Scottish independence, it’s time to learn the program of “violent revolution”!

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Author: Beifeng Source: Beifeng Snow Forest (ID: beifengxuelin)

On the 23rd, Britain, known as the “founder of freedom and democracy”, made a “decision against our ancestors”!

The British Supreme Court “rejected” Scotland’s application to hold an independence referendum next year, without mentioning Wu De.

At the same time, the British Supreme Court ruled that in the future, unless “the British government agrees”, Scotland will no longer be eligible to decide on its own “independence referendum”.

The Chief Minister of Scotland has been preparing for the “Scottish independence referendum” in recent years. In June this year, it even announced the date of the independence referendum, which is set to be October 19 next year.

Although Sturgeon’s “application for independence referendum” was rejected by Prime Minister Johnson a few months ago, Sturgeon made it clear at that time that even if the government “refused to approve the independence referendum”, Scotland would go through the independent legal process by itself.

However, the Englishman, who is known as the “founder of freedom and democracy”, found that the government could not stop the “democratic process”, and finally issued a big move today, in the name of “the Supreme Court’s legal decision”, almost blocked all the roads of the peaceful establishment of the “Scottish independence referendum”.

Perhaps today’s Scots should most relive the classic film Brave Heart. The words “FREEDOM” shouted by William Wallace, the leader of the Scottish uprising, should become the creed that inspires a generation to build a nation through revolution!

First, Scotland has the right to “independence”

When it comes to the “independence referendum”, many people believe that our country abhors others’ division of our country. Accordingly, we should not support the “independence referendum” within other countries.

However, in fact, different countries have different constitutional foundations, so they have different historical longitude and latitude.

China’s foundation and constitutional foundation do not allow any region to conduct an “independent referendum”.

On such a clear historical and legal basis, the British Empire dared to support Hong Kong drugs and hold high the banner of “freedom and democracy” on Hong Kong Island, which shows how disgusting it is.

In contrast, the root of Britain is basically the “United Kingdom”. The “united foundation” between Scotland and England is the “equality treaty” signed by the two independent kingdoms of England and Scotland.


Remember, this is a treaty, and it is a treaty between two sovereign countries, not a “constitutional treaty” representing the collective will of the country and the people.

Since it is an equality treaty, Scotland has the right as a former “contracting party” to amend this “joint treaty” through an independent referendum, split up again and live on its own.

In fact, England’s annexation of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales in the Middle Ages was a two-step process.

The first step is to inherit by marriage. The second step is the merger of treaties.

The first step was that in 1603, the King of Scotland inherited the titles of the four kingdoms of Ireland, England and Scotland through the complicated marriage and reproductive relationship (between two cousins Queen Mary).

The king with four titles is only the co owner of the “four kingdoms”, and the respective national system, and the parliamentary nobles still rule the empire respectively.

The second step is to conclude a “merger treaty”, often accompanied by economic crisis and bloody killings. In 1698, the Scottish colonial plan in Panama failed, leading to the bankruptcy of the colonial company.

All the leading members of the Scottish Parliament placed heavy bets on the company and went bankrupt. So the nobles agreed to merge, and the nobles of the Scottish Parliament could go to the British Parliament.

This period of history is relatively complicated. My friend Aoki wrote an article the year before last, “Scottish nobles sold their country for money”, which tells about the Scottish nobles’ “history of selling their country because of bankruptcy”.

Finally, after eight years of “back and forth wrangling”, Scotland and England finally adopted the Treaty of Merger in 1706, which is called “Treaty of Union” in English.

This “treaty concluded between the two kingdoms” was the foundation of the later Kingdom of Great Britain.

Therefore, in terms of legal principle and historical longitude and latitude, Scotland has acted as the “successor of sovereignty” to adjust the “sovereign positioning” of the two countries through the referendum.

That is, Scots have the right to restore the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Scotland according to their own wishes!

Now when the British Supreme Court is focusing on the World Cup in the world, the right to block the Scottish independence referendum in China by “not talking about morality” is to use power to erase the national memory and historical positioning of Scots.

II. The conspiracy of Cameron government

Scotland actually held an independence referendum nine years ago. At that time, Britain was still under Cameron as British Prime Minister.

Cameron’s government signed the “Edinburgh Agreement” with the Scottish government at that time, giving the Scottish government the opportunity to organize an independence referendum in September 2014.

At that time, Cameron’s government had double considerations.

On the first hand, the European debt crisis became more and more serious. As a member of the European Union and a financial center in Europe, Britain was also greatly impacted.

At that time, under the background that the British government was hurt and the national finance was in short supply, Scotland still demanded many authorities such as finance, taxation and justice.

At that time, the Cameron government simply chose to “agree to the referendum”. The Cameron government judged that the referendum in Scotland would be defeated at that time. Once the Scottish government failed to organize the referendum, it would be responsible for “stepping down” and would not claim other rights.

Second, because of the European debt crisis, the UK had already had the intention of “leaving Europe” to get rid of the burden of the European Union. However, in the grass-roots public opinion, the support rate of those who stayed in Europe was far higher than those who left Europe.

The overwhelming majority of Scots are “stay in Europe” who are extremely opposed to the “referendum on Brexit”.

So Cameron’s government also cleared the way for the next “referendum on Brexit” by betting heavily on the “Scottish referendum”.

