let alone that Deng Sui listened to her plot and stole chicken instead of eating rice, but she still didn’t realize the seriousness of the matter and still cursed Deng Sui with her mother.

Waste has become a foregone conclusion, and now I only owe an excuse.

Who will provide this excuse? Of course, it’s not Deng Sui. The word “someone” is used in history books.

Someone? Who is there? No one knows.

This person may have something to do with Deng Sui or nothing to do with Deng Sui. We can only guess and judge by ourselves.

Anyway, one day in April, A.D. 102, someone mysteriously and flustered reported to Liu Zhao, the emperor of Han Dynasty, that it was bad. What’s the big deal? This person said that Yin Xiao, the empress, was in collusion with her old mother. She hid many puppets in their residence. Every day, she pricked the puppets with needles and cursed the emperor and Deng Sui for their early death.

In the love story of Liu Che, Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty, we know that any dynasty has its special sensitive place, which is a pain that no one can touch. Whoever touches it will suffer. The sensitivity of the Han Dynasty was witches and insects. The emperors of the Han Dynasty especially believed in ghosts and gods, but they were particularly afraid of ghosts and gods.

Now our simple minded Liu Zhao, after listening to the secret report, the first thing he thought of was not whether the identity of the informant was suspicious or how he learned such a private thing, but the words Yin Xiaohe said when he was critically ill a while ago that he hoped that he would die early and poison the Deng family. He soon linked these words with the witchcraft and insects that the queen now practiced, so he quickly determined that Yin Xiaohe was retaliating.

Once the emperor thought this was the case, the consequences would be serious. Liu Zhao immediately sent Chang Shi Zhang Shen and Shang Shu Chen Bao to investigate the matter.

Alas, another unjust case caused by witchcraft and insects was born in China. This is not the judicial system, this is the imperial prison system. The judicial system can deal with it impartially, and the trial focuses on the process, while the imperial prison system deals with it privately. What they want is only the result, but also the result of recognition, because only such a result can show their ability, and their only means is torture. Not guilty will make you guilty.

The result of the investigation is to arrest the suspect first, without asking anything. Therefore, Deng Feng and Deng Yi, the sons of Deng Zhu, were sent to prison. Yin Xiaohe’s younger brothers Yin Yi, Yin Fu and Yin Chang were sent to prison! The next step is to add a whip and a soldering iron. As long as it’s a person, no one can stand such torture, and these are golden branches and jade leaves with thin skin and tender meat.

Admit it or not? If you don’t admit it, you’ll be killed!

All right, all right, stop fighting. Can’t I admit it?

Therefore, these golden branches and jade leaves are all “frank and lenient”: Yin Xiaohe did engage in witchcraft with her mother and cursed the emperor and Deng Sui for their early death.

With this result, the cruel officials went to Liu Zhao happily and reported that the time had come for them to get promoted and become rich again.

Before such results came out, they had tortured Deng Zhu’s sons Deng Feng and Deng Yi, and Yin Fu, the younger brother of the Yin queen, to death.

The report of cruel officials was exactly the result Liu Zhao expected. Now he finally had good reasons to abolish Yin Xiaohe. Liu Zhao immediately sent the prime minister with his abandoned imperial edict, to Yin Xiaohe’s bedroom to arrest Yin Xiaohe, and put her under house arrest in a cold, damp and dark hut, which was called “tonggong”.

Yin Xiaohe didn’t understand why this sudden disaster hit her head until the day she died.

She screamed hysterically, what’s wrong with me and why should I be arrested? I am wronged!

However, she shouted every day should not, shouting to the ground.

At this time, Yin Gang, Yin Xiaohe’s father, drank poisonous wine and committed suicide because he couldn’t stand such great changes and humiliation.

Soon, the Yin family was all exiled by Liu Zhao to the remote wilderness of the south, RI Nan county, which is now Hanoi, Vietnam. You can imagine what Hanoi was like at that time. Many of the Yin family died on the way to exile, and the rest died one after another in Hanoi because they couldn’t adapt to the harsh environment there.

And our poor and lamentable Yin Xiaohe had no news since she was imprisoned. Soon, the official documents announced that she was worried to die in tonggong. No one knew how she died. Among the Chinese concubines, there are too many concubines who are worried about dying, which may be the most miserable and beautiful way for women to die.

