Russian “consumables” have left their besieged motherland!

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Vladimir yumashev, who has been an adviser to the Russian President for 22 years, has been confirmed to have left Putin. Putin’s press secretary Peskov confirmed this rumor on June 2.

According to Russian media, yumashev no longer served as presidential adviser in April.


Who is yumashev? I mentioned this man before when I wrote about Russia’s 1996 general election.

In fact, he has many identities: Director of Yeltsin’s presidential office, head of Yeltsin’s campaign team, Yeltsin’s second son-in-law, founder of Yeltsin foundation, one of Putin’s recommenders, contact person of the White House, Putin’s adviser

Whether yumashev resigned or was dismissed by Putin is no longer important, and Peskov did not further explain. But it is certain that both yumashev and Chubais who left before will go to live in the West.

The difference is that on March 25, Peskov confirmed that the post of president’s special representative of Chubais was removed by Putin’s signing order.

These two are the representatives of “consumables” mentioned by Putin in his television speech on March 16. They were both influential figures in the Yeltsin Era.


Putin said that the West would of course bet on the so-called “fifth column”, on national traitors, and on those who make money in Russia but live there. Note that what I said about “life” is not only a geographical concept, but also an ideological one. The root of the problem is that a considerable part of the spirit of these people belongs there, not here, not with the Russian people, not with the country.

“Such people are ready to sell their biological mothers… But they forget that once this so-called higher class does not need them, they will be used like consumables…”

After the outbreak of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Putin openly raised the issue of “consumables”, which is obviously pointed out. What did Chubais and yumashev say to Putin at that time? The outside world does not know.

But their “the Imperial Army asked me to give you a message” made Putin extremely disgusted.

Many people will ask why Putin left these “consumables” in the position of presidential adviser and special representative for so long?

When Putin became acting president in 1999, he reached a political tacit understanding with Yeltsin:

1? After Putin officially became president, he promised not to investigate the Yeltsin family and their cronies for suspected illegal acts (exempt from litigation);

2? The Yeltsin family and the small clique of cronies shall not engage in or participate in any political subversive acts, and express their support for Putin by nominally joining the presidential advisory team.

Originally, Putin, as a core member of the team of Yeltsin’s political enemy Sobchak (mayor of St. Petersburg), was not favored in Moscow. However, after Sobchak was liquidated by Yeltsin and completely lost his political life, Putin used his personal ability to send him out of Russia, allowing Sobchak to avoid prison.

Putin would not do so even if he had the slightest utilitarianism.

However, Yeltsin, who was deeply afraid of being liquidated in the future, took a fancy to Putin. Yeltsin did not misjudge anyone. As expected, Putin kept his “paperless promise” and did not move the Yeltsin family or Chubais and others.

As the first deputy prime minister, Chubais was once called the “Regent”. He made every effort to promote the “privatization” policy of state-owned enterprises and gave birth to the seven oligarchs, which brought shocking social disasters to Russia.

After Yeltsin left office, Chubais became the president of the Russian “unified” power company and left the political arena. However, he still maintained close ties with the West and participated in the activities of some international organizations as the special representative of the president.

Shortly after the outbreak of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Chubais and his wife went to Istanbul to temporarily live in Turkey. As he has real estate in the United States and Europe, he will settle in the West in the future.


Yumashev is closer to Putin than he is. When Putin wanted to return to St. Petersburg to make a living in 1998, it was yumashev, director of the president’s office, who persuaded him to stay.

Yumashev has long been an important figure outside the spotlight. Although he is not as prominent as Chubais, his role in Yeltsin’s team is one of the best.

Yumashev was born in 1958 in Perm city. He worked as a farmer at home, but he liked writing. He often contributed to the Moscow Communist Youth League newspaper. After that, he was admitted to Moscow University. He stayed in the capital to work through his first wife vedneva’s family. Then he served for two years and joined the Communist Youth League Pravda after he retired from the army.

His work in the newspaper was recognized by the leaders. He became the host of the “red sail” column, and later served as the Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the newspaper. He was transferred to spark magazine in 1987 and became the editor in chief in 1995.

