severity shown by an official on assuming office! On the first day in office, this fake “Iron Lady” couldn’t laugh!

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Author: Rong ping source: official account: Rong Ping (ID: rongping898) has been authorized to reprint

As soon as the new British Prime Minister truss came to power, he was put down by the British!

According to the latest YouGov poll, half of Britons are “disappointed” that truss came to power, and one third are “very disappointed”.

In contrast, only 18% of Britons are “satisfied” with this, and the proportion of very satisfied is even lower – only 4%!

In terms of governing ability, 67% of the British people do not believe that truss can solve the cost of living crisis that is the most important concern of the British people at all. Even within the conservative party, 54% of the voters have no confidence in her.

What is more absurd is that even if the British feel that Johnson is rotten, if they have to choose between Johnson and truss, the Conservatives are still willing to choose Johnson, who has just been ousted, with a score of 63% to 22%.

From these data, we can see that the British people have a sense of hopelessness.

At present, the UK’s double-digit inflation has set a new record in the past 40 years, which is the highest among the G7 countries. The UK economy is also expected to fall into recession this year. Combined with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the energy crisis, strikes and so on, generally speaking, the Division of Northern Ireland and the confused positioning after leaving the European Union are all a mess that can’t be solved by a fairy.

It can be said that now is the time when Britain needs a leader from heaven most. As a result, such a product has come up!

Some people have said that Britain has an advanced “democratic system”. Do you have to recognize what you choose with tears in your eyes?

When you say this, the British people will cry!

Truss was elected only because he won more than 80000 votes within the Conservatives, surpassing more than 60000 votes of sunak of Indian descent, became the leader of the ruling party, and then took over the post of prime minister automatically.

But Britain has more than 47 million voters, ah, and 80000 votes account for less than 0.2% of them. That is to say, truss came to power without 99.8% of the British saying anything. Is this still “democracy”?

Count? Few people in Britain voted for her!

No? They also go through the formal procedures, so why not?

Therefore, even if 67% of the people do not believe that changing her to power can solve the problem, they can only recognize it with their noses. After all, what can we do if we don’t recognize it? Can we still raise our guns to revolt and change the Constitution?

But even if the result is confirmed, it will not change the disgust of most people towards truss.

Let’s see which new leader in the West was disliked by the whole people on his first day in office like truss?

Most Western leaders have a “honeymoon period” with high support rate just after they are elected to power. Obama, who was popular in those years, is not mentioned. We see that Biden is now a hated person in the United States. But at the end of 2020, the “Biden Harris” combination also shone a holy light in the eyes of Americans.

Although the situation of a half-way successor like truss is special, it is indeed a bit miserable that she can be haunted by the grievances of the British people on her first day in office. The British media are even worse. The financial times has even given her the nomination of “worst Prime Minister”.

Moreover, not only the ordinary people dislike it, but also truss lacks popularity support at the level of British political elites.

In the previous five rounds of caucus voting for the leader of the British Conservative Party, sunak ranked first. Sunak also led truss in terms of support outside the conservative party, and both of them were less popular than their labour opponents. What does this mean?

It shows that from the British political arena to the people, truss has no basic plate to support his reform at all!

But the time when truss came to power happened to be the time when the British people were most impatient. You think, ah, the daily cost of living is in front of us. Many pensioners can’t afford the electricity this winter. In order to save electricity, some families even crowded into a room at night with only one light on. In this case, who can the people find? I can only hope that the government will come up with a new deal right away. I can’t wait a day!

Truss is well aware of the current difficulties, so in order to attract voters’ support, reduce the pressure on reform, and find a gold lettered signboard for reform, she has made a big move since her election campaign——

Set up a person! Mrs. Thatcher’s design!

After truss won the election, the media at home and abroad were abuzz with “Iron Lady 2.0”. How did it come about?

First, the British are very pissy, and there are few female prime ministers, so they like to “Thatcherite” when they meet a female prime minister. Theresa May before was also compared to Margaret Thatcher because of her serious expression and tough attitude.

Now truss intends to set up this person, and behind it is the British right-wing media, so this title is inexplicably given to truss.

Second, truss is also setting up a person in the bottom of his book, trying to bring his image closer to Mrs. Thatcher.

