Rong Zishan’s live broadcast online refuted the rumor that his net height was only 182cm

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Rong Zishan should be the new national brother of neiyu. At the beginning, in the hidden corner of the TV series, Rong Zishan was still like a cute brother. As a result, he didn’t expect that now he is a little adult. Rong Zishan refuted the rumor online, saying that her net height was only 182cm. What exactly is going on? Xiaobian will reveal the secret today.

Rongzishan live broadcast online rumor refutation

Rong Zishan was born in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province on February 3, 2006. He is only 16 years old this year and is still a minor. Rong Zishan began acting in 2015, and it was not until 2020 that the hidden corner was known by everyone with the help of Zhu Chaoyang. Since then, Rong Zishan’s resources have been very good. Recently, his film Mozart in outer space is also being released, and Rong Zishan’s performance in the film is also very pleasing.

In order to publicize the new film, Rong Zishan recently held a live broadcast at his home. Many people in the live studio are asking how tall Rong Zishan is now. Rong Zishan said that his net height is only 182cm, not 190cm on the Internet. I feel that the rumors about his height on the Internet are too exaggerated. In order to make everyone believe that his height is really only 182cm, Rong Zishan also specially stood at home and compared it with the scale for measuring his height.

Rong Zishan is only 182cm tall

Rong Zishan is indeed higher than the 180cm scale. Subtracting the height of Rong Zishan’s shoes, the net height of Rong Zishan should be what he called 182cm. The reason why many people say that Rong Zishan is 190cm tall is that many male stars in the entertainment industry have too much moisture. Those male stars with more than 170cm have reported their height to 180cm. The star who is really 180cm is forced to be 190cm tall in everyone’s eyes. Rong Zishan also teased himself in the live broadcast room that he can’t grow any longer, so he has stopped drinking milk. You know, Rong Zishan’s younger brother drank milk as water in order to grow up.

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