Sense of crisis in island countries: why do some Australians think that China will attack them soon?

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Author: Longya source: a mountain of Longya (ID: longyadeyizuoshan)


“More and more Australians hear the drums of war with China.” On the 22nd, the Australian reported on this topic a poll report published by the Australian Institute, a think tank. The results showed that 9% of Australians believed that China would attack Australia “very soon”, which was almost twice the proportion of Taiwan respondents (5%) who believed that the mainland would attack Taiwan “very soon”.



In fact, Australia’s anxiety is so old-fashioned that I don’t want to mention it. It is nothing more than the island countries’ fear of the rise of mainland countries.


Some friends may not know that once the mainland country rises and completes the political and economic integration of the whole continent, even if the mainland country does not show any aggression and territorial desire, the island country will certainly be restless. I dare say that 9% of the people in Australia “may” think that China will attack Australia soon, but definitely more than 9% will think that the strength of China is a threat to Australia.

Most of the “island countries” in the history of mankind have this mindset. The United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States all think so in Europe, Asia, and the Eurasian continent. It will inevitably provoke internal strife among the mainland countries and prevent the formation of a certain order among the mainland countries. The United States is a “island country” of the highest level. Originally, the American continent was independent from the Eurasian continent. The United States is also a dominant country. If it does not disrupt the Eurasian continent, it can only be marginalized.

Although Australia has more kangaroos than people, it is obvious that it will automatically bring itself into the perspective of “island country”.

Australian white people are not kangaroos after all, are they?


Australia’s problems go far beyond this. It is different from Japan. It is also a cultural anomaly. Within the radiation range of the whole Chinese civilization circle, it is an alien. If you are not careful, it will burst like a soap bubble.

Japan’s local culture has been used to this situation. It knows how to deal with the Chinese civilization, how to maintain its independence, and how to protect the flame of its own culture while accepting a large number of cultural inputs.

Australia? I really can’t do it.

In the long run, Australia can only be submerged in the ocean of Asian culture and become a secondary civilization in the Chinese civilization circle. It belongs to the “near barbarians” Wandering between “China” and “barbarians” in the “debate between China and barbarians”. This “long-term” does not even need to be too long. The Wenzhou real estate speculators have taught Sydney people a lesson about how dangerous it is to stay in this place.

The real estate speculators have come, and it is not far from “changing the land to return to the flow”

Under such circumstances, it can only adhere to a resolute and irrational Anti China stance to protect itself: resolute means that it jumps the highest in attitude, which is an allergic reaction; Irrationality means that there is no alternative. Any economic and political fetters are ineffective. This is an instinctive fear, and you can’t reason.

I have always believed that the so-called “sanctions” are of no help to Australia’s Anti China attitude. It is just a matter of fighting the fire. Whether you sanction red wine, milk, iron ore and coal, it will never change this attitude. Its attitude is irrational and unreasonable, and the diplomatic means of economic and trade relations only work within the scope of being reasonable.

You told a madman that you should study hard and make progress every day. Is it useful?


Many people think that “9% of the people in Australia think that China will attack Australia soon” is very funny and crazy. That’s because you rarely see it. You don’t think it’s strange if you simply read the comprehensive guide to governance. For the barbarians, this is not crazy at all. In history, it is 10000 times more crazy than this. Yelang, ancient Yunnan, Xiongnu, Annan, those small countries that have disappeared in the western regions, which is not crazier than Australia?

You in Australia have just remembered this. In so many small countries around China, this madness has become a cultural gene and is the greatest historical experience.

This is the fate between “Hua” and “Yi”. In this world, things are like this.

Australia’s Anti China policy is nothing but an allergic reaction. Judging from the time span of the order of “hundreds of years”, no matter what China’s current international politics, foreign affairs and military policies are, and what is clearly written in the history books, all those who have read the twenty four histories in Australia know what their destiny is. Out of reason, it is bound to be irrational.

So there’s nothing strange about it.

We don’t have to wonder why Australia jumps like this, because Yelang, ancient Yunnan and Tubo all jump like this. Annan still jumps. What’s so strange about you?

The left is nothing more than making peace, paying tribute, levying and cutting, and changing the soil to return to the flow. It comes step by step.



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