Russia’s next target is likely to be Lithuania!

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As we have told you before, Putin is indeed rebuilding the Soviet Union.

“Rebuilding the Soviet Union” does not mean that Russia should take the socialist road again, but that it should restore the territory of the Soviet Union to the greatest extent!

There are three main ways to take back the former territory:

First, military occupation;

For example, in 2008, Russia launched the Georgian war, which made South Ossetia independent from Georgia, and the independent South Ossetia joined Russia through a referendum.

According to the Itar Tass news agency, the current leader of South Ossetia, bibilov, issued a statement on the president’s website on May 13, saying that under the guidance of the “historical desire” of the South Ossetian people to unify with Russia, and in accordance with Article 50, paragraph 16, of the South Ossetian constitution, bibilov signed a referendum decree, which is scheduled to hold a referendum on joining the Russian Federation on July 17.


For another example, in the current Russian Ukrainian war, Russia has a very clear goal of reclaiming all the territories divided to Ukraine in the Soviet era.

Second, political coercion;

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some countries and Russia became antagonistic, but some countries still have good relations with Russia, such as the five Central Asian countries and Belarus.

Obviously, what the West wants is not only the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but also the complete loss of Russia’s influence in the former Soviet Union, and then by encircling Russia, or even dismembering Russia again, it will completely lose its threat.

It is for this reason that NATO has continuously promoted the eastward expansion and set off various Color Revolutions within the sphere of influence of the Soviet Union.

For some pro Russian countries, it is impossible to resist the attacks of NATO and the European Union by themselves, so they either completely fall to Europe and the United States or to Russia.

For example, the three Baltic countries have completely fallen to Europe and the United States, and Belarus has completely fallen to Russia.

For Belarus, if it wants to maintain its independence and still exist as an independent country, it will not be able to deal with the attacks of Europe and the United States – Europe and the United States will continue to apply their own economic hegemony, public opinion hegemony and military hegemony, and continue to plan various color revolutions or military coups in Belarus through economic sanctions, manipulation of public opinion and military threats

For Belarus, there are only two options: either to Europe and the United States or to Russia.

Either way, Belarus would lose its independence.

For Belarus, of course, the best choice is to turn to Russia, because at least there will be no war. If Belarus turns to Europe and the United States, Ukraine is a typical example.

If Belarus wants not to be annexed by Europe and the United States, it can only sign various agreements with Russia, otherwise Russia has no reason to help Belarus fight against Europe and the United States – Europe and the United States impose economic sanctions on Belarus, and Belarus can only survive by relying on Russia; Europe and the United States have imposed military threats on Belarus. Belarus can only sign a military cooperation agreement with Russia to ensure that it will not be attacked by Europe and the United States

Thus, there was an “integration” agreement between Russia and Belarus.

On November 4, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Belarusian president Lukashenko signed a series of documents such as the decree on the integration of alliance countries – if the international and domestic impacts were not taken into account, Russia and Belarus would merge directly.


Third, economic integration.

Compared with military occupation and political coercion, the pressure of economic integration is undoubtedly the smallest, but the speed is the slowest.

What does economic integration mean?

For example, two independent countries have signed a series of agreements with each other for economic development: the economic policies of the two countries are completely consistent, and there are no tariffs between them. The people of any country can find jobs in the other country, and can also obtain the Hukou of the other country, without any restrictions, just like a country.

Under this agreement, the population flow rate of the two countries will be very fast, and finally form the status quo of “you have me, I have you, regardless of each other”. Once this state is reached, it will form “I am you, you are me”. Do you still need to divide you and me at that time? Unification into one country is a natural thing!

For example, the idea of the European Union is to integrate Europe in an economic way, and then establish a so-called “European European and Palestinian integration country”.

Why is the pace of EU’s unification of Europe so slow?

I think there are two reasons:

First, the EU does not have an absolute leader, and its independence is relatively poor;

If we want to unify the two countries through economic integration, we must have a strong country to take the lead. Otherwise, there will be mutual checks and balances between them, and ultimately the reunification will be far away.

Within the EU, France, Germany and Britain are equally powerful. They all have their own small plans. Each country wants to dominate the EU, which eventually leads to internal friction. After the brexit of the UK, France and Germany are also competing for the position of the leader of the EU.

