Sangu Maolu is a flirting game played by Liu Bei and Zhugeliang

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Liu Bei and Zhugeliang were already famous for each other and had good feelings for each other long before they met. Originally, it’s also a romantic thing to make friends with thousands of miles and forget about the Jianghu. However, Liu Bei did not want to be satisfied with this. He took the lead to visit Zhugeliang and hoped to have a further substantive relationship with Zhugeliang.

Let’s first analyze Liu Bei’s mentality. When Liu Bei first visited Zhugeliang, he naturally had some expectations.

“Xiaolin Guangji” boudoir style department records a story called brokering feet: “on the first night of the new couple, Lang felt his head with his hand and was very proud. He felt his breast and abdomen with joy, and touched his lower body, but he didn’t see his feet. When he was shocked and asked, he had been brokering for half a day.” Obviously, Liu Bei did not expect Zhugeliang to be as enthusiastic as the bride, and he was more anxious and impatient than him. Liu Bei’s expectation, on the contrary, was that Zhugeliang would not give him face, ignore him, hang on to him, and refuse to accept his invitation.

Why do you say so?

It is certain that Liu Bei did not expect so because he had a masochistic tendency. At that time, Liu Bei was in a difficult situation. He was 46 years old, and he was bullied by Meng De Gong all day. He ran around, so he had some inferiority complex. At the same time, he also heard that Zhugeliang was a first-class hero in the world. The so-called “Crouching dragon subdues the young, and one can settle the world”. Therefore, from the beginning, he didn’t position Zhugeliang as an ordinary counselor who “doesn’t need to have it forever, just once”. Instead, he often compared Zhugeliang to Jiang Ziya and Zhang Zifang, while he vaguely regarded himself as King Wen of Zhou and Emperor Gaozu of Han, and made it clear that he wanted to live a solid life with Zhugeliang and let him be his lifelong partner in his career. Since he was looking for a lifelong partner, Liu Bei naturally did not want Zhugeliang to be seen by him at once, and then immediately seduced by him. If this is the case, then his heart will inevitably murmur: the legendary Zhuge Kongming, is it easy? Today, he resigned from me so easily. Next time, others will also invite him. For example, Meng De Gong, who looks more handsome than me and has a bigger wallet than me, doesn’t he Zhugeliang start faster?

On the other hand, compared with Meng Degong, Sun Quan and others, the treatment he can offer Zhugeliang is really limited. His only advantage lies in his indomitable love and sincerity. Therefore, he hoped that Zhugeliang would ignore him, avoid him, and give him a chance to show himself and prove himself. The more Zhugeliang snubbed him, avoided him, and made his shaving burden hot, the more energetic he was, the more he would seize the opportunity to carry forward his only advantage.

Then analyze Zhugeliang’s mentality. Zhugeliang is such a smart person. Liu Bei’s eccentric and arrogant mind, which can’t be explained by outsiders (even his two brothers Guan Yu and Zhang Fei), can’t hide it from him. Therefore, although Zhugeliang secretly promised Liu Bei that he would be Liu Bei’s person sooner or later, and it made no difference whether he gave it sooner or later, he still acted in accordance with Liu Bei’s expectations and cooperated in the drama, so he pretended to be shy and avoided seeing it twice. The subtext was, alas, uncle Liu, you are so bad. It’s too fast to want someone else when you come. I’m not ready yet, but I’m the same person. Besides, we don’t know each other yet. Who knows if you will give up on me, and so on.

In this way, two big men, Liu Bei and Zhugeliang, played an tacit flirtation game. They looked at the cottage three times, chased and hid, chased and hid again and again. Both of them had a tacit understanding and enjoyed it. Don’t you see, Liu Bei left empty handed for the previous two visits without any bride price? He knew that Zhugeliang was not so easy for him to see. For the third time, Liu Bei felt that the heat had arrived, so he brought a gift of gold and silk to be hired. And Zhugeliang, who is also a person in the wind and moon, is considerate and makes a full gesture of wanting to say something and refusing to welcome it.

However, Zhang Fei cannot understand this flirtation game. He was anxious for Liu Bei. First, he had to tie Zhugeliang with a hemp rope so that Liu Bei’s overlord could bow hard. Later, I had to go to the back of the house and set a fire to see Zhugeliang lying high and pretending to sleep!

Zhang Fei, such a rough man, only knew how to ask for more and faster. He wished that Zhugeliang would immediately follow Liu Bei and become a minister under his robe. However, for the two parties, it seems that they are in love, so as to get the most wonderful taste of the previous chase process. At the beginning of this century, a Chinese girls’ group S.H.E once sang a song called “electric shock”. One of the lyrics can quite describe this kind of pure and beautiful mood. Among them, the first paragraph can be seen as the voice of Liu Bei, and the second paragraph can be seen as the response of Zhugeliang. The lyrics are as follows:

But please don’t uncover the silent love words too soon

Let me worry a little more before finally waiting for the answer

Love stories that are too easy are not worth remembering

An electric shock like this is enough for me to melt happily

Let’s cultivate buds patiently and don’t rush to blossom

Anyway, there is a long diary waiting for us to fill it

Play silly before the world finds out

Electric shock in this way, always sweet until the explosion

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