Running, searching for the brightest star in the night sky

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Running, searching for the brightest star in the night sky

By zhangchaofan


As a senior, all the students around me began to run around the “ Inclusion ” City of. This may be the charm of Beijing. It is very big and can accommodate all people with dreams; It is also very small. If it is not firm enough, it will be eliminated.

Professional internship is a compulsory course for senior students in the first semester, and the internship sharing meeting at the end of the month is even more unique.

??“ I am doing entertainment editing practice. I just completed a special report on the flowers of colleges and universities in Beijing. I deal with all kinds of Internet Celebrities every day. This goddess album is very popular on the Internet& rdquo; Brother Feng described happily.

??“ I often have the opportunity to participate in various forums with the editor in chief to meet the business elite and feel their aristocratic atmosphere& rdquo; Tongtong’s description was like that she was about to marry into a rich family, which attracted a burst of laughter from the class.

??“ Ogilvy, have you heard of it? Our company has a very good salary. We drink coffee every day. The company also has a gym. I heard that there are awards at the annual meeting& rdquo; Qiqi scrambled.

The tutor frowned, straightened his skirt and interrupted the speech on the stage.

??“ It seems that everyone has deviated from the direction. Although it is a sharing meeting, everyone can speak freely. However, I would like you to say that the improvement of your professional knowledge and the accumulation of your life experience during your internship are not a temporary pleasure to show off& rdquo;

I was the last girl in the class to speak. When everyone had shared their fatigue, I walked slowly to the platform, took a deep breath and said quietly:

??“ In recent months, I have no internship& rdquo;

??“ So what are you up to& rdquo; The tutor was shocked. In their hearts, the one who won all the highest honors and scholarships of the school was soft “ Game maniac ” Zhangchaofan should have found a famous enterprise and made many remarkable achievements.

??“ Since my sophomore year, I have scheduled all elective courses for a fixed two days, starting at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 9:30 p.m., and I spend the rest of my time on CCTV ‘ Entrepreneurial angel ’ Column group, internship of College Students’ Entrepreneurship and employment alliance. Now I am starting a business. In recent months, I have been going through school procedures. My graduation project will be the brand design corresponding to the entrepreneurial project& rdquo; I mapped my entrepreneurial dream in an orderly way.

The tutor smiled knowingly. He knew I was a “ Restless ” My girl.

??“ Are you not afraid of failure& rdquo; From the students came a voice that seemed a little provocative.

??“ I’m not afraid of being defeated. I’m afraid that I’ll be sorry for my dream in the future. Recognize the goal, do what you like to do as a career, and do your best for it& rdquo;

As soon as the words were over, a round of applause broke out.

My roommate said that when I said this, my eyes were firm. I always created infinite possibilities. When it broke out, it was destined to be brilliant.


There were two thunderous applause in this sharing meeting, one for my entrepreneurial dream and the other for Xu he.

Xu he is a famous beautiful man in the college. He is quite handsome and is recognized as the “ Little Zhong Hanliang ”.

When I first met him, he was wearing a white tide brand T-shirt, with a thick silver chain around his neck, smoking in his hand, and Hong Kong and Taiwan accent in non-standard Mandarin.

Before his senior year, he often talked with various school leaders “ Wandering in the Jianghu ”, On summer evenings, he would play guitar and drink beer with a group of people on the round platform between the two dormitory buildings. He lived quite “ Natural and unrestrained ”, When you are sad, you will fight with people about your friends. It has little to do with him to appraise the excellent or the results. His countdown doesn’t affect many people’s obsession with him.

But I saw him again at this sharing meeting, but he looked a bit tired. He spoke slowly in nonstandard Mandarin: “ I think it’s a great idea to start a business. I’m just like her& rdquo; It is thought that he, who was born in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, is going to start a business, “ Male god ” It becomes “ Domineering President ”. After a burst of exclamation, Xu he made a “ Quiet ” And everyone was waiting to hear his story.

??“ I mean, like Superman, I didn’t practice. I am preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, because I feel that internship is to work for others, and learning is to learn for myself. I want to be admitted to Peking University& rdquo; Xu he sent a comforting smile to the tutor, but he still couldn’t restrain the surging in the teacher’s heart.

??“ Don’t mislead other students. Professional practice is a required course for our students. You don’t practice now. There will be pressure on graduation design in the second semester of your senior year. Can you still take enough credits& rdquo; The tutor was eager to stand up and teach him.

The tutor knew that what Xu he said would affect the choices of many students, but his stop had already been drowned in the cheers and applause of the students.

The class has the most personality, the most firm goal and the most hardworking when the number of us.


??“ Internship is to work for others, and learning is to learn for yourself& rdquo; Xu he “ Male god ” Indeed, as the teacher worried, many students resigned on the same day and began to aspire to take the postgraduate entrance examination. In addition, they all had to take the Peking university entrance examination, and even organized a postgraduate entrance examination team.

In the summer of my senior year, it was about 9 o’clock on a hot night. The dorm without air conditioning and the electric fan was not easy to use was too hot to sleep. I washed a bag of grapes to go “ Condolences ” Let’s take a look at this group of postgraduate entrance examination Corps.