For example, she openly said that her political concepts were deeply influenced by Thatcher. For example, her dress was intended to move closer to Thatcher, such as sitting in a tank and threatening to launch nuclear weapons against Russia. For example, her election philosophy also drew on Thatcher’s ideas of tax reduction, public sector reduction and workers’ rights reduction.

Then why do we have to set up a “Thatcher 2.0” character?

In addition to the lack of political charm and the need to take advantage of the situation and have similar political ideas, the most important reason is that when Mrs. Thatcher came to power in 1979, Britain was also facing a serious political crisis. The background of economic depression and social unrest in the two eras was highly similar. The key is that in the end, Mrs. Thatcher gambled right and successfully reversed the situation in office. So when I mention Mrs. Thatcher, Indeed, it can bring a kind of illusory hope to the British people!

But it is one thing to set up a person, and it is one thing to stand up or not.

Some of truss’s actions may indeed have the shadow of Margaret Thatcher’s toughness. For example, when asked whether France is an enemy or a friend, he didn’t even say anything on the scene and directly said proudly that he wanted to see the performance of pony.

For example, as soon as he came to power, he hacked at the cabinet, killed all the former ministers of justice, transport and health who had previously expressed support for sunak, and forced the former Minister of the interior to resign, thus cleaning up the cabinet.

But what we learn is only the surface, and we can’t learn anything deeper.


First of all, the reality is different. In today’s rotten Britain, let alone Mrs. Thatcher’s formula, which is out of date, can Mrs. Thatcher survive if she comes back to life and runs the market again?

Secondly, Trump’s courage and skill are not enough.

Margaret Thatcher was really ruthless in those years. For example, in order to deal with inflation, she sharply raised the sales tax, which directly led to economic recession and mass unemployment. She used this extreme “shock therapy” to change the economic plight.

Is truss all right?

In fact, truss is going in the opposite direction.

For example, the crux of the current problem is high energy prices. Well, according to British media reports, on the 8th, the truss government will announce a new energy policy. It is planned to “freeze” the energy costs of British households at the current level from this winter to next year. The current price will be the same as the future price.

The cost of natural gas is still soaring, especially in the winter, which will rise even more. Britain has announced that since October, the price ceiling of natural gas and electricity will be raised by 80% because the public sector can’t withstand it. It is seen that the average Briton will increase their energy bill by 3549 pounds a year.

Now truss has announced that it will not increase and maintain the original price. Who will pay for the increased price?

Truss said, the British government!

This is not only for families, but also for enterprises. What should we do?

Truss waved brightly, “government subsidy!”!

The British media calculated that it would cost 100-130 billion pounds to subsidize household energy costs, and 40 billion pounds to subsidize enterprises, which added up to 1700 pounds, accounting for almost 7.7% of Britain’s GDP last year.

OK, can the British government get the money?

Sorry, Prime Minister truss announced that he would cut taxes and increase government expenditure. That is to say, the British government will charge less and give more, and there will be no extra money.

There is no way, then there is only one way – borrowing!

According to truss’s plan, the British government is expected to increase its national debt by about 10%, and the fiscal deficit will return to the level during the global financial crisis and the epidemic.

But there is a great risk in doing so.

First, at the end of last year, the debt of the British government exceeded £ 2.38 trillion, which was higher than the GDP of £ 2.2 trillion that year and also higher than the average debt of EU Member States. Therefore, under the current economic environment, borrowing to survive is potentially risky.

Secondly, the UK’s double-digit inflation is already the highest level in the G7. According to Goldman Sachs’ forecast, if the natural gas price does not fall, the UK’s inflation will still exceed 20% next year. Now truss’s policy will undoubtedly further fuel inflation on this basis.

So this is the difference between truss and Thatcher.

Mrs. Thatcher is rather short-term pain than long-term pain. She dares to be ruthless and fight for the future. However, truss’s policy is very short-sighted. Subsidies are direct payments, and other payments, including tax cuts and increases in government expenditure, are indirect payments. In short, she is trying to please public opinion and gain a firm foothold by issuing money.

Of course, the risk of truss coming to power is not just what 67% of Britons are worried about. If the economic problems are not handled properly, the real danger is that this person may detonate even bigger mines.

For example, after she was elected, the Scottish authorities have already stated their position, saying that truss “is a disaster for Scotland and the whole UK”.

