Russia cuts meat with a blunt knife. Will there be Ukraine in the future?

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

ZELINSKY became more and more popular and his appetite grew;

It was originally used to harvest Europe and contain Russia, but it was created into a God with the continuous beautification of the American and Western media and the embrace of the White left.

Slowly, the United States found that the God making movement was out of control

Biden has lost track of who owns who.

Today’s ZELINSKY has been canonized.

It represents the absolute political correctness of the American western group, the American values, freedom, democracy and resistance to tyranny In all the western media, public opinion and voices, ZELINSKY is an indisputable existence.

In the Bible, God is God, and in reality, Zesheng is God

Any country of the US western group can be dissatisfied with its own government and the president, but it absolutely dare not question Zelensky, otherwise it will question Western values.

If ZELINSKY does not attend any international grand meeting convened by the United States and the west, the level of the meeting will drop sharply;

If any political dignitaries from the United States and the west do not make a pilgrimage to Ukraine and are not met by ZELINSKY, their cohesion and reputation will decline


Biden wants to build infrastructure, fight the epidemic and rely on the economy in the United States. Everyone opposes him and can’t push anything.

However, as long as it is a resolution to assist Ukraine, almost all of them have passed by unanimous vote

Biden suddenly fell into a trance. Is ZELINSKY my dog? Is the reins still in my hand?

The spoiled ZELINSKY believes that the reason why the US western group is still safe is that it is in hard steel Russia, which blocks the flood of steel in Russia and makes great sacrifices and contributions to the US western group.

So, ZELINSKY is more and more dissatisfied with the American western group. I have done so much for you, but you still don’t give generously.

I, ZELINSKY, am saving all of you!

I’m your God. Give me money and hurry!

ZELINSKY said that Germany is to blame. It is because Germany’s weakness and appeasement to Russia have led to Russia becoming more and more arrogant. Does Germany still not make up for its mistakes and give me weapons?

Zelensky said that I refused to meet the German President because you were not pious enough to me!

ZELINSKY said that the European Union is a hypocritical villain. I took my life to help you resist Russia. You are still connected with Russia, and you are still using Russian natural gas and oil

ZELINSKY offered the latest conditions, saying that it would cost at least $7billion a month for me to help you block the evil forces in Russia.

This is the minimum. After recovering all the land and defeating Russia, I still need $500billion in reconstruction funds. Please prepare for me quickly

ZELINSKY said that you have frozen the $300billion capital of the Russian bank. Don’t you give it to me now? Do you want to embezzle this money?

Well, the United States has just approved $40billion for Ukraine, but many of these $40billion are rebates.

It includes the benefits of Biden, the Pentagon and relevant officials, as well as the military expenses, training expenses and equipment expenses returned to the U.S. military Among them, only 6billion are explicitly used in Ukraine

Of the $6billion, only $1.8 billion has actually arrived after the process has been completed

Of the $1.8 billion, another part will become ZELINSKY’s deposit in the Bank of America, and another part will become a luxury car bought by ZELINSKY’s comedy team It is estimated that less than 800million can be used for military purposes.

In other words, the US $40billion plan is not enough for Ukraine to spend a week.

With Russia’s comprehensive bombing of the Ukrainian railway and road system, the European Union and the United States have not provided Ukraine with as generous equipment as in the previous two months, and less and less equipment can be delivered to the eastern front of Ukraine

ZELINSKY said that I need air defense missiles to attack Russia’s air and space forces and long-range artillery to contain Russian artillery fire.

ZELINSKY said you must destroy Russia’s satellite navigation system!

After Zelensky said these words, the whole American and Western world was silent.

Everyone is thinking about a question: who is whose dog?

Is Ukraine a tool of the United States, or is the United States a tool of Ukraine?

This is not the point, the point is:

Ukraine is over! Failure is a foregone conclusion!!

If Zelensky continues to kidnap Western values, the United States will finally have to fight for Ukraine, as if it is not the United States that represents Western values, but Ukraine

Ukraine is the center of the western world.

