Russia Ukraine conflict, why does the United States absolutely dare not participate in the war? The collapse of the robbers is only one war away!

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Source: a bad potato (id:iamhtd)

The Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895 was a feast for Japanese national robbery.

Before and after the war, the Japanese government issued treasury bonds to the Japanese people for four times, with an annual interest rate of 5%, plus the discount price for Purchasing Treasury bonds, the comprehensive yield was about 10%;

The war treasury bonds were snapped up by Japanese nationals, raising a total of 116million yen, accounting for 52% of the military expenditure in the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895;

Not counting the crazy donations of Japanese people, Japanese girls go out to sell their boyfriends and send them to the front line. Their parents write to persuade their sons who are soldiers in the front line to be loyal to their country

Without the support and support of ordinary Japanese people, the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895 could not be fought at all.

After the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, Japan made a lot of money, got a lot of territory, and received 230million taels of silver as compensation. You know, Japan’s fiscal revenue at that time was only 80million yen, equivalent to four years’ fiscal revenue. You can eat and drink while lying down.

The whole Japan was ecstatic, bathed in the dividends of war;


Because of this money:

Japan has set up an education fund to promote universal primary education in Japan. This fund played a huge role in promoting the rapid development of education in Japan, and soon established a modern education system. Then Japan popularized junior high school education, and the per capita literacy rate was the highest in the world before World War II.

Japan has carried out currency system reform, which has enabled Japan to quickly integrate into the world economic system and played a very important role in Japan’s take-off.

Japan has accelerated the process of industrialization and achieved rapid development in shipbuilding, chemical industry, metallurgy, communication, transportation and other industries, which has accumulated a strong industrial foundation for Japan and become the first power in Asia.


Like Japanese girls who help socialize, I don’t want to do anything else after doing this.

In Japan after the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, the whole country has also reached a consensus that nothing is as fast as robbing money!

Fight a war and rob the fiscal revenue for 4 years!

Then Japan kept developing industry, expanding armaments, and was ready to continue looting.

In 1905, Japan fought again in Soha, this time against tsarist Russia.

Under the temptation of huge interests, the Japanese have become mad dogs. Under the dense fire of tsarist Russia’s heavy machine guns, the Japanese artillery behind them are not ambiguous, and they killed the Japanese and Russians who rushed up together.

Finally the Tsar could not bear it and agreed to negotiate with the Japanese.


The Japanese calculated their accounts. The war lasted one and a half years, spent 1.8 billion yen on military spending, and owed 800million yen in foreign debt.

In the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, about 10000 Japanese were killed or injured, while the Russo Japanese war cost a lot of money. The casualties were 230000, of which 80000 were killed. It took several times as much money to make up for the losses.

So Japan asked tsarist Russia for 3billion yen in military spending. As a result, the Tsar said that you wanted to be beautiful, had nothing, and asked for money.

Japan is stupid because it can no longer fight. A total of 400000 troops have lost 230000 casualties. In order to fight, they have raised their service age to 37 years old. If they continue to fight, they will go bankrupt.

In the end, Japan won the lease of Lushun Dalian, the right to operate the South Manchuria Railway, and half Sakhalin Island.

I didn’t get any money.

The Japanese government did not get the money, and there was a great deal of resentment at home. Everyone scolded the government: what have we been doing in the past two years?

230000 people were killed or injured. Where did the money go? Are you black?


Angry Japanese burned the residence of the interior minister, the residence of the foreign minister, the national news agency and the police station near the park. Prime Minister Kwai Tae Lang was also threatened with assassination and was escorted by the army whenever he went out.

In the face of the pressure from the whole country, two months later, the Kwai Tai Lang cabinet collapsed. Moreover, some cabinet members committed suicide under great pressure.

People all over the country support you to rob, but you said you didn’t get the money. How can you tell us.

So what does it mean that there is no wrong soul under the atomic bomb? Kill 10000 and wronged 1 at most.

Some people say that this sentence is wrong. They say that Japan has anti war personages such as Kenzo yesaka and Koichi Tokuda. They can only ha ha. There are more than 100million people in Japan. If you want to find two or three people who disagree with the Japanese government and look for them with lanterns, you can always find them.

Anyway, this is basically the logic of Japan. Looting, making money, building armaments, looting again, making more money, building armaments again

But if you can’t get the money, it will be very troublesome.


In 1931, Japan launched “918” and launched the nationwide robbery mode again. Marshal Zhang directly ran away, and Japan went crazy again.

How strong was the Northeast then?

The annual customs revenue is US $61million;

Northeast China has 60% of the national output of steel, 55% of gold, 30% of electricity, 47% of Railways and 38% of foreign trade.

