Russia’s murderous heart!

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Author: vertical and horizontal source: planting flower city (ID: hqsycn)

Today, there’s nothing important. Let’s talk about Russia’s killing of Japan.

In recent days, Russia has done several things involving Japan.

1, “repel aggression from the East”

From September 1 to 7, Russia held the “dongfang-2022” military exercise, which was large-scale and involved more than 50000 people from 13 countries. More than 5000 weapons and equipment were dispatched, including 140 aircraft and 60 ships.

The key is that the relevant scenario of this exercise is to “repel aggression from the East”. Where is the east of China, Russia and other countries? The answer is obvious, that is, the United States, Japan and other countries.

The 13 countries jointly targeted Japan, which still had a deterrent effect on Japan.

2. Exercise in the disputed area between Japan and Russia

The four northern islands (known as the South Kuril Islands in Russia) are disputed territories between Japan and Russia. However, one of the exercise sites of this “dongfang-2022” grand performance is the four northern islands.

It should be said that Russia’s move is still hard core.

3. Chinese and Russian warships meet in the sea of Japan

In this large-scale military exercise, Russia made every effort to deploy such heavy-weight equipment as S-400, su-35s, marshal krailov with a displacement of more than 20000 tons, and Oscar class cruise missile nuclear submarine with a displacement of 18000 tons.

China also sent more than 2000 people from the three armed forces to participate in the exercise.

The meeting point of the navies of China and Russia was chosen in the sea of Japan, which must have sent a very obvious signal to Japan.

4. The commemorative ceremony of “Victory Day Against Japan” was held on the four northern islands

After 2020, Russia has designated September 3 every year as the “victory anniversary of Japan”.

Two days ago, on September 3, Russia held the “Victory Day Against Japan”, and it was also held in the four northern islands of Etorofu, guohou and xetan.

Even if the commemoration of the “victory over Japan” is held in the disputed territory, it will be too exciting.

Similar to the “9.3 military parade” held in Diaoyu Island and the “62 victory commemorations against India” held in the disputed territory between China and India, it must be very stimulating.

Russia’s move is not harmful, but it is extremely insulting. If the previous three points are only to deter Japan, it is completely killing people to go to the disputed territory between Japan and Russia to hold the “victory anniversary day against Japan”.

This news has also been widely reported by Japan’s Kyodo News Agency and other media, which makes Japanese people feel embarrassed.

Here, we can roughly see three points:

1. Russia is straightforward

From Russia’s way of doing things, we can see that Russia is straightforward and does not engage in twists and turns.

This is also what the author has always respected, because Westerners don’t think in a curved way like the East. They think in a straight line. Being straightforward is the way they understand best. If they are “gentle, courteous and humble”, they simply can’t understand what it means. In the end, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that “you are weak and deceptive”.

This way of doing things in Russia is precisely the easiest way for the west to understand.

? video screenshot of Putin

2. Japan’s strategic pressure will increase

The author has a view that there is a delicate balance among China, Russia, Europe, the United States and the Asia Pacific. No one can cross the border, otherwise it will increase its own strategic pressure.

For example, if Europe interferes in the Asia Pacific, then China and Russia will join hands to press on Europe, and the pressure on Europe will be too great; On the contrary, China should not interfere in Europe, otherwise, Europe and the United States will join hands to press China, and China will also be under great pressure.

Russia should not interfere excessively in the Asia Pacific region, otherwise the Asia Pacific region and Europe will press on Russia at the same time, and the pressure will be great; On the contrary, countries like Japan can not irritate Russia, otherwise China and Russia will join hands to press Japan, and Japan will not be able to bear it.

This principle is the same for all other parties.

Now, Japan is breaking this rule and continuously interfering with Russia together with the United States. Once China and Russia continue to strengthen their joint efforts with Japan, it is easy to kill Japan. As an island country, how can it withstand the suppression of the two major powers.

3. The Japanese nation is willing to accept the hard rather than the soft

In the face of Russia’s “overdoing”, Japan protested in addition to protesting.

A characteristic of the Japanese nation is that it “refuses to obey and fight well”. If you treat it well, it will kick its nose and face. If you treat it badly, it will be very obedient.

In the battle of baijiangkou in the Tang Dynasty, Japan was defeated and honest for hundreds of years; In the Wanli war of the Ming Dynasty, Japan was defeated again, and it would be honest for hundreds of years. After the Sino Japanese War of 1894-1895, Japan became dishonest again. After the Second World War, Japan seemed unconvinced and still arrogant.

In World War II, the Soviet Union was very cruel in its fight against Japan. Now Japan is in great awe of Russia. The United States is the worst one to fight against Japan. The two atomic bombs directly killed hundreds of thousands of Japanese people. Now it is the most obedient to the United States.

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