The so-called tool means that you can give up at any time, just as you can give up South Vietnam and Afghanistan

But if Zelensky is equal to American values, how can he give up?

The question now is, will Ukraine remain a country a year from now?

In the first stage of the war, Russia had a bad start, and it really pulled away. This was unexpected to Russia, to the surprise of the US western group, and to ZELINSKY himself.

Because the puppet government supported by the United States has always been swept by the wind, how can it withstand the Russian attack?

It is because of the deep brainwashed extremist Nazi organizations such as the Yasukuni battalion, the lack of oil and salt, and the rich combat experience in the front line of Donbas in the past seven years, which have become the biggest enemy of Russia.

However, with the collapse of the Asian speed battalion and the surrender of more than 2000 “backbones”, Russia’s biggest problem has been solved.

If the combat power of the Asian speed battalion is 10, the combat power of the Ukrainian regular army in eastern Ukraine is 5, while the troops recruited by ZELINSKY’s temporary conscription have never been on the battlefield, and their combat power is only 1.

The battle difficulty of Mariupol is 10, that of Donbas is 5, and that of Odessa is 3 After these problems are solved, the battle difficulty in Kiev is 1

On May 31, Zelinski said in an interview that the number of people killed in the Ukrainian army battlefield every day is 60 to 100, while about 500 people were injured These are all veterans of Wudong region.

Ukrainian troops with combat experience have been heavily surrounded by Russia in the Donbas region, and are being eaten by the naked eye at a speed of one bite

Ukrainian regular troops are fighting less and less, and they can only catch “strong men” behind them. However, Russian troops are constantly baptized by gunfire, and their combat experience is becoming richer and richer.

What will be Russia’s ultimate goal?

Now Russia is simple and crude. After besieging the Ukrainian army, it directly washes the ground with artillery fire. From warm pressure bombs to incendiary bombs, whatever effect is easy to use, so as to remove all obstacles on the way forward for the offensive forces.

The Russian Defense Ministry said: we almost no longer lost personnel. The largest figure was released in March, with 1351 people killed in battle. There are still wounded, of course, but not so many people have been killed. This is the result of changes in operational tactics and methods. This tactic is bringing tangible results.

The casualties of the Russian army are really small now, because it all depends on artillery bombardment, ploughing the entire position, turning the soil over again, and then attacking At this time, there are no living creatures on the battlefield

In fact, since late May, when the Russian army took popasnaya, the Ukrainian army had no chance of winning.

Popasnaya is not only an important transportation hub in Wudong region, but also the commanding point of Wudong. After the Russian army captured this area, it took this as the center, condescended and attacked in all directions, which made the original complete defense system of the Ukrainian army in this area collapse like a domino.

This collapse not only made the Ukrainian army in Donbas area trapped on many sides, but also completely exposed the logistics supply line to the Russian artillery fire.

Taking this as a breakthrough, the Russian army broke into the north and west to encircle the Ukrainian army and further divide and encircle

At the same time, Ukraine has no air control capability, and the weapons promised by the US western bloc can not get on like toothpaste. After the fall of Kamil Mann, the last 60000 elite in eastern Ukraine were besieged and cut off from logistics. Either they became powder under the heavy artillery of the Russian army, or they could only be bombed by the Russian air force during the withdrawal.

The fall of the Ukrainian army in Donbas is a matter of time.

Zelensky delivered a speech in Luxembourg, saying that Russia has controlled one fifth of the territory of Ukraine;

On May 1, the Committee under the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the objectives of the third phase of special military operations.

It includes the control of Nikolayev, Odessa and Kharkov states. The Russian army will march into the above three states after removing Ukrainian nationalists and Ukrainian government troops in Donbas.

Is the goal of the Russian army merely to turn Ukraine into a landlocked country?

Since Kharkov and Odessa have been taken down, why not take Kiev?

Now that we have taken Kiev, why not take the whole territory of Ukraine?

In the earliest days, Russia only wanted to foster a pro Russian regime in Kiev. However, the war has been fought for more than 100 days, and the Russian army has suffered serious casualties. There are about 10000 people. Coupled with the blatant provocations of Poland, Finland and Sweden, the greater the losses of Russia, the more it needs to make up for them in Ukraine.

