Russia wins! The next move is crazy!

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Original: Zhanhao source official account: Zhanhao wechat id:zhanhao668

Russia wins!

According to CCTV news, on June 25 local time, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian army and Lugansk armed forces have completely controlled northern Donetsk. Earlier, the mayor of northern Donetsk, Ukraine, admitted in a live television broadcast that the city has been completely controlled by the Russian army. A few days ago, when the Ukrainian and Western media hyped the great counterattack, Zhanhao emphasized in his analysis that there could be no substantive great counterattack, and the Russian army would soon win Donetsk. Now that the Russian army has captured Donetsk, in fact, the war in udong has basically come to an end.


Apart from those who were wiped out, some of the Ukrainian troops in Donetsk were captured and some retreated. Where did the retreating Ukrainian army go? According to media reports, after the Ukrainian army withdrew from northern Donetsk, it entered lisichansk across the river. According to information from all parties, lisichansk is the only city in Lugansk that is still under the control of Uzbekistan, and it is said that there are 10000 to 12000 people. Russian troops have surrounded lichansk. On June 24, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that it had blockaded lisichansk from the south. The New York Times reported that the defense line around lisichansk was rapidly losing ground.

According to media reports, Western media generally believe that the next battle of lisichansk may be more brutal than that of northern Donetsk. In early May, the Russian army took northern Donetsk as the focus of its attack, and it took more than a month for the Ukrainian army to announce its withdrawal. However, lisichansk is higher and more complex. It will not be easy for the Russian army to win lichansk in a short time.

So, is that really the case?

According to Zhanhao (wechat official account: Zhanhao), the views of Western media have always been inaccurate and very wishful thinking. When the Ukrainian army was in northern Donetsk, there had been a large-scale surrender and a large-scale battle death. Now the Ukrainian army could not keep up with the supply, and its morale was very low. In this case, they withdrew from Donetsk to lichansk. To some extent, they were helpless to retreat, but the morale of the Ukrainian army after retreat would be lower. Now, there is only one city left. As soon as the Russian army encircles them and bombards them, their confidence will easily collapse.


According to the announcement of Igor Konashenkov, spokesman of the Russian Ministry of defense, Russian warplanes, missiles and artillery fire attacked the western suburbs of lisichansk and four ammunition depots. The Russian armed forces have blocked the city from the south. Although North Donetsk is now under the basic control of the Russian army, kishelev also said that the industrial zone in North Donetsk has not been completely cleaned up, and there are still more than 1000 armed elements from Ukraine in the city. According to this rhythm, it is not far away for the Ukrainian army in the east of Ukraine to be completely eliminated, because the Russian army has already attacked lisichansk, and has also entered the final clean-up stage in northern Donetsk.

Let us not forget that the Ukrainian army once stationed more than 200000 soldiers in eastern Ukraine, which wanted to swallow the Donbas region. Even if there were exaggerations at that time, there were still 100000 people in general. Now, there are only more than 10000 people left. Basically, the army is running out! Therefore, from the current situation, Russia is only one step away from the victory of the whole Wudong.

Well, once udong is completely taken, for Russia, further “demilitarization” and “de Nazism” means moving forward. There will be no suspense. Russia has repeatedly said that the goal will not change.

Just as the Russian army made progress in the war in eastern Ukraine, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, was attacked by the Russian army. According to Agence France Presse and Reuters news from Kiev, a number of explosions occurred in the early morning of the 26th local time in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. One residential building near the center of Kiev was “hit”, causing fire and smoke. Obviously, this is another terrorist attack by the Russian army on Kiev. It is also a warning to Kiev that we will come again soon.

Now that the Ukrainian army has basically run out of main troops, once the Russian army has wiped out the Ukrainian army in lycansk, the Ukrainian army will have little military resources at its disposal. Next, nature is moving westward rapidly. Where else will there be any significant resistance? To a large extent, Russia’s air strike on Kiev should be aimed at destroying some weapons provided by the United States and the West. Generally speaking, the Russian army is not far from Kiev.

NATO is actually very nervous about the victory of the Russian army in Wudong! The reason is that if the Russian army continues to push westward, Ukraine may face a pattern of rout. In this context, the parties need to be particularly stable in western Ukraine. There is also the basis for the collapse of the United States and the West in Ukraine, because the United States and the West in the western part of Ukraine can no longer afford to lose, but the situation is that they will certainly lose.

Russia’s next step is to control the whole Ukraine, but NATO absolutely opposes it, so it has the idea of fighting with Russia in Ukraine, including Poland. Even countries, including Poland and the Baltic States, want to break through NATO restrictions and take action against Russia, that is to say, fight against Russia in Ukraine. This is why Zhanhao said that Russia and Poland must have a war in western Ukraine.


It is reported that some (key) NATO countries are discussing how not to undermine NATO’s authority without going to war with Russia. Because Lithuania, the NATO allies hope to absolve themselves of responsibility and blame Vilnius’ Declaration of war against Russia. If they all want to fight with the Russian army, there will be more large-scale chaos in Eastern Europe, and the risk will be very great.

As a matter of fact, Russia has announced that if a world war breaks out, it will first bomb London. This is a demonstration to the United States and Western countries, asking them not to act rashly.

The complexity of the situation in Ukraine is becoming more and more obvious. All parties are preparing for greater bets in the future. In particular, Poland has a strong motivation to occupy western Ukraine, so it will be more sensitive to Russia’s actions. Therefore, a larger and more chaotic war pattern is rapidly taking shape in the west of Ukraine. Perhaps when the Russian army really attacks Kiev, a larger war will begin! The situation will become more crazy and uncontrollable, but it seems that the impulse of multinational war is becoming more and more sufficient. For example, President Lukashenko of Belarus announced that Lithuania’s blockade of Kaliningrad was like a declaration of war, which showed that the war could expand.

Russia is winning new victories, but it is also undergoing profound changes! The next step is very complicated! Very dangerous! Both Poland and the United States have the intention of taking risks. When that happens, Europe will be unlucky again!

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