Seventeen countries allied forces, reappear in the Jianghu!

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Author: top ten sources: flower planting city (ID: hqsycn)

From August 19 to September 9, about 100 aircraft and 2500 military personnel from 17 countries held a joint military exercise in the northern Australian city of Darwin.

In this military exercise, the United States gathered the “coalition of 17 countries” and the formation was not small.


? US Navy video screenshot

In this regard, I would like to make four points:

1. No longer envy

Looking back on the past, when we saw such things as F-15, F16, typhoon, gust, aliburke and aegis in some aviation and warship weapons magazines, we were full of envy. A basic idea was that “it would be good if we could have advanced fighters and warships at any time”. It is even more difficult to touch such things as F22.

Now, we also have J10, j11, j15, j16, J20, j35, 052d, 054, 055, 075 and so on. When we see the “17 nation allied forces” military exercises in Australia again, we feel no more.

Including the most advanced F22 in the west, because it is a technology 20 or 30 years ago, it has been slightly backward in the face of J20. The United States has always wanted to retire it, but only because the sixth generation aircraft has not been developed.

2. Relaxed attitude

Here is a comparison. During the Taiwan Strait Crisis in 1996, many people were worried and thought that they could not win the war, because there was indeed a big gap in our strength at that time.

Take the air force as an example. At that time, we were still the “eighth master” in charge of the world. There were only a few Su-27s with relatively advanced fighters, and one was less when one was destroyed. However, the United States already had a pile of F15 and F16, which could not be compared.

Time has come. When Mrs. Pei fled to Taiwan, why the voice of “Wutong” on the Internet is so high is not only an emotional problem, but also an inner strength. If you clearly can’t win, few people will find a loss.

When we look at the “17 nation coalition” in the United States, few people care about it. It is just a group of people playing monkey tricks there with a pile of scrap metal.

3. The existence of death

Some countries, such as Germany, are relatively special in this military exercise. They have come to the Asia Pacific from Europe, which is thousands of miles away. It is self-evident that they want to target the main targets.

There are two main reasons why Germany can survive: first, Russian energy; second, economic cooperation with China and the Chinese market.

Earlier, Germany thought that it was not afraid of Russian energy, so it continued to promote the decoupling of Russian energy. Even after the outbreak of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, it joined the sanctions against Russian energy, and now it is very painful.

Now, if it comes to find fault with China again, it is really a pit in its head.

Of course, as far as Germany is concerned, it also has its own reasons. In the face of the rise of emerging countries, as an old brand country, it also has the demand for “keeping track”, especially in the face of the competition between China’s high-end manufacturing and “made in Germany”, it seems to have more reasons.

However, in any case, if the energy cooperation with Russia is destroyed in the first place and the Sino German economic and trade cooperation is tarnished later, these are the rhythm of death.

Besides, what’s the use of Germany’s six “typhoons” which are backward and outdated? Even if you go all out and go thousands of miles away, logistics can’t keep up with you. Going back decades, these things may still have touched China, but now they are just for people to be living targets.

Even the Russian Ukrainian battlefield at the door of the house dare not come to the end. What’s the point of running to a distant place to show? Once Germany is pinned down by China and Russia from the East and West, it is basically dead.

4. Change

In that year, the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Turkey, South Korea and other “17 nation allied forces” (16 countries outside the region + South Korea) fought a decisive battle with China on the Korean Peninsula and returned home with hatred;

This year, it was still the “17 nation coalition forces” of the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada, Germany and Japan. The difference was that they only dared to hide in the sea thousands of kilometers away and wield swords and guns!

The world is changing and changing!

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