In the face of this “disaster”, the independence referendum movement in Scotland has been rekindled. If the United Kingdom continues to put things this way, leading to the complete alienation of the Scots before the critical point next year, and relies on truss to force the Scots not to vote, then do you think the Scots will listen?

And Northern Ireland.

Earlier, truss announced that after being elected prime minister, he would tear up the “Northern Ireland Protocol” within a few days. If that was the case, the plot would be wonderful

Tearing up this agreement is tantamount to decoupling Northern Ireland from the European Union along with Britain, and it will affect the whole body. In the end, it may trigger a chain reaction between Britain and Northern Ireland, Britain and the European Union, and even other regions with independence tendencies such as Britain and Scotland. Maybe it will be a great good thing to bring three points of the world to Britain.

Another example is the current strike trend in Britain. The transportation department is finished, the postal department is finished, and even the industries such as teachers and lawyers are finished. The most dangerous thing is that even the health care system is showing signs of strike.

How should we deal with this?

Truss said that within a month of taking office, she would formulate laws to restrict labor strikes in accordance with Margaret Thatcher’s principle that “work is not welfare”, so that strikers can go back to 996.

Er… When Margaret Thatcher dealt with the coal workers’ strike, she did not directly engage in legal prohibition. No matter how hard she was, she also talked about strategy. In the end, she won the coal workers’ strike by fighting wits.

If you look at the recent grand scene in Czech Republic and Germany, can it be suppressed by legal restrictions alone? If it is not done well, it will lead to a greater social crisis!

So look at these policies, aren’t they reckless?

Interestingly, truss was nicknamed “human grenade” by people in British politics, saying that she didn’t care about the consequences and would explode whatever she met.

This character is very conspicuous in dealing with the Sino Russian issue.

I won’t say anything about Russia. Before I came to power, I threatened to launch a nuclear bomb. I was so surprised that Putin laughed. If I have a little intelligence, I must hold my breath. After all, can you say the bomb in Britain yourself? Is your land as big as Russia and has as many nuclear bombs as Russia? It’s not a joke that a cow threatens a bear to shine its paws. What is it?

For China, truss did more.

In the last two months, on the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return, it was said that Britain bears “historical responsibility” for Hong Kong; After Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan Island, she summoned the Chinese ambassador to intervene in the PLA’s military exercise around Taiwan; Just a few days ago, he also issued a statement to label China as a “massive violation of human rights” in Xinjiang.

Moreover, she said that after she came to power, Britain’s foreign policy would also be reshaped. First of all, China should be upgraded from Britain’s “systemic challenge” to “urgent threat” and promoted to the same level as Russia.

But China is Britain’s third largest trading partner. The degree of association between China and the UK is much higher than that between Russia and the UK. If China is really listed as an “urgent threat”, do you still have to decouple from the Chinese economy?

Alas, although the British economy has problems and urgently needs such a big market as China, in order to decouple from China, they have really formulated a big plan that is not inferior to Biden’s “Indo Pacific economic strategy.”——

It has signed economic and trade agreements with 54 “Commonwealth countries” to build a “collective economic security” environment to resist China’s “malicious economic means”.

Let’s not say that we can’t even sign a free trade agreement with India. Why do we have the nerve to mention 54 countries like all countries come to the DPRK.

Say that this systematic Anti China attitude is unique among those western countries that are “verbally Anti China and constantly doing business”?

You should know that although Thatcher was known as the “Iron Lady” in those days, she was also strong and soft. She went out of the White House and entered the Kremlin and also served as a bridge between the United States and the Soviet Union. Truss’s posture of offending China and Russia to death is obviously more “iron” than that of her predecessors.

But is that really the case?

After truss spoke with Biden on the first day of taking office, the United States and Britain issued press releases respectively. In the version released by the White House, the two discussed “China threat”, the Iranian nuclear issue and other “security issues” in addition to the Russian Ukrainian conflict. However, these were not mentioned in the British version.

What does this mean?

It shows that truss seems to be brainless and Anti China, but he is still trying to restrain himself and dare not break the relationship!

So although she is very reckless on the issue of China, in essence, it is not mainly for anti China, but for the British people to see – you see, China is so powerful, we can still take Britain without giving them a face, and maintain a “even” hostility with them. Our empire is still there!

This behavior is commonly known as “touching porcelain”.

Ha ha, let her pretend. The whole world is watching. How long can she pretend to be a bluff politician dragging a broken old empire!

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