Under the hard work of Yin Lihua, the Yin family’s scenery has been infinite for more than 80 years. Unexpectedly, it was destroyed in the hands of Yin Xiaohe. Although she was also a victim, she couldn’t get rid of the relationship. How would she feel if there was knowledge under Yin Lihua spring? How did the ghost of Yin family complain after seeing her?

From the beginning to the end of this magnificent witchcraft case, our Deng Sui seemed to disappear. There was no record of her words and deeds during this period in the history books. What did she think of the witchcraft case? Is she the planner of this witchcraft case? Until now, this is still a mystery.

However, we still hope that Deng Sui is not a schemer, but a bystander at most.

The most suitable queen candidate

After Yin Xiaohe died, a new queen should be canonized next.

Everyone turned their eyes to Deng Sui. Besides her, who else can shoulder the burden of the Lord of the harem?

Liu Zhao was naturally 100% willing to canonize Deng Sui as Queen. His Excellency also hypocritically conducted a public opinion survey. The results showed that Deng Sui was highly praised by the whole palace, and no one said bad things about Deng Sui.

No one is perfect, but Deng Sui has become a perfect person in the eyes of others, which seems a little abnormal. This shows how clever Deng Sui’s communication skills are.

When Liu Zhao told Deng Sui of his intention to make her queen, she politely refused.

She said that she was also responsible for such a big thing. She would shut her door and think about it. She would burn incense and worship Buddha all day, pray for the souls of Yin Xiaohe, pray for the son of heaven, and pray for the people all over the world.

I don’t know whether she is really responsible or not. If she is, the responsibility is not ordinary, and it can’t be compensated by burning incense and worshipping Buddha. If there is no responsibility, this will undoubtedly win her a good reputation.

She didn’t really refuse the Queen’s position. She felt that now was not the time for her to adopt the strategy of retreating. The queen will be her sooner or later. What does it matter if she becomes her sooner or later? At this critical moment, she must show no desire for the position of the queen. Everything is under her control. She should do enough superficial work.

Indeed, for three months in a row, Deng Sui did what she said and kept her door closed. In her private Buddhist hall, she burned incense and worshipped Buddha, ate simple meals, and slept a day much less.

Deng Sui’s actions were seen by her close maid of honor, and soon spread out.

People in the palace almost regard Deng Sui as a living Bodhisattva.

Three months later, Deng Sui went to visit Liu Zhao. Liu Zhao said with great joy, “can you be queen this time?”

Unexpectedly, Deng Sui refused again, but this time her refusal was different from the previous one. This time she just said that Yin Xiaohe didn’t die long before she became the queen, and she had a bad reputation.

When a man is fascinated by a woman, anything she says is golden advice to him. Liu Zhao nodded frequently and praised Deng Sui for his thoughtfulness.

Still holding the pipa half covered his face, everything was ready to come out. When Liu Zhao proposed to canonize her as Queen for the third time, Deng Sui had no reason to refuse, and refusing again was obviously hypocritical.

When Deng Sui was twenty-one years old, she became the queen as she wished, realizing her ideals for many years.

Being a queen is Deng Sui’s ideal, which is not fundamentally different from anyone’s ideal. She did not regard it as a dream, but as an ideal. Dreams are often impossible to achieve, and ideals do not need miracles, but can be achieved by your own efforts.

Deng Sui is one of the most scheming queens in Chinese history. Don’t get me wrong. The scheming here is not a derogatory term. Deng Sui’s scheming is not the scheming of LV pheasant. Deng Sui’s scheming is to use legitimate means, make full use of various resources, size up the situation, and achieve his goals step by step. To put it better, Deng Sui’s scheming is wisdom.

We are glad that Deng Sui did not disappoint us. She did not become a person like LV pheasant. From the later performance, she is indeed more suitable to be queen than Yin Xiaohe.

When Yin Xiaohe was in power, the harem worshiped extravagance, and there was an endless stream of tributes from all over the country. The warehouse was piled like a hill, and some of them rotted before they could be used. Yin Xiaohe completely ignored these, and she refused to come, the more the better. Anyway, she doesn’t have to pay for it. Don’t waste it. It’s none of her business.

Deng Sui took the initiative to reduce the annual tribute of the local government to the harem. She ordered that the annual tribute only accept some useful things, such as pens, ink, paper and inkstones, and luxury goods such as jewelry.