In addition, due to the existence of NATO, France and Germany are less independent and vulnerable to external interference.

Second, the EU has gone too far.

According to the normal principle, it is not appropriate to take too big steps through economic integration. However, the EU is just over expanding. At present, the number of Member States has reached 27.

With more members, the influence of France and Germany will be “diluted”, and there will be no absolute control over the EU – many countries join the EU only to “enjoy” economic benefits, rather than want political unity.

According to today’s Russian radio, Medvedev said on the telegraph channel on June 19 that the European Union may suffer the same fate as the Soviet Union, and disappeared from the map before Ukraine joined.


I also have this feeling. It seems that the EU will not live long.

In order to rebuild the Soviet Union, Russia also established a similar economic union – the Eurasian Economic Union.

The ultimate goal of this economic alliance is to achieve the free flow of goods, services, capital and labor within the alliance by 2025, and implement coordinated economic policies.


Through the analysis of the above three aspects, let us judge whether Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union?

Obviously, Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union!

Among them, the Eurasian Economic Union is Putin’s initiative to “rebuild the Soviet Union”; The integration of Russia and Belarus is a passive “reconstruction of the Soviet Union” under the pressure of Europe and the United States; The Georgian and Ukrainian wars were also forced by Europe and the United States to “rebuild the Soviet Union”.

Who is Russia’s next target?

Most likely Lithuania!

According to the report on June 21 on the website of the German business daily, recently, people often hear a saying in Lithuania: “after Ukraine, we may be the next.”


Why do Lithuanians have this worry?

Because Lithuania has recently made a major event: on June 18, Lithuania banned the transportation of goods on the sanctions list of western countries to Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave, through its railway.

What is “enclave”?

An enclave is a territory that does not border with the mainland.

There is an enclave in Russia called Kaliningrad.


This place was originally part of Lithuania, but later it was partitioned by Germany and became part of East Prussia. Then, in World War II, Germany was defeated and forced to cede to the Soviet Union, which was under the jurisdiction of the Russian Soviet federal Socialist Republic. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, Lithuania and Belarus, which were originally part of the Soviet Union, separated from the Russian mainland.

This enclave borders Poland and Lithuania, so both countries want to annex it.

In addition, this enclave is close to Germany and France, so it poses a great threat to them. As long as Russia deploys nuclear weapons here, Russia can reach France and Germany in a very short time, which is difficult to intercept.

Therefore, at the instigation of the European Union, Lithuania launched sanctions against Russia to prohibit some Russian commodities from entering Kaliningrad through Lithuania.

Originally, Moscow and Kaliningrad were mainly connected by land, but Lithuania prohibited the entry of Russian goods, so Moscow could only contact Kaliningrad by sea.


In terms of transportation cost, it seems that the cost of sea transportation is lower, but the time required for sea transportation is relatively long – the speed of railway transportation is much faster than that of ocean transportation. In addition, Russia can transport goods to Belarus by rail, which can also reduce the cost of land transportation.

Obviously, Lithuania’s practice has had a very important impact on Russia’s interests.

The most important thing is that Lithuania’s practice violates international law and the agreement signed with Russia 20 years ago.

Russia certainly can’t stand it.

Therefore, Russia immediately warned Lithuania, claiming to make Lithuania “feel pain”.

However, instead of “repenting”, Lithuania has intensified its sanctions against Russia – according to a report on the website of today’s Russian TV station on June 22, Lithuanian President gitanas nauseda said on the 22nd that if the EU takes new sanctions against Russia, Lithuania is ready to expand the list of goods prohibited from passing through the country to Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave.

So what can Russia do to deal with Lithuania?

There are many ways.

On June 20, the website of the Russian “Communist Youth League Pravda” published an article entitled “how Russia will deal with the blockade of Kaliningrad: five possible attacks on Lithuania”, proposing five ways to combat Lithuania.

One of the five methods is very frightening: to revoke the recognition of Lithuania’s independence.

What’s the meaning of this?

Quite simply, Lithuania is not recognized as an independent country.

Lithuania was once a part of the Soviet Union. In 1991, the Soviet Union disintegrated and Lithuania became independent from the Soviet Union. But… Is the disintegration of the Soviet Union legal or not?

This issue is highly controversial.