I went to the back door of the study room and happened to see Xu and them sitting in the last row. When brother sang saw me coming, he asked Xu He to come out together. After all, we had been to the mountain area to support teaching together “ Good brother ”.

Xu he saw that I had brought the grapes, and then he took out his own garbage can. The singer asked him: “ Why eat a grape and take the garbage can& rdquo;

??“ Now we have to start saving our character. Do you understand the details& rdquo; It seems that Xuhe has really made up his mind to take the postgraduate entrance examination, and has put away many of his former “ Ruffian Qi ”, It’s said that I don’t even smoke much. I only take two puffs when I’m too sleepy. He also bought a chair for the postgraduate entrance examination for fear of going to the seat where he didn’t study late.

I asked him with emotion and said: “ Has the goal been set? Peking University is a top university in China. Will this challenge factor be a little big& rdquo;

??“ That’s not true. Our basic grade point hasn’t reached 3. It’s cannon fodder when we go. I just go to the test with my brother& rdquo; Brother Sang was so sleepy after eating the grapes that he went back to the dormitory to have a rest.

I glanced at Xu he and waited for his answer.

??“ If you decide to do it, why do you want to do so much? If you run your own school, your difficulty coefficient is not small& rdquo; Xu he’s relaxed tone was full of certainty.

??“ I also want to take the postgraduate entrance examination& rdquo; I immediately said.

??“ It’s not your character to give up halfway& rdquo; He turned to look at me.

??“ I want to take the postgraduate entrance examination as well as start a business. Who says this can’t be done at the same time? When I finish all the formalities this summer, I will start to take the postgraduate entrance examination with you in November. I’m afraid you won’t be able to hold on until then& rdquo;

??“ If you come in November, I will make an exception to occupy your seat for you, although I am saving my character& rdquo; Humor is indeed his characteristic.

The starry night is more beautiful. We immediately had the perseverance and firm strength when we went to the mountain area to support teaching together. The goal in my heart is like the brightest star in the sky. It gives me a mysterious power to move forward.

I believe we will succeed, because we are all the same, young and firm, and can go all out to pursue our dreams, even if there are storms, even if there are sadness. But after the rain and the rainbow, the sun is destined to belong to us.


It was cold in Beijing at the end of November. It took me three months to go back and forth to the windows of the industrial and commercial bureau, the tax bureau, the Education Bureau and other levels, and obtained the school license of the private school with the perfect materials. This thin piece of paper has precipitated the pride and dreams of countless post-90s entrepreneurs.

It is less than 20 days before the postgraduate entrance examination in mid December. Xu he has done all the review materials for more than three times, and his notes and rotten books quietly tell about his ups and downs in recent months.

I tried to go to the self-study room at 6 a.m., but I found that the book he occupied was already on my desk, and he was carrying the materials desperately in the corridor. He had a bad cold before the exam, and he was eating all kinds of medicine. I would hear him open cans of red bull in the front seat. He hadn’t been absent for the last 20 days.

??“ Xu He, have you ever tried as hard to realize a dream as you do now& rdquo; I asked Xu he when we were fetching water together.

??“ Yes, in senior three. I got into our school in Beijing with the first place in Zhejiang Province. I just like to play with the so-called bad children because they live a real and natural life. But when I set my goal, it’s time to work hard. No one can stop me& rdquo;

I didn’t expect that he should be a happy student bully.

His words were like a shot in the arm. This kind of stimulation from a close friend made me buy all the ultimate betting papers in the bookstore, and I finished them all at one go. All the words in the pamphlet were also engraved into my head.

I firmly believe that all my efforts will eventually be rewarded.


Later, I was admitted to the art college with the first score of 407 in the preliminary examination, the first in the second interview, and the first in the total score. I studied as a graduate student majoring in traditional Chinese painting. I spent 20 days in the cross school and cross major postgraduate entrance examination, and became the first apprentice of the dean of the graduate school. Everyone calls me & ldquo; Hua qiangu ”, Say I have something uncontrollable “ The power of famine;. Xu he has also become the only talented person in our major who has been admitted to the school of software, Peking University. His temperament is more than ever “ Little Zhong Hanliang ” More charming.

Instantly, I feel like crying. Everyone said it casually “ Objective ” And “ Dream ”, Everything is easy. Only those who do it with heart can feel the unique scenery.

I once heard a story that there is a beautiful oasis deep in the Sahara desert of Africa, where the indigenous people have not walked out of the desert for thousands of years. A British explorer found that the reason why the aborigines couldn’t go out was that they lost their way as soon as they entered the desert and were not brave enough. He told the aborigines to move in the direction of the Big Dipper every night and never deviate from that star. As a result, three days later, the aborigines walked out of the desert and were reborn. Sometimes we are even worse than the aborigines, because we don’t even have the impulse to get out of the desert.

In the best time, you should have the courage to determine the height and intensity of your life, strive for your dreams without complaint or regret, remember the direction of the Big Dipper in your heart, and run!

I believe that after crossing thousands of rivers and mountains and going through ups and downs, you will meet your bravest self. The time borrowed from the years is titled with the name of effort. You did not copy yourself into anyone, but live the way you want. Isn’t that the greatest success? (from “life always treats hard-working people well”)

Life is just running with tears when you fall down. When you run in the wind, we are all running clumsily and hard

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