Russia and Ukraine have been fighting for half a year, and the world has been completely changed in five aspects!

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This article is reproduced from bullpiano (ID: bullpiano) by Niu tanqin

In a flash, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has lasted for half a year.

We also changed from surprise on February 24 to fatigue on August 24. Half a year has passed, the earth is still turning, and the epidemic continues. We are fortunate but unfortunately to witness one history after another, various crises, such as energy crisis, food crisis, Drought Crisis and social crisis

The flames of war are still burning. The alarm is ringing every day, and tens of thousands of fresh lives have fallen into a pool of blood forever. The United States is urgently urging the Americans to leave Ukraine as soon as possible, because Russia is about to start a larger scale attack. It’s especially refreshing to breathe that in the largest nuclear power station in Ukraine, we can hear the gunfire now. That’s a nuclear power station!

The year 2022 is undoubtedly an unforgettable year for us. However, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is undoubtedly the largest black swan in this year, and there is no one.

The world has been completely changed. The Washington Post commented that “in the past six months since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the world has stood on the edge of the knife” and “we still feel that this is just a prelude”.

Completely personal view, five aspects of the world being completely changed.

First, the world geopolitics has undergone drastic changes.

Russia and Ukraine were originally fraternal countries, but for at least a few decades, brothers could not be talked about. They must be feuds. More importantly, it is Russia’s relations with the United States and the West as a whole.

NATO took advantage of this opportunity to expand eastward and now includes Finland and Sweden. Russia’s strategic environment is even more dangerous. Once the seeds of hatred are sown, you can see that they will erupt in a more violent form in the future.

Four major events that will change the world in the 21st century:

The 911 incident in 2001

The international financial crisis in 2008

COVID-19 since 2020

Russia Ukraine conflict in 2022.

Realistically speaking, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has brought more serious consequences to the world than other events.

At least in the short term, the number one enemy of the West must be Russia. Russia is very angry. Ukraine has become a means for the west to consume Russia. The United States wants to fight Russia to the last Ukrainian.

Our biggest worry before was that American politicians would win over Russia to deal with China (in fact, they have tried many times), at least in the short term.

Of course, we should not be too optimistic. Western politicians say that they will change, and it is not ruled out that after a period of time, they will try to reach a certain tacit understanding with Russia, sacrifice Ukraine, and then turn around again to deal with the big powers in the East.

Game, fierce game. This is a world-class game.

The game spreads all over the world. Both the West and Russia are courting India, and a large number of emerging countries have chosen to wait and see. However, Türkiye is actively attacking to find both ways, and Europe is in a dilemma and has become a big loser. Of course, the most unfortunate, poor Ukraine.


Change 2: the tragic energy and food crisis.

Just two years ago, the oil price fell to negative (don’t believe it, it’s true). I remember that many experts thought that the oil price might never be higher. But two years later, the oil price soared to more than $100, and of course, it fell again recently.

Therefore, don’t be superstitious about experts.

However, in Europe, the sanctions on Russian energy have made Russia angry and cut off the natural gas supply of many European countries. Europe is experiencing an unprecedented heat, but next, it is an angry cold to bone cold winter.

The energy crisis has had a profound impact on the global industrial layout.

This has provided new powerful impetus for the development of clean energy such as wind energy and solar energy, and new energy vehicles have become an irresistible trend. However, it also makes some countries focus on coal. In the face of reality, what should we do to deal with climate change? Let me make way first.

More serious than the energy crisis is the food crisis. The world food program has warned that about 300 million people in the world may face famine this year because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.


I don’t need to say more. We can see from this cover of the Economist: at first glance, it is wheat ears, but at a closer look, it is a skeleton

Both Europe and the United States are experiencing unprecedented inflation, the largest inflation in 30 to 40 years.

The good news is that, with the mediation of Türkiye, Russia and Uzbekistan have reached an agreement on grain export, and cargo ships loaded with grain are sailing out of the Black Sea port; The bad news is that the war has made Ukrainian farmers afraid to go to the fields. This year’s severe drought will seriously damage the global harvest. Moreover, the war may interrupt the shipment at any time.

In the 1920s, the world suffered a serious famine. History has played a big joke on mankind, but we really can’t laugh.

Change three, a more dangerous world.

Is the world safer?

I think every normal person knows that the world is not safer, but more dangerous.

The situation on the peninsula has reached a new juncture. Japan is even more ready to move. European warplanes and warships have also come to the Asia Pacific to show off. That’s our doorstep.

As for the Taiwan Strait, we all know what provocations American politicians have recently made and what risks they have brought to the regional situation. When it comes to China’s core interests, China has no choice but to defend them.

In addition, in the Middle East, we can see that Türkiye’s military action in Syria, Israel’s big fight against Palestine, Yemeni civil war continues, Saudi Arabia and Iran are still at war, which is the center of world oil.

The world has lost its balance and the west is pressing. In response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine for half a year, the United States and Europe announced that they would send new weapons to Ukraine. Russia’s counterattack must be merciless. In particular, in view of the assassination of dujinna on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia is bound to launch a new attack and retaliation.

The noise of the nuclear power station reminds us that both sides are taking risks, but we must not have a new Chernobyl disaster.

It is no wonder that German Chancellor Scholz repeatedly warned that it would not really lead to the Third World War.

Let us not forget that warning: what will happen to the world once Russia feels that it has nothing to lose?


Change four, the wall base of the dollar Empire cracked.

Don’t forget that Richard Connery, the US Treasury Secretary in the Nixon era, once said: “the US dollar is our currency, but it is your trouble.”