Under the gunfire, the fighting will of the Ukrainian army is disintegrating.

Since the surrender of the Yasu camp in 2000 in Mariupol, other Uzbek troops can’t bear it. What else do we fight

In fact, the Ukrainian government is no different from the South Vietnamese government, the Iraqi government and the Afghan government supported by the United States. The biggest feature is that it can not fight

The only exception is that there is an extremist Nazi organization in Ukraine that is not controlled by the government. Under the initial resistance of the Asian speed camp, plus the fact that Russia is fooled by its own security bureau, it has formulated the first stage goal full of loopholes. In addition, all the American and Western media have madly injected “booster shots” into Ukraine, which has enabled the Ukrainian government to miraculously support it for more than three months

With the collapse of the Asian speed camp, Ukraine will soon be beaten back to its original form.

Everything will return to the original track.

The most important thing is that the United States has realized that it must cut with Ukraine as soon as possible.

On June 1, Biden published an article in the New York Times: what the United States will do and will not do in Ukraine


Biden is very interesting in his article, expressing his three views.

First, the United States does not seek Putin to step down;

Second, the United States will not force Ukraine to make territorial concessions;

Third, the United States is not directly involved in the conflict;

I still remember that on March 26, Biden publicly announced that he hoped that Putin would step down. At that time, the first phase of the Russian army’s combat objectives were hastily concluded and left Kiev.

The US Western Group believes that Russia has lost the Blitzkrieg and that the general trend is gone. In addition, Biden has gathered together to impose sanctions and loot on Russia. Biden is confident that Russia will be shaken by a series of blows and that Putin’s regime may face great turbulence. Therefore, Biden shouted the slogan of letting Putin step down.

But now more than two months have passed, the Russian army has begun to fight steadily in the Donbas area, cutting meat with a blunt knife. More and more places have been laid down, and a referendum will be held every place, but the casualties of the Ukrainian army are getting more and more serious

However, under the sanctions of the US western group, the ruble rebounded against the trend. The market proved that Europe could not live without Russia’s oil and natural gas. In two months, Russia’s foreign trade earnings continued to increase instead of decreasing. The US economic sanctions have completely failed.

As a result, at the end of May, the Uzbek army’s Asian speed battalion was completely annihilated, the bonus man and popasnaya were defeated, and the general situation in the Donbas region was gone. Biden took the wind at his helm and began to cry out: do not seek Putin to step down.

Because Biden knew very well that the Ukrainian army could not win this battle.

The future war will only be more and more unfavorable to the Ukrainian army. The Russian army will get more and more territory. Now even if the United States wants Putin to step down, there is no way

Biden’s second and third points simply mean the future of Ukraine. ZELINSKY, you can do it yourself. I can’t help you, and it has nothing to do with me.

Whether to cede territory is your business. Don’t count on me

After all, Ukraine has not escaped the fate of Afghanistan and has become an abandoned son and consumable of the United States.

Another important reason for Biden’s doing this is that he found that no matter how much he supported Ukraine, even if he turned Zelensky into his father, even if Ukraine turned the tables, no one seemed to buy it.

On May 30, Biden’s approval rating was only 40.7%, reaching an all-time low

The disapproval rate is as high as 52.2%

This score is lower than that of trump. Americans find Biden even more unreliable than trump!

The main reason is that Biden can’t do well in the economy. Now, no matter what the Federal Reserve does, CPI is rising faster and faster, and inflation is getting fiercer and fiercer

According to a poll conducted by the US media, 51% said that the Biden government was harming the economy, while the remaining 30% thought that Biden’s economic policies were useless

With regard to Biden’s support rate, it is almost impossible to win the mid-term election, while trump is already gearing up for action.

Americans are smart enough to unconditionally support Ukraine in various speeches, but once personal interests are involved, it is another matter. No matter how high-profile Biden is in supporting Ukraine, Americans will only applaud him, but the vote will never be given to him.

