Russia is preparing for a bigger war!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: Zhonghua city (id:hqsycn)

According to UPI, Putin signed a law on the 28th, lifting the upper age limit for military enlistment. Previously, Russian citizens were between 18 and 40 years old, and foreigners were between 18 and 30 years old when they joined the army in Russia.

From 18 to 40 years old, you are already young and middle-aged. If you cancel the age limit, you can’t let underage teenagers join the army. There is only one result, that is, middle-aged and old people can join the army.

What is the problem behind this?

There are three possibilities:

First, the intensity of confrontation on the Russian Ukrainian battlefield has increased and the age of conscription has had to be increased

If it is simply to fight Ukraine, Russia is not a problem at all. However, as the author said earlier, if Western weapons, materials and even combatants continue to enter Ukraine, Russia will not be easy to fight.

It has been reported earlier that the so-called “mercenaries” from the West are constantly entering Ukraine. It is also reported that there are senior Western commanders in the Asian speed steel plant, that is, the legendary “big fish”.

The latest news came from Russian media, saying that about 9500 people from four infantry battalions in Lithuania and Poland have arrived in Dnepropetrovsk in central Ukraine. There seems to be a problem with the data of 9500 people in the four infantry battalions. Usually, there are about 2000 people in the four battalions. The data is either more than four battalions or no 9500 people. Regardless of the number, their ultimate goal must be to reach Wudong and fight.

If Western troops continue to fight in Ukraine in the form of “mercenaries”, in fact, Russia and NATO are engaged in indirect and direct exchanges. It is reasonable that Russia will expand its troops and invest more troops.

Second, prepare for a protracted war in the future

At present, Russia is not fighting smoothly. It has used su-57, thermobaric bombs, white phosphorus bombs, zircon hypersonic weapons and other big killers

Almost all the weapons at the bottom of the pressure box were used except nuclear weapons, but the war still failed to end after three months of fighting, which shows that it is difficult to gnaw bones.

? video screenshot of Russian rocket launcher

On the other hand, even if Russia wins the whole region of “Odessa Crimea Mariupol Donbas Kharkov”, as long as the western support continues, Ukraine will continue to attack in the name of “recovering the lost land”, and this battlefield may be endless, which also requires more soldiers to invest in rotation.

Third, Russia is preparing for worse

The United States faces many risks, such as inflation, stagflation, debt default, high foam in the stock market and so on. It either waits until it explodes, or messes up the world and lets capital flow back to the United States for blood transfusion.

The last time the lease act was launched was in 1941. 81 years later, the United States launched the act again not long ago, which is to provide Ukraine and Europe with a continuous supply of arms with its own arms productivity, both to curb the need to weaken Russia and to drive capital back to the United States.

At present, the west is still secretive and goes to war in the form of “mercenaries” and “volunteers”. If it goes to the rear, there will be a public showdown. Although it is unlikely that NATO will directly PK Russia, it is also possible.

War concerns the survival of the country and the life and death of the people. It is a major event of the country (Sun Tzu’s art of war). Even if the probability is just in case, you can’t take chances. You must prepare for a rainy day.

Therefore, it makes sense for Russia to expand the scope of conscription in advance to prepare for it from the bottom line thinking.

All the above three situations are possible. Only the core personnel in Russia know which one is, or both.

In short, Russia’s abolition of the age of conscription should not be a good thing. Either the confrontation has escalated, Russia has encountered greater resistance and has to invest more strength, or it is preparing for a more lasting and larger conflict in the future.

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