In fact, in the prediction of the Cameron government, the “Scottish referendum” and the “Brexit referendum” are both a transitional process, which relieves the domestic “fierce public opinion confrontation”.

Cameron’s government predicted that the two referendums would eventually end with “no independence”.

The Scottish referendum in September 2014 was indeed calculated by the Cameron government. Only 45% of the people were willing to establish an independent state, and 55% of Scottish voters voted to “stay in the UK”.

However, in the subsequent “Brexit referendum”, the Cameron government overturned. Because a large number of British people believed that “it is inevitable to stay in Europe”, they did not participate in the voting. In the end, more than half of the votes were cast by the Brexit faction!

Cameron lost the referendum and was forced to resign as Prime Minister because he was “beaten to attention”.

Third, two ways out for Scotland

Some people think that since Scotland chose to stay in England in the referendum in 2014, and organized the referendum less than ten years later, is it not a waste of “national finance”?

If every referendum is overturned a few years later, Brexit will be “repeatedly”.

However, the Scottish referendum is indeed necessary to be held twice, and the root cause lies in the Brexit.

The background of Scotland’s last referendum is that the UK is still a member of the European Union, so Scotland is a member of both the Commonwealth and the European Union.

There was no “one out of two” issue between the UK and the EU, so more Scots voted to stay in the UK.

However, the UK then entered a long period of “Brexit wrangling”. Now, after the complete Brexit of the UK, Northern Ireland and Scotland prefer to remain in the EU market system.

Because Scotland is a part of Britain, the Scots were forced to leave Europe.

Therefore, all Scots are entitled to the opportunity to choose between “Britain” and the EU again after Brexit.

In 2014, only 45% of Scots supported independence, but now they choose one from the other between the UK and the EU. The public opinion of leaving the UK and joining the EU is obviously more than 50%.

In 2014, England judged that the Scottish referendum would be defeated, and of course, it agreed to the referendum by “pretending to be democratic”. Now it is judged that the Scottish independence referendum is bound to succeed, and of course, it will be blocked directly with the “Supreme Court’s killing weapon”!

After the Supreme Court made a ruling, under the existing legal framework of Britain, Scotland really has no legal basis for “holding a regional referendum on its own”.

But I think there are still two ways for Scotland to become independent.

The first is Wen Dou. There are two ways to make use of elections and oil lifelines.

After Scotland and England signed the Treaty of Merger in 1707, the Irish Parliament was incorporated into the English Parliament and no longer existed independently.

But we all found that in the past ten years, the “Scottish Parliament” was the driver of the two referendums. What happened?

Because of the fierce election struggle in Britain, in 1997, Blair, the then candidate of the British Labour Party, claimed that he would “restore the Scottish Independent Parliament” after taking office, so as to win the support of Scottish voters.

Finally, when Blair became Prime Minister, Scotland also restored the “independent parliament” that had disappeared for nearly three hundred years.

Therefore, from a historical perspective, Scotland can use the “British election” to rally public opinion and let the party who wants to win the election promise them more independent authority in order to win, such as approving the referendum after taking office.

In addition to the election, Scotland’s other biggest chip is the “North Sea oil field”. This year, the UK has been fighting the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It wants EU countries and Russia to leave the EU for energy. The energy dependence and energy ambition behind it are all in the “North Sea oil fields”.

Relying on the North Sea oil fields, Britain can achieve energy independence and cut off Russia’s energy dependence. At the same time, after forcing the EU and Russia to turn against each other, Beihai Oilfield can also rely on its regional advantages to sell oil and gas to EU countries at high prices nearby to fill the gap in the Russian market.

The North Sea oil fields are geographically located along the coast of Scotland, but the profits of the North Sea oil fields are all controlled by the British government, and then given a small proportion of profits to Scotland.

The local people of Scotland can completely coerce the British government to transfer more oil field profits by controlling the lifeblood of the North Sea oil fields, or even exchange some oil field profits for the appeal of Scottish independence referendum.

Using the election of the British Parliament or the distribution of benefits in the North Sea Oil Field is a civil war. However, the British government sent out a “direct ban by the Supreme Court” this time, which indicates that British hooligans are likely to send out big moves in the last part of the civil war.

Therefore, if the civil war fails, the Scots must pick up the blood and tradition hundreds of years ago and embark on the road of fighting!

The Scots prepared for the 2023 “peaceful referendum” for eight years. In the past eight years, the British government in Glenn has always been “business oriented and quantity oriented” and “procrastinate when you can”.

The Chief Minister of Scotland announced the time of the referendum on October 19 next year, which is “no arrows in the back”. He believes that Scots deserve an independent referendum from the path of peace and rule of law.

But now English hooligans have shamelessly blocked the road to peace with the “Supreme Court”, so William Wallace’s “peasant uprising road” will become the final choice.

The ruling of the British Supreme Court “violating the ancestral treaty” thoroughly exposed the hypocrisy and double standards of rogue politicians.

The Scots who guard the oil cornucopia but have been deprived of profits for a hundred years must awaken.

Scots must clearly realize that the “liberal democracy” in the mouth of rogue politicians is “false freedom”.

Only William Wallace, who was tied to the scaffold and cut his heart, roared out the “FREEDOM” that you want to pursue!

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