This move has won the hearts of the people. Local governments no longer need to compare with each other to see who gives more jewelry and who gives expensive jewelry in order to please the queen. The local government also saved a considerable amount of financial expenditure to develop local production, so all applauded Deng Sui’s merits.

According to the regulations, when Deng Sui was promoted to queen, her relatives should be rewarded, including those who were promoted and those who were promoted. When Yin Lihua didn’t become queen, Liu Xiu wanted to be Marquis of her relatives, but she refused. Now Deng Sui is already the mother of a country. Liu Zhao wanted to make her relatives official, but she also refused. Deng Sui only let her brother Deng Jia be a small tiger Ben Zhonglang general, which was climbed up by his brother on his own ability. It can be seen that Deng Sui never set an example for public interests and set an example for imperial concubines of all dynasties.

At the same time, Deng Sui is also a good wife. Although Liu Zhao survived a serious illness, he has always been very weak and had to stay in bed to recuperate.

Deng Sui went to Liu Zhao’s side to wait on him every day, personally decocted medicine for him and fed him to drink. When he slept, she didn’t leave, just waiting aside, for fear that her husband would wake up at any time and have any requirements. In fact, these things are done by someone, but she insists on doing it by herself, because she knows that what the patient needs most is not a doctor, nor the person who waits on him, but relatives and lovers, who are by his side, accompany him, cheer him up, warm him and give him confidence. Only in this way can the patient recover quickly.

Every time she returned to her bedroom, Deng Sui was too tired to stand up, but she didn’t complain. If Deng Sui insists that she has a purpose, then even if she has a purpose, why not? Who can do like her? Who does anything without purpose?

However, Deng Sui’s careful care did not make her husband recover. Liu Zhao’s condition became more and more serious, as if the last time he died of a serious illness was to canonize Deng Sui as the queen. Now that Deng Sui has become the queen, he can safely leave.

In the winter of 105 A.D., the third year when Deng Sui became Queen, Liu Zhao held Deng Sui’s hand and closed his eyes.

Deng Sui burst into tears.

Now she just wants to be a woman, a wife who loves her husband deeply, and cry bitterly for her dead husband.

This woman, why are there so many tears? I have been filial to my father for three years, but haven’t my tears dried up? If crying can also disguise, then if she lives to this day, Deng Sui is definitely an Oscar winner.

Empress Dowager career

Liu Zhao is dead, and the love story between Deng Sui and Liu Zhao will come to an end. For the integrity of the story, let’s finish Deng Sui’s story.

Now, at the age of 21, Deng Sui has become the Empress Dowager. There are many in the history of Empress Dowager as young as she is.

No one is perfect. Deng Sui did something not so bright in her career as empress dowager, which is also her biggest regret in her life.

It’s all caused by power. Deng Sui tasted the taste of power. Once he got involved, it was difficult to give up. In order to make his power greater, Deng Sui did something against his conscience.

That is, she violated the system handed down by her ancestors and made her youngest son emperor instead of her eldest son.

The process at that time was like this: when Liu Zhao died, there was no prince in the palace, let alone the crown prince. Does Liu Zhao have no children? no Where did his son go? It turned out that several children born before Liu Zhao died inexplicably. After a long time of investigation, Liu Zhao could not find the result, so he suspected that someone in the palace deliberately harmed his offspring. In order to prevent future children from being poisoned again, they were quietly brought up in the folk after birth.

Now, Liu Zhao died, and Deng Sui took the two princes into the palace. Neither of them was born to her. If they were all her own sons, there would be no later story.

One is eight year old Liu Sheng, and the other is Liu long, who has been starving for only three months.

According to the principle that the eldest son succeeded to the throne, Liu Sheng should inherit the throne. But Liu Sheng is already eight years old and sensible. He will be a little adult in a few years. Liu Sheng will certainly not listen to himself if he becomes emperor. So she decided to make Liu long emperor. When Liu long becomes emperor, in essence, she becomes emperor.

This surprised the ministers, but the raw rice had been cooked, and the ministers had little power to resist, so they had to compromise.

For the sake of safety, Deng Sui promoted her relatives: the eldest brother Deng Jia was promoted from Huben Zhonglang to shangcaihou and cavalry general, who was more important than Sangong and was also in charge of military power; His younger brother Deng Yun was promoted from the yellow gate waiter to the Huben Zhonglang general, echoing his eldest brother from afar; The other two brothers, Deng Hong and Deng Chang, were promoted to the rank of sergeant and became big names in the civil service.