In Harbin, Changchun, Dalian, Fushun and other places, modern industrial enterprises such as mechanical equipment manufacturing industry, civil chemical industry and food processing industry also developed rapidly, leading China and Asia at that time.

How much did Japan rob in Northeast China

Stole 100 million silver yuan and 160000 Jin of gold from the Bank of China in Northeast China;

Shenyang Arsenal has 668 cannons, 2724 machine guns, more than 100000 rifles, countless kinds of ammunition, and production equipment, equivalent to US $1billion. These equipment can arm 20 army divisions, a first-class army with weapons similar to those of the Japanese.

200 more planes!

The Japanese army successively plundered 223million tons of coal resources, 11million tons of pig iron, 5.8 million tons of steel and 140million cubic meters of timber from the northeast

The September 18th Incident was a unilateral act of the Japanese army. The news of the invasion of Northeast China spread back to Japan. The Japanese government was foolish and the Japanese people were singing and dancing happily


This not only enabled Japan to completely walk out of the economic crisis. In the five years from 1931 to 1936, Japan’s economic strength expanded rapidly, its industrial output value more than doubled compared with 1928 before the economic crisis, and its export volume also doubled and a half. In terms of cotton textile output, it also surpassed Britain and ranked first in the world, shaking European and American countries.

What is the reward of robbery to the Japanese:

In the late 1930s, with the development of industrialization and the continuous looting of wealth in North Korea and Northeast China, urban families in Japan popularized radio, and employees basically had watches.

These became standard equipment, which was unimaginable for China at that time.

The Japanese are elated and have strengthened their faith. Rob and continue to rob!


In 1937, the all-round war of resistance against Japan broke out, and Japan’s ambitions swelled, attempting to annex China in three months.

In July, 1937, Beiping and Tianjin were occupied by the enemy; North China and Shandong lost;

In November, Shanghai fell; In December, Nanjing fell;

The Japanese army advanced very fast. In 1938, Wuhan was lost;


But slowly, Japan found that it was wrong. After two years of fighting, more and more people died. Why didn’t Japan get the money?

Japan’s war on the front line made the Japanese in the rear cheering and crazy, but they became poorer and poorer. In the end, they ate the bark and grass roots.

Japan has removed the fences and well covers of the park, and the door panels of Japanese homes have been requisitioned to build airplanes.

The Japanese military headquarters has imposed a mandatory levy on the soybean oil of Japanese people’s homes to refine fuel for Yamato.

In order to save fuel, you are not allowed to take a bath at home, but only allowed to take a bath in the bathhouse. In order to collect metal, most of the iron road lamp holders on the streets of Japan were removed and replaced with wooden poles. The police also searched for iron door handles in each household. Even each household was allowed to keep only a pot and an iron bucket.

All grain has been rationed. Japanese urban residents have only 300 grams of food rationed every day. By 38 years, they had not even 250 grams.

The countryside is even worse, and there is always famine.


The family members of the robbers had a hard time, and the life of the robbers was even more difficult. In the early days of the Anti Japanese War, the Japanese army seized booty including cow leather shoes, canned meat, dried salted fish and compressed biscuits. After 1938, the corpses of the devils on the battlefield were wearing broken rubber shoes, and only the dry food snatched from the spot was in their backpacks.

The Japanese are stupid. Are we robbing? Are we sure we are not selling coolies?

Didn’t I rob the bank? How can I earn more than I give away?

Where’s the money you robbed?

It is a pity that the economic foundation of Northeast China is better. During World War II, China was basically an agricultural country.

Almost all of China’s resources come from the countryside. On the one hand, the countryside is the origin of raw materials, and on the other hand, it is the market for dumping finished products. The most that can be robbed is industrial raw materials, which are then transported to Japan to make new industrial products. However, both industrial raw materials and large-scale labor force come from the countryside. This is China’s weakness, but it is also where the resilience lies.

He who gains the countryside gains the world.


North China, Shandong and Hubei basically have no industrial base. What should the Japanese rob?

We can only go to the countryside to grab food and raw materials.

Just like the Japanese invaded Jinan and thought they had occupied Shandong since then, but they ended up in the vast ocean of people’s war. When they wanted to grab food in the countryside, there were guerrillas everywhere and they were attacked all the way;

Even in the countryside, all materials have been transferred;

Even if they snatch a little and want to take it away, the railway is picked up again;

He wanted to keep order with the traitors and was killed in two days;

I want to rest in the watchtower. I am harassed every day!

What is the significance of the hundred regiment war?

More than 470 kilometers of railways, more than 1500 kilometers of highways, and more than 260 bridges, tunnels, and stations were damaged, resulting in the paralysis of the main transportation lines in North China, on which the Japanese army relies to transport troops and materials!

From 37 to 45 years, the Japanese army didn’t even have a chance to recover their blood. They were dragged to the point of collapse. They were not only unable to rob, but also robbed.


