Rumors about the Tangshan beating incident can only be dispelled by the disclosure of information

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Original title: Every hot comment?Tangshan beating incident rumors that four information disclosure can eliminate doubts

Every special commentator Shu Shengxiang

The incident of beating people at the barbecue restaurant pushed Tangshan to the forefront of public opinion. At present, real-name reports in Tangshan have been rampant, and the questioning about the underworld forces and their “protective umbrellas” is on the same page. Tangshan has launched the “Thunderstorm” special security operation, saying that it will never let a case go. However, several days have passed since the beating incident, and there is still no official and accurate information about the injured girl. At the same time as rumors spread on the Internet, netizens questioned one after another.

The more silent the local officials, the more worried the netizens across the country. In addition to the brief words “injury is stable and not life-threatening” in the official report, and the news of “has been transferred from the ICU to the general ward” that the media learned from hospital personnel but has not been officially confirmed, about several victims Little is known about the girl’s specific circumstances. The truth has not been reached for a long time, and rumors must take the opportunity to spread. There are various opinions circulating on the Internet. Some people say that a girl has been crushed to death by a car, some people say that a settlement of 1 million yuan has been made, and some people say that a girl has died in the hospital, and so on.

The Internet is not a place outside the law, and Internet rumors should be punished according to law, but it has to be said that an important reason for the spread of rumors is that the local officials have been silent, making the whole case more complicated and confusing. The case has aroused such huge social attention, but so far there has not been even a single official press conference in the local area. The reporters from other provinces and cities who went to Tangshan for interviews were rudely treated by the relevant local departments, some were directly persuaded to return, some were temporarily detained, and some were deleted from the news materials that were legally filmed. Doing so is not only unfounded by law, but will also exacerbate public doubts.

The Tangshan beating incident has long since risen to public opinion, and the public has the right to know the truth of the matter. In addition to the beating scene recorded by the camera at the barbecue restaurant, what else happened in the alley next to the barbecue restaurant that night? Are the large pools of blood found in the alley related to this case? After the beating incident, how could the gangsters escape to the outside of the province overnight? The police station is only 800 meters away from the barbecue shop. Did the police dispatch the police in time that night? Is there an “umbrella” of underworld forces behind it? How are the injured girls? Why are the families of the victims collectively silent? Are they unwilling to speak up, or are they actually deprived of the right to speak up? All of these should be given to the public.

Rumors stop at the wise, and more stop at the disclosure of information. Only when the information is open and transparent can the wise make correct judgments. On the contrary, if the information is not public enough, or the publicity is not timely enough, it will inevitably provide breeding ground and opportunities for rumors. Similarly, in addition to punishing rumor-mongers, the most powerful way to refute rumors should be to stand up and disclose the full truth of the matter as soon as possible. It is not a way to refute rumors at all, but it is an “assistance” to the rumors.

It is impossible to suppress the hot events that the whole country pays attention to by covering up. Only by responding openly and transparently can we win understanding and respect. The case of a woman giving birth to eight children in Feng County at the beginning of the year is the best example. After encountering the “public opinion tsunami”, the matter was able to win back the public’s trust, precisely because the Jiangsu Provincial Investigation Team answered the main questions raised by the public opinion in an open and transparent way, and quickly silenced the voices of doubts in the society.

From the perspective of modern city management, city management is a systematic project, and information disclosure is one of the compulsory courses. Attempting to block information to reduce the pressure of public opinion brought about by popular events, so as to deal with individual cases more calmly and privately, and to maintain the image of the local government, this kind of idea is incompatible with the concept of modern urban governance. of. The information is open and transparent, which is most conducive to restoring the lost credibility and preventing the local image from having a “big earthquake” due to individual cases.

The injuries of several women who were injured in the Tangshan beating incident touched the hearts of the people all over the country who were concerned about the incident. Only by allowing victims and their families to speak freely, allowing media reporters to exercise their right to interview in accordance with the law, and keeping information open and transparent in the handling of incidents, can the lost credibility be restored.

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