Before the 1996 Russian presidential election, yumashev joined Yeltsin’s campaign team as a well-known media person and became the head of publicity. On the one hand, he cooperated with Yeltsin’s youngest daughter tadiyana to maintain Yeltsin’s personal image; On the one hand, he cooperates with the “expert group” sent by the United States to plan domestic publicity.

In August, Yeltsin won and appointed him as an adviser to the president. On 11 March 1997, he was appointed director of the office of the president, succeeding Chubais.

In fact, Yeltsin wrote presidential diaries, my autobiography and presidential marathon on his behalf. In order to take further refuge in Yeltsin, he launched a love offensive against his married wife Tatyana.

Yumashev had an office in the Kremlin, and Tatyana often accompanied her father in the palace as a “Princess” to supervise diet and daily life. The two soon got together. Tajiyana’s second husband knew that she slept with other men, but he didn’t dare to break into the palace to catch a rape, and finally the divorce ended.

Yumashev successfully became a member of the Yeltsin family, and his daughter Polina, born to his ex-wife, married aluminum oligarch Deripaska.

Tatyana’s current industry is at least 300million US dollars. Her family also joined Austrian nationality in 2009. However, the couple have always maintained an attitude of supporting Putin in public.


In january2020, when Tatyana celebrated her 60th birthday, Putin personally came to the house with a bunch of flowers and gave her birthday greetings to show his respect for Yeltsin’s widow and future generations.

Tadyanna has a sister Yelianna. Yelianna has no ambition. Her husband okulov is the president of Russian Airlines. From 2012 to 2018, he served as the Deputy Minister of the Russian Ministry of transport. His family lives a very rich life.

Yelina was recently noticed on the victory day on May 9. On that day, she drove a Porsche Cayenne to a supermarket in Moscow, but her car was scratched. When she found out, she called the police.

Although it was a trivial matter, Russian netizens sneered at her in the comment area, saying, “what is this compared with the wealth stolen by her family?” Others said, “this is a loss for her? It’s just a little unpleasant.”

This shows the bad image of the Yeltsin family in the hearts of the new generation of Russian people.

Russian netizens are even more disgusted with the Tatyana family. Her 18-year-old daughter Maria yumasheva even posted a picture of the Ukrainian flag on social media on February 25, with a symbol of “heartbreak”.


At that time, it was the second day of the outbreak of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, so many Russian netizens scolded her very harshly.

Are these “consumables” having a bad time in Russia? Do they have to install X in the public opinion field?

In fact, their living standards and wealth levels are much higher than those of ordinary Russian people, but they regard the West as their spiritual sustenance. Even when the west is besieging Russia with all its strength, they should also take a stab at their own country from the standpoint of the west, and wish that their country would collapse overnight.

Their value does not lie in Russia, but in their role as “communicators” of the West.

Therefore, when Russia completely broke with the west, their value disappeared, and they immediately left Putin and their motherland without hesitation. Although they say “democracy and freedom” every day, they know how to get everything, and they are always afraid of being liquidated.

There are more loyal “consumables”. Leonid Volkov, the leader of the Russian opposition, flew to the United States on May 29 to meet with marcorubio, a Cuban senator.


He called on the United States to pass tougher sanctions and severely punish its own country.

To win the favor of the United States, what dignity and personality can such a bitch have?

Russian “consumables” include high-grade ones, such as Chubais, yumashev, Leonid and navaline, who are still in prison.

“Consumables” are not only left over from the Soviet era, but also developed with American dog food. Judging from the current situation in Russia, “consumables” are largely concentrated in the media, legal, cultural, financial and educational circles

The departure of yumashev and others will always be used by the western media to make articles, saying that Putin “betrays his relatives”. However, for Russia, isn’t this a good thing?

Cockroaches and mice think they are important to the house? The farther you roll, the better.

The most sad thing is that even if they ask the United States to sanction their own countries, they are still “consumables” in the eyes of the United States. Did the West show mercy when confiscating the private property of the Russian rich?

Putin has done his utmost to them. Those who betray the country will live in fear all their lives and will be lonely everywhere.

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