After so many years of hard work, I didn’t earn any money, and my life became poorer and poorer.

Where’s the money? Where’s the money?

The Americans patted their pockets and laughed: forget it, it’s all here!

During the war of resistance against Japan, Americans earned money by counting until their hands cramped.

Since 1937, most of the metal mineral resources needed by Japan have come from the United States, with 92.9% of copper, 91.2% of automobiles and spare parts, 60.5% of oil, 59.7% of waste steel, 48.5% of various machinery and engines, and 41.6% of cast iron imported from the United States.

Japan and Germany are the largest customers of the United States.

By 1940, the Japanese had no money to buy strategic materials.

Americans have a very good service attitude. They say it doesn’t matter if they don’t have money. I’ll lend it to you and pay it back slowly

In 1941, the Japanese finally understood that the more the war was fought, the more Americans made money and the poorer the Japanese were.

At this time, the Americans also saw that Japan was really out of money, so the trade embargo began across the board. Japan could not even operate the aircraft carrier without oil, and finally took the risk to sneak into Pearl Harbor

Once the robbery started, he became addicted to drugs and could not stop. When the robbers could not get the money, the collapse began.

What I want to say is actually the United States.

What is the American robbery model?


The United States cannot make ends meet every year. It depends on issuing treasury bonds to survive. Its military spending is the sum of the military spending of the top 2 to 15 military powers. In 2020, the U.S. military budget is $750billion, 15 times that of Russia;

Can the United States cut its military spending?

No, once the military spending is cut, the United States will collapse.

Last year, the United States printed more than $5trillion. At the beginning of this year, Biden printed another $1.9 trillion. In a blink of an eye, it was less than $7trillion in a year.

US $7 trillion is the annual GDP of 3 Britain and 10 Saudi Arabia;

If you buy an aircraft carrier like Liaoning, you can buy 2300;

If we spend $7 trillion on infrastructure construction and build a subway like Shenzhen line 2, we can build 56000 kilometers and build three subway lines:

Article 1 Beijing International No. 1 Beijing cross sea to New York;

Article 2 Beijing International No. 2 Beijing to London;

Article 3 Beijing International No. 3 goes directly to Cape Town;

There are more than 10000 kilometers left;


This wealth was created when the United States started the money printing machine. You can buy global wealth with paper. The cost is not $3million for pulp, but $750billion for military. The yield is as high as 90%!

Without this $750billion in military spending, no one would have asked for us dollars.

With this $750billion, the United States can rob Japan at will, and Japan has to call the American father;

The United States can sanction European enterprises at will, and the European Union should sing praises to the United States in the headlines;

The United States can do biochemical experiments on the streets of Busan in South Korea, and South Korea will pay for its military;

If the United States cannot get Canadian oil out of the west coast, it cannot get out of the west coast;

The United States built a missile base in the Netherlands and asked the Netherlands to make cannon fodder after a war. The Netherlands said that the United States really smells good;


Therefore, do not think that the United States will collapse if it prints $7 trillion. As long as more than 200 military bases around the world are in hand and Japan and Europe do not collapse, the United States will not collapse.

Let’s settle the robbery account in the United States:

The cost is military expenditure, 750billion US dollars;

Income is seigniorage, 7 trillion US dollars;


America is the most successful epic robber.

However, as of December 2020, the central banks around the world had sold nearly trillion US dollars of US debt, including 29 holding countries such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Turkey and Germany.

Since 2021, US Treasury bonds have obviously become less popular than before, and the issuance has started to set a record low.

That is to say, like the US dollar, it can not be printed without restrictions;

According to the US government’s employee wages, military expenditure, medical insurance and US debt interest, the US needs about 3trillion US dollars to balance its income and expenditure every year, so that the US government can operate normally;

If only $3trillion is issued each year, the United States can carry it for 20 years.

However, there is a prerequisite. The $750billion is a prerequisite for not fighting a war. Otherwise, it will not be enough.

The United States has spent $1.2 trillion in military spending to fight Afghanistan, but it hasn’t done it yet!

Afghanistan is basically the limit of the United States;


If the United States wants to fight Iran, it will spend at least $8trillion according to Iran’s industrial base, land area and population;

US $8trillion in military spending is enough to make the United States collapse;

The so-called collapse means that the cost of robbery can no longer cover the income!

So why does trump want to withdraw his troops from the Middle East and why he only dares to assassinate Iranian generals and scientists.

Because we really can’t fight.

There is money for the color revolution, but we can’t afford to fight.

The United States is only one war away from collapse.

Therefore, why does the United States repeatedly emphasize that it will never participate in the Russia Ukraine war.

That’s why!

Once the United States has any trouble, the dollar based on military deterrence is not as good as the ruble based on food and energy.

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