Review of the upper level skills of ancient celebrities in the workplace: hide one’s strength and bide one’s time

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It is another graduation season. Another generation of college students has stepped out of the ivory tower. Employers are thirsty for talents, and job seekers are also rushing between job fairs… We might as well look back at the ancient times to see how the ancient people applied for jobs and promotions, which must be of benefit to today’s people.

Volunteer and make a big splash

Of course, the best person to use this job-hunting method is maosui himself. In those days, Mao Sui was a disciple of the former king of Zhao Guoping during the Warring States period. When the Qin army besieged Handan, the capital of Zhao, Mr. Pingyuan went to the state of Chu for help at the order of King Zhao. Mao Sui recommended himself and asked to go with him. But Mr. Pingyuan didn’t pay any attention to Mao Sui at all. He also satirized Mao Sui: “I heard that no matter where a talented person goes, his talent is like putting an awl in his pocket. The tip of a needle will burst out immediately. Mr. Ping stayed with me for three years, but he didn’t do anything. You’d better save it!”

However, Mao Sui said calmly, “the problem is that you haven’t put me in your pocket, otherwise my talent would have been exposed like an awl, not just a tip!” As soon as Mr. Pingyuan heard this, the man’s brain was quick enough to respond, so he agreed. When he arrived in the state of Chu, Prince Pingyuan talked with the king of Chu for a whole morning without any results. At this time, Mao Sui was fierce in his words, stating his interests, and was so heroic that the king of Chu finally agreed to send Chunshen to lead his troops to save the state of Zhao, avoiding a tragedy of killing and slaughtering the city. As a result, Mao Sui gained great prestige and won the eternal reputation of “a three inch tongue is better than a million teachers”, which can be described as a World War I fame. Mao Sui saw the right time and finally recommended himself to succeed. When his boss was in great danger and helpless, he stood up, showed extraordinary confidence and talent, and found his own place to use.

Foresight and foresight

Feng breakwater was a legendary job seeker in history. As a disciple of Meng Chang, the Prime Minister of the state of Qi during the Warring States period, he was extremely mediocre at the beginning and always asked for things from Meng Chang, just like a greedy scoundrel. Mengchangjun therefore looked down upon him. Once, Feng Yuanyuan was ordered to go to Xuecheng, the fief of Lord mengchang, to collect debts. He asked him if he wanted to buy something back after he collected the debts. Lord mengchang said, you can buy something if you see what my family lacks. So Feng Yuan went to Xuecheng and burned all the bonds in public. The local people deeply felt the kindness of mengchang.

Feng Yuanxing rushed back to work and said that I had bought “righteousness” for you, but mengchang was very angry when he saw that he had confiscated a penny. Soon, the king of Qi listened to the slander and asked mengchang to hand over his seal and retire from Xuecheng. The people of Xuecheng went out of the city ten miles away to meet him. Mengchang realized Feng Yuanyuan’s foresight and began to put him in important position. Later, through his intelligence, Feng Yuanyuan set the strategy of “cunning rabbits and three caves” for mengchang, making him the Prime Minister of the state of Qi again, and his position became more and more stable.

Mencius Chang had 3000 followers. He was a crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and full of talents. It was very difficult for him to show his own edge. Feng Yuanyuan was not impatient. He was far sighted and secretly created opportunities for himself before he could finally be recognized.

Hide one’s strength and bide one’s time

The typical representative is Jiang Ziya. Fishing friends use curved hooks for fishing, but Jiang Ziya uses straight hooks for fishing, and no bait is hung on them, and they are three feet high from the water surface. Others laughed at his stupidity when they saw him like this, but Jiang Ziya said, “I’m not fishing for fish, it’s the Ming Lord!” This peculiar fishing method finally reached the ears of Jichang, King Wen of Zhou Dynasty. So Jiang Ziya was able to get out of the mountain. Later, he assisted King Wen’s son, King Wu, to achieve a hegemony.

In fact, Jiang Ziya did not know that he could not catch fish with a straight hook. He just attracted the attention of others through this unreasonable practice. It can be said that he was well intentioned. This talent and patience are worth learning and learning from later generations. But you also have to meet people who know and love talents like King Wen. If you meet a bull owner, you may have to fish for a lifetime!

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