For example, we have told you many times before that many of Ukraine’s territory is now adjusted by internal administrative regions in the Soviet era. Russia has never signed a border agreement with Ukraine that conforms to international law, so Russia’s taking back those lands at least does not violate international law.

There has always been a voice in Russia: the State Council in the Gorbachev period had no right to make decisions such as modifying the Soviet border and dividing the Soviet territory.

This is indeed true!

In short, in Russia, many people think that the disintegration of the Soviet Union is illegal.

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union is illegal, Russia can naturally declare that all countries that are independent from the Soviet Union are still part of the Soviet Union, not an independent country!

Since Lithuania is not an independent country, the contradiction between Russia and Lithuania essentially belongs to the “internal affairs” of the Soviet Union.

Since it is an internal affair, Russia can do whatever it wants!

A few days ago, Yevgeny Fyodorov, a member of the Russian State Duma (the lower house of the Russian parliament) of the United Russia party, submitted a bill to the State Duma, calling for the cancellation of the decision of the State Councilor of the Soviet Union on September 6, 1991 to recognize the independence of the Republic of Lithuania.


In this bill, he said: the State Council of the Soviet Union is not a constitutional organ. This organ recognizes that Lithuania’s independence violates the constitution of the Soviet Union. Therefore, Lithuania is not an independent sovereign state.

He also said in the bill: as Russia is the main legitimate successor of the Soviet Union, it has the right to correct the decision of the State Council of the Soviet Union, which means that Russia has the right to claim territory against Lithuania, that is, Lithuania is a part of Russia.

To tell you the truth, these words are really deadly, because they have no problems at all!

Lithuania’s independence is illegal. What about other countries in the former Soviet Union?

From a legal point of view, the current situation is: Russia recognizes the independence and legality of any country, and any country is legitimate; Russia does not recognize that the independence of any country is legal, and the independence of any country is illegal.

If Russia has enough strength and is not afraid of European and American sanctions and world public opinion pressure, then from a legal point of view, Russia really has enough reasons to “rebuild the Soviet Union” in various ways. Even if it launches a war, it is also a “civil war”.

What is Lithuania’s only dependence now?

It is a member of NATO!

According to the agreement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, once a country launches war against its Member States, it can be regarded as declaring war against the whole NATO.


But will this save Lithuania?

There are two problems:

First, even if Lithuania is an independent country and joins NATO, does NATO really dare to go to war with Russia?

Obviously, neither Europe nor the United States dare to have a war with Russia, because it is absolutely a devastating war – Europe and the United States are all millionaires. Russia is a “barefoot”. Will the millionaires and the “beggars” die together?

Therefore, even if Russia really launches a war against Lithuania, NATO will certainly find various reasons not to participate in the war.

Second, since Lithuania’s independence is illegal, is it legal to join NATO?

Whether Lithuania joins NATO legally or not, as long as Europe and the United States dare not have a war with Russia, when Russia launches a war against Lithuania, NATO will certainly kick Lithuania out of NATO or refuse to defend Lithuania because Lithuania is not an independent country!

So Lithuania is really killing itself!

Now Russia is locked in Ukraine, and Lithuania cannot be moved for the time being. However, once Ukraine is solved, Lithuania, which jumps the highest and fiercest, may be Russia’s next target!

Those who have a small country but are not inferior, those who have little strength but are not afraid of the strong, those who are rude but humiliate their big neighbors, and those who are greedy and clumsy but have bad friends may die.

Now Russia has laid the groundwork for the recovery of Lithuania!

Lithuania is in danger!

Speaking of this, there is another news today: the cabinet meeting of Nepal has decided to stop promoting cooperation with the “State Partnership Program” of the United States.

In order to contain China’s development, the United States constantly wants to deploy military forces around us. As a neighbor of China, Nepal almost signed an agreement with the United States with the nature of military security under the economic coercion of the United States… Now Nepal has finally awakened and will not promote the agreement!

This is what a small country should do!

Now Europe is full of retarded politicians, and there is no real politician!

No wonder Dmitry Medvedev, vice chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, said on the 23rd that the level of European politicians has seriously declined, and there are no political figures of such level as Helmut Cole, jacqueschirac or margaretthatcher. Now, those politicians are “a weak new generation” of technocrats.


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