Reza applied for a hard core pea apology. Previously, Reza’s apology was searched

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Many stars will have black powder, hard core pea is the black powder of actress leiza. As a black powder, hard core peas also regard themselves as victims, which also makes many netizens speechless. Reza applied for an apology for enforcing the hard core pea. Previously, Reza apologized to the hard core pea, and the apology was also on the hot search. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will introduce it today.

Reza applied for a hard core pea to apologize

Although now everyone is shouting to dress freely, some netizens will still abuse female stars when they wear sexy clothes. Reyza was abused by many netizens for wearing low cut clothes at the airport before, including hard core pea, which used many bad words to describe reyza. Reza was also angry, so he hung up the account of hard core pea, which led to the explosion of hard core pea by Reza fans.

Zeiza and hard core pea also went to court for this matter. Hard core pea scolded zeiza first, and then zeiza hung up her account diss her. But her identity as a star turned her normal behavior into an act of online violence. So in the end, the court sentenced both zeiza and hard core pea to be wrong and made them apologize to each other. After the verdict, zeiza apologized to hard core pea on Weibo. But the hard core pea delayed to perform, and even whitewashed himself with reyza’s apology.

Zeiza went to search for an apology

Because at that time, many netizens who did not know the truth felt that zeiza was the wrong party when they saw zeiza’s apology. Hard core peas still failed to perform their duties and apologize after the court’s judgment, which was simply a rogue behavior, so reyza applied for enforcement. This time, we really need to support reyza, not because reyza is a star and hard core peas are online celebrities, so reyza can’t protect his rights.

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