Like the current political situation in Europe, France has shown a vivid scene to European countries. No presidential candidate will take the Ukrainian issue as their important topic. All candidates will focus on one thing, how to revitalize the economy and how to improve the economic level

As for Ukraine, I can applaud for you.

But Please stay away

Biden, on the one hand, is obsessed with the domestic economic problems, on the other hand, he has to face the various requirements of Uncle Ze he has found

Give me the missile;

Give me the long-range gun;

Give me dollars;


If you dare not support me, you just don’t support western values.

Biden can’t stand it. To meet the requirements of Ukraine, the United States should give at least $7billion in military spending every month. Taking into account the demands, rebates and rebates of various US departments and the military, the United States should give at least $70billion every month

The problem is that Ukraine cannot win even if it gives us $70billion.

Biden said I gave you $40billion. What did you do?

Kherson’s counterattack failed, Kharkov’s counterattack failed, the bonus man was lost, popasnaya was gone, and beidun was about to die

Biden, I can’t stand it anymore. What I have to do now is to get rid of the relationship.

In the future, the western media reports on Ukraine and the popularity of Zelensky will be reduced step by step.

Ukraine will continue to cool down and everything will return to the original point.

ZELINSKY, will soon become a net Celebrity

Maryupol is a city of 500000 people;

Kharkov, the second largest city in Ukraine with a population of 1.5 million, is also the last industrial city in Ukraine;

Odessa, the third largest city in Ukraine with a population of 1.1 million, is also the last port to the sea of Ukraine;

Now Kharkov and Odessa are both in Russia’s third phase plan.

Mariupol played for three months, but Kharkov and Odessa did not need to play for three months.

Because the Asia speed battalion, which has the highest combat effectiveness, has disappeared.

The Wudong army, the second most powerful, is now besieged in beidun and is about to be destroyed by the regiment.

At that time, the only people guarding Kharkov and Odessa will be the disabled and defeated generals and cannon fodder.

Russia’s second stage plan is to win udong, and the third stage plan is Nikolayev, Kharkov and Odessa. It is estimated that the fifth stage will be directed at Kiev

The speed of each stage will be faster than that of the previous stage, because the difficulty is getting lower and the elite of the Ukrainian army is getting less and less.

The support of the United States and Europe will be less and less, and the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army will be worse and worse.

Every time Russia wins a place, it will promote the ruble, and then hold a referendum, eating from place to place.

Many people think that Poland will send troops to western Ukraine. In fact, Poland is not stupid. It will soon see clearly everyone’s attitude. Once Russia’s second phase task is fully completed and the whole eastern Ukraine is captured, Poland will never dare to jump again.

The smoother the Russian military, the higher the Turkish chips will be, and the more difficult it will be for Sweden and Finland to join NATO


In the next four months, Ukraine will continue to lose its army and land. On the one hand, Zelinski will be madly scolding the US western group, asking for support and dollars, and on the other hand, asking for a good talk with Putin

But in the next four months, Putin will not listen to him at all.

I think it will take Russia about 40 days to capture the whole territory of eastern Ukraine, end the second phase of the goal, and most of the elite Ukrainian troops will rout or surrender;

The third phase of the war will take more than two months

More than two months later?

It is October, and winter is coming. The European Union will warmly embrace Russia’s oil, gas and food. As for Ukraine, everyone is reluctant to mention it.

In December, the morale of Ukraine basically collapsed.

By next February, Ukraine does not know whether it still exists

In February 2022, Putin was trying to establish a pro Russian regime in Ukraine, but in February 2023, after a year of fighting, Putin may want 600000 square kilometers of land

At this time, Russia, which ate the whole Ukraine, once again proved its strength, and European countries began to hook up with him

The United States has once again abandoned its allies, but this time, there is an episode of one more year

The United States originally wanted to give up Ukraine directly in February. Unexpectedly, ZELINSKY directed a small climax.

But with the tide ebbing, the international reputation of the United States once again fell to the bottom, but Biden found that

Cut meat with a blunt knife More painful!

In the coming months, the person who scolds the United States the most severely in the world must be ZELINSKY

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