With such a guarantee, Deng Sui seems to be able to rest easy, but she is not at ease. She thinks more long-term. What if Liu long dies soon? Isn’t Liu Sheng going to be emperor?

Therefore, Deng Sui took another remedial measure: after Liu Zhao’s funeral, his brothers had to go to their respective fiefs. At this time, Deng Sui left Liu Qing’s son Liu Hu. Strange, Liu Hu is not Deng Sui’s son, but also five years older than Liu Sheng. Why do you want to leave Liu Hu as a backup?

The reason is actually very simple. Liu Sheng has no blood relationship with her, while Liu Hu is her nephew. Although he is not a direct relative, he is at least a relative. Moreover, Liu Hu is still young. As an emperor, Deng Sui is also in charge. If Liu Sheng became emperor, we don’t know the consequences, because when Liu long was made emperor, he offended Liu Sheng and a group of Ministers who supported Liu Sheng.

Deng Sui’s vision is indeed long-term.

What’s more amazing is that, as she worried, Liu long died before the age of one year. He became the youngest emperor to succeed to the throne and the youngest to die in Chinese history.

As soon as Liu long died, Deng Sui immediately welcomed Liu Hu as emperor, and his speed was amazing!

This is the multifaceted girl Deng Sui, whose political skills are estimated to be much higher than those of male monarchs.

In addition to political skills, Deng Sui’s diligence and love for the people are unmatched by many emperors in history.

One year, floods of varying degrees occurred all over the country. Worried, Deng Sui quickly ordered to cut down all kinds of Royal carriages, horses, delicacies, costumes and luxuries of senior officials such as taiguan, Shangfang and neishu. At the same time, it was ordered that court officials should not eat refined rice and white flour except for offering sacrifices to ancestral temples. Deng Sui set an example by eating only two meals a day, both millet and vegetables.

In addition, Deng Sui also did a great good thing, reducing the number of palace maids, allowing them to choose freely, leave or stay, and pay tolls for those who left, so as to become free citizens. We know that due to the large number of palace maids, it will consume a lot of financial resources of the country. This sum of money saved by reducing the number of palace maids is very considerable.

All the saved financial resources are used for disaster relief. No one is allowed to embezzle, or he will be severely punished!

With the efforts of Deng Sui, the flood of that year soon became a thing of the past, and the people soon ate rice flour. However, the frugal system established by Deng Sui has not been abolished.

Deng Sui saw the tragedy brought by the witchcraft case with her own eyes, so when she was in power, she was particularly cautious in dealing with the witchcraft case. She ordered that people should not be arrested or tortured without sufficient evidence. Even after conviction, appropriate punishment should be given, and the death penalty should not be imposed.

Once a basket of jewelry was lost in the palace, and the judicial personnel caught several palace maids at random and tortured them. The palace maids could not bear the pain, so they had to confess. But on the day of execution, several palace maids cried and shouted “wronged”. When the matter reached Deng Sui’s ears, she became suspicious. Order people to release the palace ladies first and thoroughly investigate this matter. As a result, the real thief was a self thief. A bodyguard was responsible for guarding the jewelry. As a result, he stole it himself and bought the judiciary with a small amount of jewelry. The truth of an unjust case came to light. Deng Sui severely punished the bodyguards, and the judicial officers who bent the law for favoritism were also punished by removing from office and never being an official. At this point, judicial personnel no longer dare to deal with cases casually and torture prisoners casually.

The above are just a few small things to show Deng suiqin’s political love for the people. If you really want to list Deng suiqin’s political achievements, I’m afraid you can’t say it in three days and nights. She was a good queen when she was queen, and she was also a good queen when she was queen mother. In her days in power, the world was peaceful, there were no unjust cases in the palace, and everything was in order. In AD 121, Deng Sui, who had been in power for 16 years, died of hemoptysis. Before he died, he also did a good thing by issuing an edict to grant amnesty to the world. At her request, she was buried with Liu Zhaohe after her death.

Even such a strange woman still has great controversy. Some people put the hat of evil and double dealing on Deng Sui’s head. Everyone has a steelyard in his heart.

I want to hold the throat of fate. Deng Sui did it.

For this reason, we have to admire her.

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