The feeling of complacency is not disguised!


Because the US dollar is the world’s main reserve currency. For the United States, the biggest dividend of the dollar is that it can “cut leeks” to the world.

During the financial crisis, through quantitative easing measures such as interest rate reduction, the money printing machine was started, and the US dollar flowed overseas. In essence, it was forced to borrow money. This was the first round of “cutting leeks”; Since then, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates, the huge siphon effect will return the dollar, other countries will lose blood and even the financial crisis. This is the second round of “cutting leeks”.

Recently, the continuous appreciation of the US dollar and the depreciation of other currencies are a signal.

However, the so-called “when the water is full, it will overflow, and when the month is full, it will lose”. The US dollar seems to be at its zenith and cannot be shaken; However, we should also be aware that the wall base of the dollar empire is actually cracking due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Quite simply, Russia’s foreign exchange reserves of several hundred billion US dollars were detained by the West because they were US dollars. Other countries are inevitably worried. Is my dollar safe?

Japan may not have to worry about US debt, but what about other countries? Is Saudi Arabia’s petrodollars safe?

The cruel facts have broken many people’s dreams. Globalization has become the weapon of Western sanctions, and the long arm jurisdiction of the United States has made the dollar a dangerous bargaining chip.

“Science knows no borders” and “art knows no borders”; It is said that “private property is sacred and inviolable” and “wind and rain can enter, but the king cannot enter”; What about freedom of speech and the spirit of contract?

Let’s not count them all.

The Central Bank of Russia has constantly reminded the world’s central banks to be vigilant against the risks of using the US dollar and the euro as reserve assets.

Perhaps, looking back a few years later, the shaking of the US dollar’s global hegemony began with this war. Of course, are Americans willing to lose their hegemony? That means more violent suppression and blackmail.


Fifth, profound changes have taken place in the form of war.

I remember that on the first day of the war, the Russian army attacked the city and occupied the land. I felt that it was another devastating Blitzkrieg. I remember many friends at that time sighed that the Russian army rushed to Kiev even though I was still in line and had not finished the nucleic acid

However, as we can see, the Russian army did not move forward and suffered heavy losses. Even a large number of tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed by the Ukrainian army, and Kiev was not won. Of course, the Ukrainian army also suffered heavy losses.

The Russian army then adjusted its strategy and focused on Donbas; The Ukrainian army also quickly changed its positions and launched counter attacks in some areas. Not long ago, it even attacked the Russian military airport in Crimea, blowing up several Russian fighter planes

This is not a modern war in our imagination. It is more like a traditional war in which tanks and cannons play the leading role. It is also a tug of war, a throat cutting war, a war of attrition, and an urban street war.

But we still see something different. In the network war and information war before the war, the United States has admitted that it did send people to participate in the network attack against Russia; In the war, the war of public opinion, the war of cognition, and the fierce battle continue; And the application of new weapons in war, especially the application of unmanned aerial vehicles and the power of nuclear deterrence

War is not just about seizing cities and seizing land.

If you can’t win the public opinion war, even if you capture more cities, it’s hard to say that you will win an all-round victory. Not to mention that the United States is the hegemon of global public opinion. The United States simply unplugged Russia’s Internet cable, and poor Russia’s social account, which had been operating hard for many years, was closed overnight.

What is freedom of speech? The United States has played the fool and never said anything like this. The latest news is that Twitter has blocked the accounts of several Serbian embassies and consulates abroad.

Also, without drones, even if you occupy the air supremacy, it is inevitable that you will be attacked by drones. In this Russian Ukrainian conflict, Türkiye’s drones shine brilliantly, and Ukraine wants to buy them again; It is said that Iran’s drones have also shown their capabilities, provoking the United States to try its best to prevent Iran from exporting to Russia

It seems that every country has its own unique skills. This conflict will also change the military layout, military strategy and the development of military science and technology of many countries.


In fact, some of the five aspects have been discussed in my previous articles, but as the war continues, these changes are becoming clearer.

We are in a rapidly changing world. We really do not live in a peaceful world, but we are lucky to live in a peaceful China.

I remember when the war started, I said in an article that the world should see China’s rarity and value. Quite simply, is there a big country in the world that abides by international rules more than China? Is there a big country that respects the sovereignty of other countries more than China? Is there a big country that values peace more than China?

The answer is just two words: no!

As far as the west is concerned, China does not export revolution, hunger and poverty, and does not torment you. What else can we say.

But I’m still too optimistic.

We can see that around the Sino Russian relations, the United States has besieged and discredited Russia, even spreading rumors that China has provided military assistance to Russia; What is even more infuriating is that the United States continues to stir up trouble around China, and even violates its commitment on the Taiwan Strait issue. Pelosi visits Taiwan island to provoke

Various signs show that the United States is indeed stepping up its efforts to deal with Russia, but the focus of the United States has never deviated from China, and the United States believes that China is the number one enemy.

The environment is dangerous. In the past six months, China has remained calm, but it has also experienced a lot. We will never forget many things. This requires China to be more calm and sober, never be arrogant and never toss about.

“In the past six months since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the world has stood on the edge of a knife.” This is the warning of the Washington Post, and we have all seen it.

We can’t go back.

We also have no way to know whether we will see the dawn of peace or the blood on a larger scale in the next six months. But what we are more worried about is that those poor people in the fierce war are the terrible consequences of forcing a nuclear power to a desperate situation.

Harmony is precious! After all, war is the worst nightmare of all mothers.

Still, the victory of war will never be forever. As time goes on, the country will often defeat itself by launching and winning the wrong war. There are too many lessons in this world.

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